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Gehe  Gehe | 20 | ♂ | Spain 50% cosplayer 50% artist 100% procrastinator ▪Business: geheichou.manage@gmail.com ▪Art acc @TheGeheSquad ⬇Facebook⬇


"-Ever at your side... "
Hi guys have a spicy photo that @morganedesignmc took of Astron @askalcosplay and I of our Noctis and Prompto cosplays 👀 I love the lighting on this ahhhhhh
#FFXV #Prompto #Noctis

Throwback to my human Toothless cosplay! I plan on revamping it after I finish Ezreal and before starting any other cosplay because I made it in a rush and even if the armor parts are clean I think its a bit too simple >o 📷Great photo by @jackfluck
#httyd #toothless

I lowkey want to cosplay Loki.....

a few happi gehes
I'm doing ok in life lately even if university is giving me a LOt of work but I'm being productive and doing a lot of cool work for class 💪 sadly I can't really keep up with social media and upload decent content but I'm uploading some classwork stuff to my art acc @TheGeheSquad if you are interested

Testing out new portable light ring I got on amazon for like 10 bucks and yall this makes a difference :O
sorry again for not posting much! Really busy with university but I'm enjoying this year way more than the others :'D doing some really entertaining work on character designs and concept art 👌

a spoopi Geh
Halloween party at a friendos house! Really nice to have some chill time after really stressful week (ง ;ω;)ว

A mornin potat :D
Just got back home from uni and now I proceed to siesta like a king ✨
Some coswork later this evening 💪

Today at Japan Weekend Bilbao! Find me in my cosplay stand next to the stage :D
[ES] Estoy hoy en la Japan de Bilbao! Estoy en mi stand de prints al lado del escenario :D venid a saludar!

new hair!
Its super blue now but it will fade to silver soon ✨


✨When you are chosen by the holy ray of light in class✨
Hi people!!! I'm alive!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! Been inactive for a week cause I got flu and pharyngitis but I'm almost fully functional again wooo :D back to work on SG Ezreal cosplay! All patterning is done and most props too, now gotta face my sewing machine :'U LeTS GO 💪

I'm back home with the worst post con sickness ever but need to say I also had the most fun evER.
I had the chance to meet and talk to so many people I admire like best girl @cyarine here ✨
JW Madrid is always an awesome experience and chance to meet people who follow me and friends I've made on the internet ;; Hope I see you guys again soon! Same your you Cy ;;;;<3

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