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GE  For over 125 years, GE has worked around the clock to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Can you spot the three components of a Haliade 150-6MW pictured here? From left to right, you can see the blades pointing to the nacelle, which sits front and center, and the turbine towers standing tall on the right. Photographer @seenewphoto captured the sun rising above the port where these components awaited shipment to Merkur offshore wind farm for final installation. In total, some 2 million pieces passed through on their way to Merkur, where 66 Haliade 150-6MWs will soon spin. Head to the link in our bio to learn more about the manufacturing process.

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3D printing is allowing our engineers to push the limits of efficient power generation. Swipe to see just one example: 3D-printed heat shields made for gas turbines. Printed from nickel superalloys and approximately the size of a paperback book, these shields protect the engine’s casing from temperatures reaching 1,200 degrees Celsius. Head to the link in our bio to learn how this system improves the turbine’s efficiency.

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This turboprop engine is designed to power planes that can fly through extreme conditions, like the harsh Siberian winter or the hot Saharan desert. Part of our H-Series engines, it’s pictured here in a test cell at @geaviation in Prague. Learn more about the innovation behind H-Series engines at the link in our bio. Photo by @seenewphoto

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#TBT to one of our favorite shots taken at the @geaviation facility in Peebles, OH, where we manufacture and test our engines. The facility covers an area equal to nine of New York City’s Central Park. Here, a CF34 engine is mounted on one of the eleven test stands at Peebles. Check out our Story for more of our favorite shots. Photo by @seenewphoto

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Meet the Haliade-X, our newest offshore wind turbine. At 853 feet tall and 12 MW capacity, it’s set to be the largest and most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world. The diameter of its rotor alone matches the height of the tallest point on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Find out how the Haliade-X’s unique design led to unparalleled power at the link in our bio.

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The world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, the Haliade-X from @gerenewableenergy, is 260 meters tall from base to blade tips, and has a 12-megawatt generator sitting 150 meters above the waves.

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Since the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow, the GE Reservoir from @ge__power is a flexible energy storage solution that captures energy and releases it when it’s needed.
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In 1983, GE scientist John Schenck built the world’s first MRI machine. Today, there are 50,000 superconducting magnets installed globally and 10 million images generated per hour,

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As the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, the Haliade-X from @gerenewablenergy towers above all its predecessors. Its 220m rotor spans a distance longer than two Statues of Liberty combined, and a single turbine will power the equivalent of up to 16,000 European homes.
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This handheld ultrasound from @gehealthcare has a lightweight and portable design that enables healthcare professionals to make focused assessments and accelerate treatment decisions at the point of care.
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The GE9X from @geaviation is the world's largest jet engine. Its front fan spans a full 11 feet in diameter, another world record.

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Meet the LEAP engine fuel nozzle from @geaviation. Using 3D-printing, our engineers combined 20 parts on the nozzle tip into just 1, creating a lighter yet stronger part.

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