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@thenue_co — Functional Fragrance. My favorite product by The Nue! Think calming aromatherapy roller but in a spray, way more complicated in scent mix and long lasting. I actually think it is indeed very relaxing and I use it as pillow spray too. Green cardamom, iris, palo santo and cilantro. Let me try to describe it, i liked this game from the previous post: it smells like a private garden somewhere in Portofino with comfortable hammock and a good science fiction book. $44 — 4/5. I don’t know why i’m not giving it a 5, i’m greedy! :) #gelcream_perfume

@fredericmalle — Portrait of a Lady. I have a lot to say here. First of all, I always mention this when I review perfumes - I’m terrible at this, I can’t describe scents and I’m not a perfume person (feel free to help me in comments!). Second, every time I wear this one either someone asks me: - are you wearing Portrait of a Lady (which freaks me out because, I would never ever recognize a perfume, also makes me question my originality haha) or I would receive a “you smell great” complement. Seriously, there wasn’t a time when it went unnoticed. Great choice for someone who is indecisive / wants some attention from strangers :). Let me try to describe it: intense and mysterious, like vodka on the rocks but with a splash of rose water and maybe a cinnamon stick...? ***
Created by Dominique Ropion and named after the novel by Henry James represents heroine Isabel Archer's quest for freedom.
5/5 — starting from $195. Gifted but I would totally purchase it myself. #gelcream_perfume


Acupressure Rings — a.k.a finger massager. Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy based on the concept of life energy flowing through “meridians” in the body and by rolling the ring you stimulate finger acupoints. My mom got me those when I was 7 or 8 and she said that it helps her with a headache. I played with them for a week but in 2018 rings made a big comeback: i carry one with me all the time and use it when i think, walk or wait. It feels really nice: calms me down, releases tension, possibly helps with circulation. It’s like a little token I have in my pocket. Not sure about actual health benefits, but once I felt dizzy and it brought me back to life. You can find them on Amazon, they should be under $5. Fidget spinner of 2019?

@caudalie — Instant Detox Mask. I kept hearing how good it is for years and only tried a few weeks ago 😬. It is good: gentle, dries quickly and left my face feeling clean and moisturized. Contains pink clay and coffee, papaya enzymes and essential oils so is an upgrade from basic bentonite masks. I wouldn’t say it’s extraordinary and very unique — a good mask you can’t go wrong with, it won’t make you cry of happiness. Or... did it?? I bet you all tried it, so share your thoughts. $39 — 4/5, i would give it 5/5 if it was $20-25, a good basic product.

@actandacre — Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Detox. What’s interesting: new brand founded by a hairstylist (I think it launched in December - very fresh!), only 3 products, cold-processed technology (they say this process insures the ingredients remain fresh and highly potent - if anyone could comment on this, would be great!), cute packaging. I only used the scalp detox twice and need more time to understand it but I like the shampoo and conditioner: both are very gentle, feels like an expensive treatment, like you are applying cream and serum on your hair. I use it and I like it but my favorite shampoo is still Garnier Whole Blends 😬, i keep adding from other brands but always go back to this one! $28 for a shampoo — 4/5.

Hi, it’s @gelcream — remember me? I’m alive and doing great. I took some time off to be with myself. Here is a story :). In November I peaked, I realized that in the past few years I am always running somewhere, I am not happy, I don’t know who I am anymore. I had many fears and zero energy to get away from those loops of negative thinking. After a lot of research and thanks to magical circumstances, in December I took part in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca is a plant medicine, that, in short, can help you understand yourself better and overcome traumas and fears, clear your mind from things you don’t need — please google if you are not familiar. I can talk for hours about the actual ceremony and things I saw during it but what’s important: now, after over a month since my reset — I’m happy, I think I know what I want and what I like and I enjoy every second of my day. I sing in my car, I love people, all imperfections are so perfect, everyone is so beautiful, life is a dance. I’m so excited to be back, I missed you so much! How are you doing? Hope you stayed well hydrated :). ❤️

@augustinusbader — The Rich Cream and The Cream. Was so excited to try this brand as everyone I know is so happy with it. I started with The Rich version and for two days I was in love - skin was instantly glowing, felt so nice. On the third day I got the worst milia around my eyebrows and cheek area. I was very upset to let it go and switched to The Cream. My skin did not react to this one, but also - no positive effects either, nice cream nothing more. I noticed that the packaging is not superb either: few times the cap opened with the dispenser and I have a tiny crack there too. My verdict: I wish I could love The Rich Cream but it didn’t work for me. Before spending $265 on it - try it first! Also was surprised to find out they have a big, very chic store at Palais Royal in Paris - feels kinda extra! Oh yes, the cream comes with a pouch - why? Are they trying too hard and have extra cash? $265 - 3/5. Anyone tried it? Thoughts?

@tamburinsofficial — Hand Cream. Mysterious brand with beautiful approach from Korea, I heard it’s the same team as @gentlemonster. It’s still hard (if not impossible) to buy it if you are in the USA but it deserves a hunt just for the aesthetics. This hand cream has a chain which is beautiful and sometimes convenient - you won’t lose a cap. It smells very nice and has a satisfying texture - not too thick, not too light. Costs about $32 which to me is a little high for a hand cream even the one that comes with a chain but I guess you pay for the “universe”. $32 - 4.5/5. Nail polish: @welovecoco velvet red - it’s matte and I like it.

@officine_universelle_buly — Toothpaste and Floss. The chicest oral care set. You can choose between 3 flavors, my toothpaste is Mint, Coriander and Cucumber and floss - Apple. When in Paris you must (!) visit their store in Marais - it’s a beautiful time capsule and every single product is so interesting (plus they gift a cutest mini hand cream with every purchase). I am very into oral care like this: looks great in my bathroom, makes toothbrushing experience exciting, and just read this: Enhanced with thermal water from Castéra-Verduzan in the Gers region, this fluoride-free toothpaste is designed to soothe your throat and mouth aches, as well as care for your teeth. It combines the cleansing properties of Calcium and Magnesium with the refreshing taste of Mint, Coriander and Cucumber. Poetry. $29 and $13 — 5/5. #gelcream_teeth

Nail Care Series, 📸 for @britishvogue
Step 6 — Hand Cream
The benefits are obvious, especially if your cream contains sunscreen. My hands rarely feel dry so my favourite hand creams, the ones that I carry with me, serve as a ritual - they all are nicely scented and beautiful looking. If your hands feel dry often, try to exfoliate before you put your cream on - it will help to make it absorb better. Also, drink more water! I know I know, water is my answer to anything... 💦
Hope this series inspire you to take *extra* care of your nails and hands - just think about it: handshakes, hugs, high-fives - endless amount of daily actions that bring happiness involve hands! And how often you see your own hands? Way more often than your face :)

Nail Care Series, 📸 for @britishvogue
Step 5: Nail polish
I love using nail polish, but always try to keep my nails polish-free for one week per month. If I am using good-quality nail polish (7- or 10-free ones) and in neutral colors I skip the base layer step and put one or two layers of polish and top it with Seche Vite or Smith & Cult top coat. I start applying nail polish from the center of the nail moving the brush up to the cuticle (not touching it) and back to the edge. Quick tips: 💡 dehydrate your nail before - use alcohol: spraying perfume works, wipe it dry after. 💡don’t shake the bottle, instead roll it back and forth between two hands - that insures there are no air bubbles. 💡 apply polish to the very tip of the nail to seal it - prevents chipping. 💡 use a small brush with nail polish remover to edit any imperfections after. 💡 don’t apply a thick layer - thin will dry faster and stay on longer. 💡am I forgetting something?

Nail Care Series, 📸 for @britishvogue
Step 4: Keeping cuticle moisturized
I try to use oils and balms on my cuticles as much as I can - I always carry a little bottle with me. Every time I use a face or cream I would put a bit on my cuticles too. Don’t forget to massage it into the surrounding area! And yes, compulsory before taking pictures of your hand. @susannekaufmann_ oil is pictured, I also like @diormakeup cuticle balm, but to be honest - anything works, key is to keep doing it daily. What do you prefer: oil/cream?

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