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GE  GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move, and cure the world. Check out our latest innovations here:

Get up close and personal with the underbelly of the #GE Tier 4 Evolution Series #locomotive . On track at the #Transportation Technology Center near Pueblo, Colorado, the Tier 4 weighs in at 74.5 feet long and 213 tons. It's strong enough to pull 130 rail cars and—thanks to Industrial Internet #technology—smart enough to monitor performance at 150,000 data points per minute. Photo by @seenewphoto #railfan

Swipe to see how photographer James Sakalian captures the Arctic Princess, a Norwegian LNG tanker, in a series of Polaroids. This ship transports natural gas from Statoil's Hammerfest facility, which is partially powered by five #GE LM6000 gas #turbines , to customers around the world. When full, tankers like the Arctic Princess can carry enough fuel to power 45,000 homes for a year. The distorted perspective of the panorama comes from capturing the moving ship using a camera that requires pulling the sheet of film after each shot. Photos by @jsakdas3rd

This prototype of a 300-foot "space frame" tower is one tough climb, but its design—metal latticework coated in fiberglass—makes the shipping and assembly of #wind #turbines more efficient. The tower can support a rotor the size of the London Eye and a 2.75 megawatt turbine. Because of its unique design, it can also bring #power to previously inaccessible places. Photo by @seenewphoto.

#FromWhereIStand , we wouldn't be #GE without the amazing women in #STEM who drive #innovation . Business has a critical role to play in improving gender #diversity and #representation in STEM for the betterment of individuals, innovation and the global economy. Thank you for helping us celebrate #WomenInTech . The view from here looks promising—we're dedicated to being even better. For more #BalanceTheEquation , check out our Medium Series, which you can see in the Medium App by following this link:

In honor of Pi Day, can you guess the circumference of the rotor on this Haliade #wind #turbine? Hint: the rotor’s diameter is 150 meters. That’s enough to fit three full-sized soccer fields. Located offshore near Ostende, Belgium, the Haliade turbine can produce enough energy to power over 5,000 homes and save 21,000 tons of CO2 during its lifetime. Without pi, we wouldn't be able to #engineer and #manufacture cutting-edge renewable #energy #technology like this. #happypiday

It only takes one look at this GEnx engine to feel its power. But its 18 carbon-fiber composite fan blades actually save 350lbs of weight, increasing the engine's efficiency. As a #FanGirl and Engine Test Engineer at our jet engine testing facility in Peebles, OH, Margaret Polen helps make this #innovation possible. At #GE , we're fans of powerful technology and #DiversityInSTEM . #BalanceTheEquation Photo by @seenewphoto

The women of #GE Aviation Headquarters in Evendale, OH are giving us major #SquadGoals . Currently, technical and #engineering sectors still have a significant gender gap. To meet future needs, improve productivity and transform the industry, a gender diverse talent pool is necessary. Join the GE squad on our journey to #BalanceTheEquation with 50:50 gender representation in entry-level technical roles by 2020. Let's sky-rocket the quality of #innovation . Head to our story to see what advice women across GE have for others interested in STEM. Happy #InternationalWomensDay . Photo by @seenewphoto

Cherise John, a member of our Thermal System Design team at #GE Aviation in Evendale, OH, ensures that engine components meet all design and material requirements for optimum performance. Here, she's checking the sealing on the Leap engine’s compressor bleed valve. As a member of our EEDP graduate program, she's also an active member in #STEM education and recruiting in the Native American community. Her advice to young women interested in STEM? “I realize I’m not limited by what people think I can and can't do because I believe in myself. The sky isn't my limit, only my imagination." Helping inspire the next generation of women in STEM to #BalanceTheEquation , Cherise gives new meaning to #GirlsWhoLift . Photo by @seenewphoto

Sibylle Stefan at #GE Energy Connections is no stranger to #GirlsWhoLift . Of her many responsibilities, she's currently in charge of commissioning all the GE equipment on the onshore and offshore station called DolWin3—a hefty project that will efficiently move enough offshore wind power to light as many as 1 million homes in Germany. Our #WCW for #WomenCrushScience goes out to Sybille for the #innovation she's leading and the impact she's making in STEM fields. What inspired her to pursue a career in STEM? "No working day is like the other – as the operational part of this position is challenging and interesting at the same time." Her advice to young women interested in STEM? "There is no “ceiling” unless you accept one." #BalanceTheEquation starts with this kind of passion.
Photo by @cntalbot

A #GE engineer's answer to #WhatsInMyBag is more than meets the eye. The tools that allow us to drive #innovation range from the best and brightest minds to the most advanced digital industrial #technology to a basic toolkit. Amanda Breeden, pictured here, is a Manufacturing Engineer at GE Healthcare in Waukesha, WI. Every day, she taps into her literal and mental toolkit to improve the efficiency of our CT factory line. But #DYK that despite women outnumbering men in higher education, the number of women educated in #STEM drops significantly? That means the STEM field misses out on a wide range of skills. Just one of the reasons we're working to turn the tables on gender #diversity . #BalanceTheEquation
Photo by @seenewphoto

DM us your name and mailing address to receive #GE #inked . Introducing the Edith Clarke #temporarytattoo , which we’re giving away to #STEM fans everywhere. Edith Clarke was the first female professional #engineer in the US. Pictured here is a sketch of her first patent, called the Clarke Calculator, which was used to solve problems of electrical current. #TBT to a moment of great scientific invention. In her time, Edith was one of the only females in a technical role. And while that number has improved, we’ve still got more work to do to #BalanceTheEquation . Join the conversation by sharing your best #tattoopride photos.

At the #GE Aviation facility in Peebles, OH we complete the final assembly and testing of aircraft engines. Our tests simulate real-world hail and ice storms, typhoon conditions, and crosswinds to ensure that our engines can withstand harsh weather. For Jenna Schreiner, a GE9X Assembly Engineer, this is just another day at the office. As a technical resource for the shop floor, she ensures GE’s #engine quality from testing to shipping. With @instagram's newest feature, scroll through to explore the intricate underbelly of the CF34-8E. Just over 10 feet in length, this engine is an advanced 14,500 pound thrust class turbofan propulsion system. #FromWhereIStand has never looked so good. #BalanceTheEquation #avgeek
Photos by @seenewphoto

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