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General Sam  Just here to post original photos


Me n my bitch

Oh wee wee what we got here

you've been sent down to explore the depths of the oceans, deep down where only the most alien creatures can survive stumbling around in the dark while living off the earth's gingivitis that lives near those thermal vents. As you descend, the rivets of your submarine ache and moan under the pressure. Panic sets in and you push the creeping claustrophobia into the farthest reaches of your mind (you end up pushing it next to the memories of that time your grandma's tiddy flopped out her shirt while she was bending over to pick up her dentures). 4 days later

You're 20,000 leagues under now and surrounded by darkness with only a small observation light guiding you through the bowels of the ocean. A figure starts to form in the dim outskirts of your observable area and you decide to check it out. As you get closer it turns out to be General Sam who then proceeds to slap ur gf's ass, whaddaya do?

Bought the girl some Welches Vintage 2010 and she said i might get my pee pee wiener rod sucked on

Told abby i was gonna take a quick poopoo and to wait on me real quick

Me llamo chode boy 2003

Haha yeah! Rug Gang unite! Show ur love and appreciation for rugs by sending me $1000 dollars to my paypal YEAHHHH UP TOP!

My grandfather was cool as heck.

Just gave the wife a pretty decent wienering

I swallowed one of abby's woman-vitamins and I can already feel my superpowers forming. I will be able to nag and come up with excuses on why we can't have sex better than any man before me thanks to these pills.

I feel bad that this entire instagram went from serious photography to memes now that I no longer have the free time to go out snip snappin pics.

ur buildin ur 3x3 dirt house n you hear this guy wheeze behind you. whaddaya do?

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