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General Sam  Just here to post original photos

Its like a perfect tetris game. Except instead of playing with traditional pieces we're playing with our shit-tier furniture.

Brushing up on parenting before I have a kid.

fuck these pieces of shit i'm gonna use nothing but this Cybershot I found that I gifted Abby back in 2008. IT'S SO GRAINY AND I FUCKING LOVE GRAIN

Doggo keeps eating piles of shit everywhere she goes. Why.

YO I just started editing the pics and footage from my hiking trip. There are some spicy meatballs in here.

New pupper met the family today. This might be the laziest fucking dog ive ever met.

Top of Blood Mountain. As cool as it was, i really dont remember much because i was too busy puking and spraying diarrhea all over the place from food/water poisoning.

My campsite view for the night

Salutations, you've just been visited by the Lord of Smooth. Like this post or be plagued by intensely un-smooth music for all eternity. You'd probably like that though you fucking animal keep scrolling.

Yo which one tastes better the barrel of a gun or a handful of sleeping pills? Its for a friend

Went to Providence Canyon in Georgia over the weekend. Abby rented out some jumbo campsite meant for entire boyscout troops. So we looked like a couple of assholes sitting in the middle of a field camping by ourselves.  But we got to look at the canyons and hike through the middle of them. Unfortunately they aren't stone, just clay. So erosion happens often and standing near the edge is suicide.

Merch is getting a facelift. ETA: Soon

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