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My favorite store is finally closer to my neck of the woods! *squeeeeeelll* like a cool dude always says: it's the little things. 😁😁😁

The landlord of this building is going to destroy this mural so he can chop up the apartments into small cubicles for an extra $500 in rent per month. He even bragged that he can destroy the entire building if he wants to all he has to answer to is the DOB.

Wow. That's the narrative in neighborhoods like Bed Stuy, destroy what good was already there for a cheap, puny, soulless model.
This mural is a history marker, it is on a corner where Biggie used to hang out. Biggie wasn't just another rapper, anyone who appreciates music knows that. But, some people don't care about the rich history that surrounds us. So folks, stop by the corner of Bedford and Quincy before this mural is replaced by the blank space of gentrification.

Me. Elaine providing some praise and worship songs.

DJ-ing the annual tea at St. Peter Claver Church.

This corn was so good it deserves it's own Instagram page. But I'll have to settle for this one pic.

Just opposite St. Mark's Church is this building that stopped me in my tracks with its beauty. Somewhere around Stuyvesant St.

Man, I love vintage New York architecture, here's St Mark's Church in the East Village

It would be nice if I added the rest of the pictures.

Dropped in Trinity Church after my volly shift was done. Visited a certain political family. Here's a hint, it's easier to get into the NYC Marathon than it is to obtain tickets for this show. 🤣🤣

Some more pics of the #NYCHalf tried to catch one of Meb but no luck.

First time volunteering the #UnitedAirlinesNYCHalf today. It was cold but fun!

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