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Fb saw it first

She goes alright 💓

Blessed with the best ❣️

Indecisive as usual x

What am I looking at? 🤔

I’m a mess 🙂

Such a late post but this was a fun night 🧡

Good times+good friends 👯‍♀️

Pool tingz

Tea kettle: *screaming* Me: ugh same

I’m trying to clear my name a bit, I’m quite sick of rumours and people assuming things. It’s quite disgusting that I’m in a place where I receive negative attitude everywhere I go. It honestly angers me to know the carelessness of others towards peoples emotions. Recently I’ve been called numerous names left and right, some by people who’ve never met me and by people who only know half of the story. From what I’ve heard a lot of the stories people have been told are mixed with lies, but what saddens me is that People will go by one persons side... completely disregarding that they know only what one person has told them. I’m not what you’ve heard about me. If you’d like to know my side of the story, then ask me. I’m tired of people not hearing me out. Feel free to even tag someone below who has an opinion about it and we’ll clear it up together. I’m just tired of this.

Good old Camden

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