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One last photo for today featuring this wig from @evahairofficial the model is Pure Grey and its 30" long and it's on sale right now :D
I will definitely try this celtic style more times with other wigs and makeup! Thanks for all the feedback on last photos 💛

One more pic featuring this wig from @evahairofficial and tried a different headpiece :D I'm really liking this style! I should try it with different wigs and makeup :o!

An other pic featuring this awesome wig from @evahairofficial
The celtic vives man 🐐

Got home a few hours ago and got a great surprise when I saw that the lace front wig I got from @evahairofficial already came in :O! Its seriously the most soft, thick and overall best quality wig I own right now QAQ"
Couldn't take many pictures cause today was cloudy and bad lighting but I will sure take some more of this look!
The color is just the exact same to mine but waaaaaay longer and probably even softer, believe it or not >'D might use it for a future cosplay hmmmm 👀✨
But seriously guys, check out @evahairofficial they have a great quality and super fast shipping >O

Back home! It's been a couple of relaxing weeks of pretty much just drawing and walking on the beach. Now back to cosplay work and getting things ready for my next art exhibition! Info will be posted soon ✨

There's this little chess floor garden in the apartment and it's so aesthetic wth


Went out today for a while to see these badass guys from @officialbadtrip they are an awesome group from my hometown!
Yall should totally check them out, they do awesome music ⚡suRRENDER TO YOUR NATUREEEE⚡
@johss_trip @mybadtrip @koco_el_chingon @johnnybt @tavo_trip

Good night 🌙

Taking things easy this summer 🌱 sorry for not being active/replying messages. Breaks from internet/phone are necessary once in a while. Go out and do some photosynthesis yall ☀️

Been raining/cold for the past few days but its sunny again wooo 🌱

One more lenses review! This time from @pinkyparadisedotcom these are Princess Pinky Twilight Reborn in yellow ✨
Color: 9/10 I wish they blended more naturally with my eye color but these are probably the best yellow not-dolly-looking lenses I've tried! They are really vibrant and I think they work nicely with both light and dark eyes.
Comfort: 8/10 my eyes started to feel slightly dry after two hours of wearing them, but that's what most color lenses feel like :'D
These lenses diameter is 14,5mm, meaning that they are bigger than regular irises but the colored part doesn't reach all the way to the outer ring (can appreciate it in last pic)
Overall, I love these tho I will probably not wear them as daily lenses, but might use them for Xayah >D

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