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GE  For over 125 years, GE has worked around the clock to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

This image, taken on the SIGNA Premier, shows the complex, interconnected fiber tracks of the brain. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are using SIGNA Premier, a new MRI system, that can enable them to see the brain better than ever before with visibility of the smallest details. They can now map the complete structural and functional neural connections in the brain to better understand and treat disease. Learn more about this research and the researchers behind it all at the link in our bio. Image courtesy of Alan McMillan, PhD, Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, Department of Radiology, University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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Two cranes place a completed wind turbine blade on the lot for shipment. Crafting this blade takes orchestrated teamwork. For example, one team lays a mix of fiberglass fabric and balsa wood inside large blade forms, following a precise formula to mold the blade just right. At the same time, another team of inspectors monitors the process before passing the blade to the next group—and that’s just the beginning. Swipe to see the blade’s full length stretched across the Spanish landscape, and check out the link in our bio for more on this complex process. Photos by @nicanorgarcia

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A night shot of the GE9X secured in a test cell at our facility in Peebles, OH. Its world record-breaking front fan spins 11 feet in diameter with 16 carbon-fiber fan blades. Air streams through the fan blades to the compressor, which operates at a 27:1 pressure ratio—no other commercial engine in service has a higher pressure ratio. Learn more about what makes this engine so unique at the link in our bio.

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Photographer @jeffreymilstein captures one of five GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines spinning at the Block Island Wind Farm. The powerhouse of this turbine sits in a component as large as a school bus. Its blades reach 27 tons, and its tower rises about 100 meters above the water. Together, these turbines generate enough energy to support 90% of the island’s electrical demands.

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Here’s the GE9X rigged to a test stand at our facility in Peebles, OH. During testing, its unique features are put to work. 3D-printed nozzles spray fuel inside the combustor. The engine shroud, built from a material called ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), captures and channels white-hot air at twice the strength of its predecessors. And 16 carbon-fiber composite fan blades spin inside the 11-foot fan. Watch the 9X endure testing at the link in our bio.
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Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

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Photographer @nk7 captures a rarely-seen view of wind turbine blades awaiting shipment. Transporting these massive blades is no easy task. Each blade must be hoisted on a pair of specialized trailers, and hauled to a port some 30 miles away. See where they now spin at the link in our bio.

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Turbine blades need checkups too. Here a skilled technician checks the surface of a blade for imperfections caused by stress. @gerenewableenergy uses thermographic cameras as one approach to detect tears inside the blades. These special cameras can sense heat from friction between the layers of fiberglass within the blade. Learn more at the link in our bio. Photo by @lmwindpower
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A night shot of a GEnx suspended in one of our test cells. Swipe to see the full setup. Steam rises from the heat pad platform below the engine after a nighttime ice test, where temperatures reach as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Here’s a peek at a digital rendering of the mighty Haliade-X. When complete, the Haliade-X will stand 260 meters from base to blade tip — that’s more than half the height of New York’s Empire State Building. Just one of these turbines could power 16,000 homes. Explore how this innovation is made possible at the link in our bio.
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Watch a tube of almost pure quartz achieve caramel-like viscosity when heated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The material handles heat and cold without cracking so glass workers can shape it into experiment-specific labware. This glass does not interact with light, is resistant to most chemicals and keeps its shape when exposed to thermal shocks – the science lab’s secret weapon. Check out more innovation from GE Global Research at the link in our bio.

An eerie fog settles around one of the GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines spinning off the coast of Block Island, RI. Each turbine looms 100m above the water, generating enough power for some 5,000 households. Photo by @itsreuben
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