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GE  GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move, and cure the world. Check out our latest innovations here:

#DYK: The GE9X is the world’s largest jet engine? In the 100,000 pound thrust class, the engine is as wide as the entire body of a Boeing 737. Souped-up with the most advanced materials, the GE9X is designed with carbon fiber and ceramic composites that reduce its weight while improving fuel-efficiency. The first GE9X engine endured an accumulated 335 hours and 375 cycles of tests, and now it will power @boeing’s new 777x aircraft. Check out our Story for a look at this showstopper on its maiden flight, and hear from GE’s Chief Engineer of the GE9X Program at the link in our bio. Thanks for following us at the Farnborough Airshow!

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An aviation dream team: GEnX engines on the wing of a @boeing CargoLogicAir 747-8F. The GEnX is one of the most fuel efficient (and quietest) jet engines in the game. In its early years, the GEnX set the record for the quickest around-the-world flight in just 42 hours 27 minutes, and earlier this year, GEnX engines powered a nonstop flight from Australia to London — a flight that lasted more than 17 hours and covered 9,000 miles. Find out how we’re pushing this innovation further with additive manufacturing at the link in our bio.

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For the GE Catalyst, less is more. This one-of-a-kind turboprop engine has more than a third of its parts 3D-printed from advanced alloys, which allowed our engineers to combine what used to be 855 parts into just 12. The result is an engine over 100 pounds lighter in weight and as much as 20% more fuel-efficient. Here’s a look at the GE Catalyst in testing. Check out how additive manufacturing is transforming GE engines at the link in our bio and explore more of Farnborough with us tomorrow. Photo by @seenewphoto

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We’re continuing our tour of the Farnborough Airshow with this special guest: the GE90. Back when it debuted, the GE90 was the first commercial aviation engine with carbon-fiber composite fan blades. Made with carbon fiber and an epoxy matrix, these fan blades are twice as strong and a third of the weight of traditional titanium. Swipe through to see the GE90 pictured on a @qatarairways 777, and tune in later today for more from Farnborough.

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We’re venturing to the Farnborough International Airshow this week, where the latest innovations in aviation take center stage. Here’s just one example, pictured on the wing of a @boeing 737 aircraft: the CFM LEAP engine. It’s the first engine in the world made with 3D-printed fuel nozzles, and thanks to new materials like super composites, it’s up to 15% more efficient than comparable CFM engines. This design wouldn’t have been possible without Marie-Agathe Charpagne’s research, which led to a new understanding of how superalloys react to extreme heat and deformation at the microscopic level. Head to the link in our bio to discover how Marie-Agathe’s findings inspired the innovation behind engines like the LEAP. Tune in tomorrow to see more from the frontlines of Farnborough.

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These marvels belong at sea. Our Haliade 150-6MW turbines are named after the mythical Greek “Heliades,” nymphs of oceans and seas. When complete, Merkur will house 66 of these turbines, each towering 100 meters above the North Sea. Here’s a peek at the first installment of the bunch. Head to our Story for a behind-the-scenes look.
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This facility in Saint-Nazaire, France assembles the nacelles for our Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines. Here’s a look at the piece that houses the rotor. The Haliade 150-6MW’s rotor is one of the largest in the wind industry, covering an area roughly equal to three football fields. Eventually 66 of these will generate power at Merkur offshore wind farm. Tune in Friday to see the first of the completed Haliades installed at Merkur. Photo by @seenewphoto.

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Before the blades for our Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines are complete, they’re coated with a special paint. This new pro blade finishing system is only applied on the exit side of the blade where wind jumps off. Wind speeds can reach up to 300 kilometers per hour — faster than the takeoff speed of a Boeing 747. Photographer @nk7 captured the process at @lmwindpower’s facility in Castellón, Spain. To see the facility in action, head to our Story Highlights.
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There’s more to a wind turbine blade than meets the eye. The “teeth” on the edge of these blades help make them more aerodynamic, so they can capture wind efficiently as they spin. This is an important detail as wind speeds can vary drastically. #FunFact: The average wind turbine has to be able to withstand wind speeds of up to 94 miles per hour, the same strength as a Category 1 storm. Photo by @finn.
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In honor of American firsts, can you guess where you might find the first offshore wind farm in the United States? Hint: try the Ocean State. The 30MW offshore wind farm in Block Island, Rhode Island houses 5 GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines. Photographer @itsreuben captured this sunset over one of the giants. Happy Fourth of July!

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Transporting blades that can reach lengths of 73.5 meters is no easy task. @lmwindpower’s facility in Castellón, Spain moves as many as 10 finished blades per week to an outside lot. Then a team uses crablike lifters, pictured here, to hoist the blades onto specialized trailers. Finally, trucks bring them to a port some 30 miles away. Photographer @nk7 captures blades awaiting shipment. Head to the link in our bio to learn more about this complex transportation process.

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The new GE Catalyst is a special kind of engine. With 12 of its components made using additive manufacturing, it’s the product of revolutionary design combined with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Through additive manufacturing, our engineers were able to create a lighter, more efficient engine that’s also more powerful —15% lower fuel burn and 10% higher cruise power, to be exact. Swipe to see a model of the fuel heater, just one of the Catalyst’s 3D-printed parts. The inside of this fuel heater is honeycombed with passages so intricate they can only be built through 3D printing. Head to the link in our bio for an inside look at the engineering. Photos by @seenewphoto and @tkellnernyc
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