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Brooke  Come back anytime. Why don't you like a few things.

I act the same way when someone asks me the same question.

Obligatory beach pic!!

I don't know.

Round two of Brooke's Tutes. For @chupachong @prettygoolay and @lordhubba it's short enough to put on instagram. AND no others are saved to my phone. So it could be the last one.

Crosby. Not to be confused for Cosby. Brooding over the fact he's mistaken for Cosby on the daily. Let sitting doodles sit.

Look. Sasha is a German shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix who weighs close to 100 lbs. And Suzy is still more beautiful than her! How does she do that?

Sometimes I'll say, "isn't Suzy the most beautiful dog in alllll of Birmingham?" I supposedly say it jokingly, and the other person laughs. But honestly I believe it to be 100% fucking true. I mean rationally speaking she shouldn't be or even in the top 50 most beautiful dogs of bham. But she is!! How in the hell does she do that? #nofilterneeded

On the road back from his lowest low. Get ready for Detective Wyatt. @detectivewyattschnauzer

No it's cool. Everybody wears cones, Suze.

I hate that Suzy had to have surgery again. However the worst nights are behind us and there's something about a doped up Suzy who looks like this that makes laugh. In a few days we can take out her thirty plus stitches.

@briannaepayne Snack loves playing with all the dogs but is terrified of the stairs!

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