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Gem Kahlua Bunny  Owner of Headcase Ink Winchester. Secret undercover scientist philosopher princess inspired by prehistoric & mythical creatures. Chardonnay girl.

This tiny tiny King Charles cavalier 😍 so close to keeping forever....maybeeee...eeek.

Drawed one of Winst. 1000% flaws and it’s not really finished but it’ll do, over it. 😂 takes me months to finish anything cos I’ll leave drawings unfinished for months. My shading looks super scratchy in this pic which actually it isn’t 😠 doing a series of my favourite old men. #sketching #drawing #messysketches #winstonchurchill @headcase_ink_winchester #pencilsketches #portrait #customscript

This stuff ❤️ pink fizzy is my fave. Except when I’m in a yellow fizzy mood. They’re different, pink is for parties and yellow is for the elegant evenings and a crave you might get around midday usually....ha. @museumwinesno8 #pinkfizzy #andalso #yellowfizzy #sparklingwine #queenofkings #sparklingrose #wineselfies #selfiepig #winepig.

@dan_1855 I’ve made some toast! Would you like some? “No.” #toastmaster #masterchef #lifechampion

Wot @_marcuscampbell_ has!!! He even got it in Winchester!!! 😍 @roald_dahl #roalddahl

A little book of churches 😍 Some lovely New Forest buildings today on an explore with very old 😏 friend @_marcuscampbell_ couldn’t bring him to Salisbury from Moscow so stayed away in #brockenhurst #lymington #keyhaven #newforest #churches 😂

Way too excited to eat this later, even tho it took me about an hour of analysing and discussing, trying to work out what it actually is - I thought a celeriac was a person but Dan says that’s something else, and whether I actually like it or not and never reaching a conclusion, I have been going on about it since so @dan_1855 not only bought me one but it was REDUCED making it even better. Ps. It looks like a brain. #celeriac next @dan_1855 you need to buy a MARROW (reduced.) #reductionhunters #reducedvegclub

I finished the @roald_dahl biography today which was very sad that it had to end like any book you enjoy....and I just fell in love with him even more. So I went to a children’s charity shop and found all these. Mostly to help with writing my book but also because. Then in Starbucks straight after there was a little girl called Matilda in the queue in front of me.

Went to my favouritest place this evening for the choir evensong ❤️ @salisburycathedral @cathedralgram

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