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GE  For over 125 years, GE has worked around the clock to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Wind turbine blades pierce through heavy fog at the port in Eemshaven, Netherlands. Awaiting shipment to Merkur offshore wind farm, these 73.5-meter blades will spin on GE Haliade 150-6MWs. Photo by @seenewphoto

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A quiet moment overlooking nacelles awaiting shipment at the port in Eemshaven, Netherlands. From afar, it’s hard to imagine the power of these giants. Each nacelle holds the beating heart of a Haliade 160-5MW offshore wind turbine — a generator capable of powering 5,000 homes. Photo by @finn

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Two engineers weld the shell of a GE 1.5 Tesla magnet. At our facility in Florence, SC, we manufacture over 1,000 magnets for MRI machines each year. Photo by @seenewphoto

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Building the rotor of a GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbine takes some heavy lifting. At our facility in Saint Nazaire, France, we assemble around 30,000 pieces to form the nacelles for these offshore wind turbines. Here photographer @finn captures the action on the factory floor. Head to our Story Highlights for more.

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Here’s an inside look at the completion of an epic journey. Now you can see 66 GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines spinning in the North Sea at Merkur offshore wind farm. Getting them there was no simple task — from manufacturing 198 blades and building each nacelle from some 30,000 components to the complex logistics of transporting and installing such massive turbines. Head to our Story for behind-the-scenes footage of building one of the largest offshore wind farms in Germany.

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How many tugboats does it take to move a roughly 18,000-ton station? Three tugboats transported the DolWin3 converter platform, pictured here, to its destination in the German North Sea. Now installed, it can switch between alternating current (AC) generated by offshore wind turbines to high-voltage direct current (HVDC). This unique technology sends enough energy back to shore to power about 1 million German homes. Head to the link in our bio to learn how.

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Jet engine magic happens here. Photographer @seenewphoto catches a rare quiet moment in the build bay where we assemble and prep our engines for their final test run. Swipe to see the GE90, just one of the massive engines tested at this facility, loaded for transportation.

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Finished blades for the GE Haliade 150-6MW await shipment at the port in Eemshaven, Netherlands. Photographer @finn captures fellow photographer @nk7 shooting the scene. Head to our Renewable Energy Story Highlights to see more of these two in action and an inside look at the making of the 66 turbines headed to Merkur offshore wind farm.

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A wind turbine blade sways as it’s readied for shipment from @lmwindpower’s blade manufacturing facility in Castellón, Spain. Massive blades like this must be lifted by crane and strategically placed on the lot for transportation. To see a blade’s complex journey from manufacturing to wind farm, head to the link in our bio.

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Sparks fly on @subaru_usa’s factory floor, where 1,000 robots work together in the assembly section. With GE Digital software, this factory can gather real-time data insights—everything from knowing the exact location of a car in progress to predicting when a piece of equipment may need maintenance. Together we’re working toward near zero downtime. Head to the link in our bio to see the facility in action. Photo by @seenewphoto

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Not your average adventure — a worker completes blade inspection on a 3MW wind turbine. We built this turbine with engineers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to test new blade designs, smarter software and better ways to capture gusts of wind. Standing just outside Colorado, this turbine faces winds that can reach up to 100 mph. Discover the innovation inspired by this collaboration at the link in our bio. Photo by NREL/Dennis Schroeder

Staring down a GEnx engine at our testing facility in Winnipeg, Canada. Here our engines take on thousands of pounds of water, ice and wind per second, enduring tests in sub-zero weather.
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