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GE  GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move, and cure the world. Check out our latest innovations here:


Meet our newest and largest onshore #windturbine, the 4.8-158. Its rotor alone spans the length of more than one-and-a-half American football fields, and each blade is as long as the entire wingspan of a Boeing 747-8. The turbine’s size is just one of the reasons it’s capable of producing enough energy to power the equivalent of 5,000 European homes. Learn more about what makes the 4.8-158 so special at the link in our bio. #renewablenergy #engineering #innovation
Photo by @ge_renewableenergy

#WednesdayWisdom from our #WCW, Cherise John: “I realize I’m not limited by what people think I can and can’t do because I believe in myself. The sky isn’t my limit, only my imagination.” Head to our Instagram Story for more stories of inspiring women in STEM. Cherise, pictured in the middle, is a member of our Thermal System Design team at #GE Aviation in Evendale, OH. Photo by

James + Digital Blade Tip Grinder = a precision #powercouple. James uses a crane to load a CFMLEAP engine core into the grinder, then carefully monitors the grinder as it performs the #cuttingedge dry grinding process. Together they grind the blade tips for #CFMLEAP engines to a tolerance of a thousandth of an inch, which is roughly the thickness of a human hair. So you could say this couple is revolutionizing how jet engines are made, hair by hair. Swipe to see more of these two doing their thing, and check out our Instagram Story for a behind-the-scenes look at #GE #Aviation in Lafayette, IN. #MachineCrushMonday #PowerCouples #Precision #TheGrind Photos by @ilitchpeters

Assembling one of our wind turbines is similar to solving a puzzle—all the pieces connect in a certain way to ensure the turbine can produce #energy efficiently and withstand harsh weather conditions. Swipe through to see a GE employee prepare the rotor for assembly. Photos by @geturkiye

We put #windturbine blades through a number of tests to make sure they last as long as possible in even the most punishing weather. Here, #GE In the Wild host Alie Ward experiences 300 KPH of wind in the wind tunnel. Watch the full episode at the link in our bio to learn more. #renewableenergy
@lmwindpower @ge_renewableenergy

Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Vincent LaForet captures our Evolution Series Tier 4 #locomotive from a helicopter 7,200 feet in the air. Swipe through to see the Tier 4 as it rides along the Transit Test Track. Photos by @vincentlaforet #TBT #railfan

What’s it like to stare down our powerful Tier 4 #locomotive? Here, photographer @vicentecamacho_ captures @seenewphoto at the Transportation Technology Center, where the locomotives simulate heavy haul and intermodal service. #railfan #transportation

An inside look at the factory floor of our MR magnet manufacturing facility in Florence, SC. These magnets superconduct with the help of liquid helium, which keeps them at a frigid temperature of 452 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Photo by

#FunFact about the #GE 9HA gas turbine: it operates at temperatures approaching the melting point of steel. How? GE engineers modeled the heat flow inside on a powerful supercomputer and used designs, materials and special thermal barrier coatings developed for #jetengines to handle the temperature. The hot air comes out at a speed fast enough to fill a giant blimp in 10 seconds. Photo by @ge__power

Hilda + Stage 2 Grinder = friction-free #PowerCouple. Together they use an innovative wet grinding process that smoothes jet engine parts at higher temperatures than are possible with a dry grind. As a result, they’ve helped improve airflow and heat tolerance of the #CFMLEAP engine. For them, revolutionizing air travel is smooth sailing. Swipe for more of these two at work, and head to our Instagram Story for a behind-the-scenes look at #GE #Aviation in Lafayette, IN. #MachineCrushMonday #PowerCouples #SmoothOperator Photo by @ilitchpeters

Impossible is nothing when it comes to energy #technology. Here’s a flashback to our Unimpossible Mission: Catching Lightning in a Bottle where we used a #GE super capacitor to catch 2 million volts of energy. Watch the full video at the link in our bio. #FlashbackFriday

At our facility in Saint-Nazaire, France, we build generators and assemble nacelles for the 6MW #GE Haliade wind turbine. Pictured here, a finished nacelle awaits delivery. The nacelle is the casing that sits on top of the turbine’s tower. It shelters the generator and other equipment, including some 30,000 components. Head to the link in our bio for more. Photo by @tkellnernyc

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