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Lauren🎀🎮  🌸Molecular biologist by day and Twitch Streamer by night 🌸 PC & PS4 🎀мy player 2 @igloo_arsonist 💕 🎮 twitter/twitch : @lextaliones_

Enjoy my upside down selfie from the other day 🙃 but yeah, I won’t be streaming until Wednesday night of next week! I’ll be in Charleston South Carolina (I’ve also never been to South Carolina in general so I’m excited !) and then flying to see my amazing boyfriend for Memorial Day weekend & our 1 year anniversary!

This comic made me laugh 😂 what are your biggest pet peeves in the seem??

There’s something I love about this picture, probably because it has two of my most favorite possessions. My pride and joy lil birb/roommate and my PC Stella.

So @preyondemons sent me this today and I seriously can’t stop laughing at how painfully accurate it is!! How many out there have built their own PC? Which part was the most stressful to you??

Still unsure if I’m going to stream tonight! If not tonight then tomorrow, my schedule has been all over the place lately but will be stable again in June! I’ll be in Charleston South Carolina a week from today at an engineered Living Material conference with the United State Department of Defense! I’m so friggin excited and nervous. Then, I’ll be flying out Friday to Ohio to see Isaiah ! One heck of a week next week!

So, I’m jumping the gun early on announcing this but since I’ll be gone from May 22-June 1st I figured I’d announce it now! But, I’ve decided to do something special and fun for my subscribers! If you’re currently a sub then this can apply to you if you subscription will run out in June. But any new subs this applies too! I’ll be making a t shirt with a huge DNA strand on it! Each sub will get their name written on a small fragment of felt (a nucleotide) and pinned into the DNA strand! It’ll be my Sub-Sequence Shirt that I will wearing during my Sunday Streams! Supporters are Backbone of streaming!

Poop, I did a thing on my phone today 🤷🏼‍♀️ i might try out more digital drawing on my computer when I get back to my apartment tomorrow

Throwback Thursday to this picture I took about a year ago. My set up was in my parents basement with a tapestry covering the ugly background haha. Times have changed. Anyways, I’m super sorry but I’m pushing my stream to Monday. I need an emergency root canal which could only be scheduled Monday morning which means I’ll be taking that day off of work to get it done. I’ll also be leaving tomorrow night to spend the entire weekend at my parents house for Mother’s Day (which now I’ll be spending an additional night since my dentist is in my parents town) I’m sorry everyone! It’s been a hectic week for me 😭 I’ll make it up to all of you ! Also, if you’re steaming tonight let me know and I’ll hop by and hangout ! 💕💕 almost to 1k on twitch!

Making my return on strim tomorrow night 😝 now what to play ...

Ignore my ugly awkward self, but I miss my set up 💕 Ive been too sick to enjoy it lately 😩


Thank you everyone who hung out last night during the stream! It was a blast! Clearly I had to clip the one game I almost actually did good in, except it was our first game and after that round it went downhill 😂

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