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Grant Waite 

This is why Golf is challenging. The wrist angles, face, steepness of the shaft, swing direction, body rotation etc are completely opposite for the Driver!!


Driver 7 iron from today.

Finally someone using the ground to the max. Sticks the landing too 😀

Same 3 players caddie view 14th tee. 3 different styles doing same thing. Clearly we don’t need absolutes in anatomical positions to play great golf. We need to continue to understand forces, torques and matchups.

3 players playing together at Players on 10 tee. Look at COM thru transition. Different styles but doing same thing at different amounts. Interesting.

Look at COM and negative beta on downswing @scottcowxcertified not sure your right about late vs correct neg beta.

Yesterday’s practice. 1 take on each club. Wedge, 8,6,4 Driver. Beast mode!!! What do you guys think?

Sooooo good. He has worked very diligently on a conceptual framework @danadahlquist and I laid out for him. Changes can be made and he is living proof.

Great day @sikputters with Steve and Greg. If you want to putt better, go visit them at their studio. Thanks guys.

Glad to see a smart critical thinker playing such good golf. You can think carefully about your game and play great. Good to meet @brysondechambeau and talk a little golf swing and the application of physics to it. The conversation continues!!!

Looking forward to go to the richest race in the the sport of Kings!!! Horse of the year, Gunrunner’s last race. Pegasus Invitational at Gulfstream Park Racetrack.

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