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GE  GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move, and cure the world. Check out our latest innovations here:

One of the ways we test whether a #jet engine is sturdy enough for flight is by putting it through rigorous testing to simulate real world conditions, from frightening sand storms to ice slabs as thick as cutting boards. Here’s a look at the GEnx engine installed for testing at our facility in Winnipeg.
Photo by @noahkalina #avgeek

Did you know the idea for our ecoROTOR design came from experimenting with styrofoam and toothpicks? The 20,000-pound dome connects to a 1.7MW turbine, helping to capture wind more efficiently for better #powergeneration. #Ecomagination

Photo by @seenewphoto

Take a peak at the interior of a GP7200 #enginephotographed by @adamsenatori at the Emirates & #GE Engine Maintenance Center in Dubai, UAE. The GP7200 powers the Airbus A380 and is produced by Engine Alliance, a joint venture between GE and Pratt & Whitney. #avgeek

Swipe through for a glimpse of what goes on in our MRI magnet factory in Florence, SC. In the first photo, a welder assembles the shell of a #GE 1.5 Tesla magnet. Second, 125 miles of copper and niobium titanium wires are wound along the interior of a 3 Tesla magnet. Finally, helium is injected into the finished magnet as the final step of the MRI machine manufacturing process. Photos by @seenewphoto

Meet Baxter, a smart collaborative #robot (aka “cobot”) helping to create the factories of the future. Unlike traditional robots, Baxter learns by training, rather than by programming. Human #engineers can train Baxter in just around fifteen minutes by moving him around with their hands.

JJ + Ultrasound Inspection Robot = an extremely sound #PowerCouple. The #innovative inspection robot, or “Rachel” as JJ calls her, uses ultrasound waves sent through water to carefully inspect #GE9X jet engine parts for tiny wrinkles, creases and imperfections. Then JJ diagnoses any issues. Together they’ve reduced inspection times by 90%. #GE #PowerCouples #MachineCrushMonday #ListenUp #Ultrasound Photos by @ilitchpeters

#ICYMI: the biggest names in #aviation converged at the #ParisAirShow on June 23 - 25 to see the latest aerospace technologies and share insights on the future of aviation. Check out our Story for an inside look at this year’s event. #GE #TBT

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy #FourthofJuly! The American flag hangs above the factory floor of one of our #locomotive manufacturing facilities. #railfan #IndependenceDay

How can #transportation make a #globalimpact? Our work with Pakistan is just one example. Pakistan’s #railsystem needed a serious update—most of its rail equipment hasn’t been updated since 1950. So we’re providing the power of our EVOs, the 4,500-horsepower #locomotives that can go farther and faster on less fuel. We couldn’t do it without #engineers working together from across the globe. From assembly in Erie, PA to getting the EVOs up and running in Karachi, Pakistan we’re helping modernize the country’s infrastructure and boost its economy. Swipe through to see the EVOs’ fuel efficient journey. #railfan

Having access to reliable
#energy fuels economic growth. But supplying reliable energy to countries with limited access is no simple task—it requires the collaboration of #engineers around the world. For example, in just 4 years we’ve helped to expand Algeria’s energy capacity by 70%. Swipe through to see how
#manufacturing employees and engineers in Algeria, South Carolina and globally have teamed up with the goal of bringing another 11GW of power to Algeria, using a combination of digital analytics and the latest #gasturbine #technology. That’s what we call #globalimpact.

Crafting the next-gen LEAP engine wouldn’t have been possible without engineers collaborating around the world. @geaviation and France’s Safran Aircraft Engines came together as a joint venture called @cfm_international to develop the LEAP’s revolutionary design. #GE employees in our U.S. and global facilities manufactured, assembled and tested the LEAP’s advanced parts. They are part of how we are delivering 10,000 more engines to customers around the world by 2020. Swipe through to see #globalimpact.

Our LEAP engine has enough force to power @boeing planes in service for more than 10 hours a day on average, achieving 96 percent utilization. How? The LEAP includes 3D-printed fuel nozzles, parts from space-age ceramic composites and everything from its development to service is monitored using the #digitalthread. Swipe through to see the LEAP in action at the #ParisAirShow. Learn more at the link in our bio.
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