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Coming soon, a new sleep lab center w board certified Sleep Doctors and collaboration with sleep experts to help you sleep better. Also, proving a wellness program with certified health coaches and personal trainers. Sleep is the core to your rehab, wellness, and life. Please follow us @sleeplifecenter

Are these the new Xmas in hell cups? Why is Xmas burning up in flames? #starbucks #holiday

What a cutie! #halloween #pintofarms

Great dinner. Chefs table, private entrance, grade 5 Miyazaki steak, scroll to video. #torotoro #tableforty #miyazaki

The best brunch food in miami #brunch

St Jude walk/run #stjudewalkrun

If it takes this Salt Bae drama to show case what’s going on in Venezuela than I hope just protesting his restaurant and writing about what a POS he is on FB isn’t the only solution. What about protesting the sustained trading partners of the Venezuelan government? We spend $10.3 B in Venezuela (which nothing goes to the people). Make a real impact, salt bae is just a chef (dumb one for being so ignorant) but still just a chef. The more you talk about him and not the problem of Venezuela than the more famous he gets and the worse my people suffer. #focusonVE

So I started a GoFund me page to do something about it. Go to my page for website

Full day for Ella @gobrightline #westpalmbeach #miami

Remodeling and bringing sexy back....swipe all the way ⏩ #remodeling #newhome

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