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K△TIE  △⃒⃘ After all this time... A L W A Y S

I have two amazingly supportive & kind girlfriends. I'm so surprised by this gesture. Thanks for making #28 so sweet. I don't know how else to say thank you. 😍 😭🎂

Happy Mother's Day to one of my best friends ever. She wanted breakfast & MAN! SevenBites delivered!

Confetti 🎉 Nails .
Acting like it's my birthday 😎

I have some wonderful friends. 😭😍 I love you both so very much. Thank you @cwhitley & @mferrand_ for a wonderful birthday surprise. Tomorrow I'm excited to be one year older & wiser. 🍾🎉🎂

Don't mind me... I'm just crushing a bit. 💕


Hello Handsome

Yesterday was amazing. I spent the day with 3 of my most favorite people.
I am grateful to have taken in the work of someone I truly admire. She was a strong, beautiful and passionate look into the human condition. She knew she had limitations but didn't care to live by those rules.

Shake a little, wink a little 💁🏻

Today is our two year Anniversary of getting engaged. I'm so excited to live my life with my best friend holding my hand. I love you @anater
Thank you for choosing to spend the rest of your life with me. 💕💍

Louise: So you want to be real artists. It's okay. I can sell that angle. But you two have to go all the way. One of you has to lose an ear!
Tina: I need both ears to hold up my glasses.
Louise: What about you? What's your excuse?
Gene: Don't have one. Have at it!

"We're Belchers, from the womb to the tomb." 🍔 💕🌈

Perfect day with two of my favorite people in the whole world. Love you both 💕

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