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Gear Drive Headers  South burbs of MpLs (Prior Lake for locals) customer cars and real life found here. Flatheads and early hemis. Forklift certified.

@anguspcrepairs Nailhead powered model A over in Scotland. #geardriveheaders #hopuplive

@lynpyp is on the homestretch. All I can say is wow! I was happy to supply him with some header parts and he knocked it out of the park.

@barillarospeed is putting together another fine hot rod! Thanks for using #geardriveheaders

@3daeroscan is busy scanning the Cadillac 471 manifold. This is our first step in reproducing this intake. Next will be modeling it with SolidWorks and making some changes. #geardriveintake #hopuplive @pinewoodflyer @aircorpsaviation

@3daeroscan / @pinewoodflyer is busy 3D scanning some nailhead stuff this week. Getting accurate information and going from scan to DXF and then to the CNC mill is a breeze these days. @aircorpsaviation #aeroscan #creaform #handyscan #aircorpsaviation #hopuplive #geardriveintake

Here’s how you put a boat in the water on the Cook Inlet! We’re next! #gonefishing

Not a bad day on the water. Caught the limit and my uncle managed to land a 65# halibut.

Lets test the water, @mnhotrodbuilder and @jeffbtitus let me use their 392 + Caddy 4/71 intakes. I'm headed tomorrow to @pinewoodflyer shop aka @3daeroscan to scan and model them for casting patterns. Now, I'm a year or so away from actually doing anything I just want to get them scanned and back to the owners. Let me know who's interested in these. This will be a huge investment and I'm not 100% sure I'll do them as I need to get costs together. #geardriveintake

#redo32 getting closer, no rush, no timeline and no glory. Just a hot rod fixed up by @jeffbtitus #hemisonly

COMING SOON!!! 4-71 Nailhead blower manifolds, available for all 322-425 motors. We have 5 casting in stock and are working on all the CAD to CNC machine in the next few weeks. Doing 401/425 first and then 264-322, 364 will be by request only. Price is yet to be determined but, we're thinking $800 zone. Wholesale inquiries welcome. #geardriveintake #thatswhatsup

Another desoto hemi intake valley pan pattern ready for bodywork. 1st one is on the wall. I'm excited to clean it up and get some gating and on the matchplate. We used RenShape and a CNC mill this time. We learned what not to do, the next one will go much smoother. #hemisonly #desotohemi #hopuplive #earlyhemi

Pontiac straight 8 guys !!! @grainbeltslim and myself have decided that we should do a run of his side covers. But before we spend the money I'd like to know who'd be interested? I can't give a hard cost as I haven't talked to the foundry yet on price. But my guess is $130-$140 zone for a pair. I don't believe these are available anywhere else. Tag a buddy! Leave a comment! DM me if you want to be anonymous! Share this post!

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