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GE  GE works around the clock and across the globe to build, power, move, and cure the world. Check out our latest innovations here:

Swipe through to see a wind #turbine blade's journey from #manufacturing to the wild. How do #GE engineers create precise wind turbine blades at such a massive scale? Advanced polymers. These two wind turbine blade forms allow GE Power’s materials scientists to create turbine blades from advanced polymers—a process that helps to produce stronger and more accurate blades, even as they reach lengths of around 240 feet. That’s just one way that smarter manufacturing leads to better #power generation. Photos by @ge__power and @seenewphoto

#GE Power’s Advanced Manufacturing Works in Greenville, SC houses the future of #manufacturing. Working with the most innovative #technology and the newest of materials, our engineers can craft parts with more complex shapes than ever before. Swipe through for a look at how the “microjet” cutter pictured here allows us to design an intricate yet highly efficient system of cooling holes for gas and jet engines. It's a system so intricate you may have to zoom in to see it. Photos by @ge__power and @geaviation

Dave Bartosik + 3D printer = 1200°C Power Couple. Why? Together, they’re finding a revolutionary way to make jet #engine parts using a specialized titanium powder heated as high as 1200°C. That’s the kind of groundbreaking couple that takes #manufacturing to new heights. Swipe through to see Dave and the 3D printer at work, and head to our Instagram Story for a behind-the-scenes look at our Additive Technology Center in Cincinnati, OH. #PowerCouples #GE #AdditiveManufacturing #MachineCrushMonday #Arcam
Photo by @ilitchpeters

The Port of LA is the latest example of how #bigdata can transform efficiency. #GE software is helping coordinate resources across the port’s complex logistics, making sure that the right cargo is in the right place at the right time. Check out our Instagram Story to learn more about the Industrial Internet, and head to the link in our bio to tour #PortofLA with @therealadamsavage and @alieward

What happens when you connect people, data and machines? #Innovation. Take the Tier 4 locomotive. It’s essentially a rolling data center, carrying more than 200 sensors that collect information about engine performance, exhaust, fuel and rail conditions. Thanks to Predix, #GE #engineers gather insights from this data to ensure that trains run faster, fuller and more efficiently. #railfan
Photo by @seenewphoto

Big data means big progress. This week, we’re exploring how connecting #GE #technology to the Industrial Internet gives our #engineers new insights, leading to more efficient #manufacturing and performance. Swipe through to see a few examples of our intelligent technology, including our MRIs, #locomotives, wind
#turbines and jet #engines. Gathering data in real-time connects the power of minds and machines to create technology with greater efficiency and greater impact.

Join @therealadamsavage and @alieward for the next episode of #GE In the Wild. They're taking a tour of our GE #Aviation jet #engine testing facility in Peebles, OH. Watch Adam and Alie get up close and personal with our engines by heading to the link in our bio, and get a sneak peek of the Peebles facility in our Instagram Story. Photo by @seenewphoto

One of the hallmarks of additive #manufacturing is the ability to make extremely complex parts. The sample part shown here demonstrates the intricacies that can be built into a 3D printed object. Zoom in for a better look. This kind of design #innovation enabled the development of the LEAP fuel nozzle. Before 3D printing, jet #engine fuel nozzles were each made up of 20 different parts, making them incredibly difficult and costly to produce. Now, additive #technology allows our #engineers to design a more efficient fuel nozzle as one single unit, weighing 25% less, which helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. #avgeek

Photo by @seenewphoto

Imagine if printing a critical part for a jet #engine were as simple as printing on a sheet of paper. At #GE, we're exploring that frontier. Our LEAP engine is just one example, with 19 3D printed fuel nozzles that improve fuel efficiency, built layer-by-layer thanks to additive #manufacturing #technology. #avgeek
Photo by @seenewphoto

Explore the cutting-edge of advanced #manufacturing #technology with @therealadamsavage and @alieward in our new series, #GE In the Wild. Head to the link in our bio to watch Adam and Alie tour one of our additive manufacturing facilities. To learn more about additive, check out our Instagram Story.

#GE’s Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA) in Pittsburgh, PA brings additive across GE because of its vast potential to improve both the #manufacturing process and the performance of GE technology. Pictured here, GE #engineer Brian Adkins removes a build from a 3D printer with a vacuum that salvages unused metal powder, reducing waste and preventing cross-contamination. Swipe through to see Brian in action. Photos by @seenewphoto

The latest #innovation in #manufacturing? Additive #technology like 3D printing. Traditional manufacturing cuts away from material, but “additive” grows parts. How? 3D printers use lasers to weld together hair-thin layers of metal, constructing parts directly from digital 3D models. This process allows #engineers to get creative with complex geometries that were previously difficult or even impossible to make. All of which contributes to better components for technology across #GE businesses. Photo by @seenewphoto

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