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Gabrielle D Bothell 

So blessed to be around beautiful creative people who find it vital to express their ideals through artistic outlets. Over the past year, Maya has discussed her journey into self-love and liberation as women in modern day society with me.
I can truly testify that she has grown to love herself as well as free herself from the social constructs of what beauty is supposed to be. These photos are her expression of how body hair is one of the upmost beautiful natural occurrences we have as human beings. As well as representing the choice she and many other women are making to not be defined by what society says is physically feminine.

this photo was taken earlier this summer. Although nothing physically has changed, due to the fact that I'm still naked in public trying not to be seen by 30 people but reflecting back to where I was mentally and spiritually at this time to say the least blows me away. As humans on this planet we don't just live the entirety of our life being one person, instead we are many different people in the span of our life. However one thing we very rarely do is give ourselves recognition for how much we progress and grow into more evolved human beings every single day. A month of self growth or lack of can change the corse of your life forever. It's so important to take time to give yourself appreciation and love for all that it has overcame even in the short span of a few months.

This is my very beautiful friend maya. This shoot was supposed to happen many times & when we would go to shoot, it wouldn't ever feel right. I truly believe it never falling thru was a testament to the simple fact that we weren't ready. This shoot was a lot more than just desexualizing the female body, but a depiction of how far we both had come in our journeys of self love. I met this astonishing human when I first moved to LA. As I've grown over time I've got to watch her evolve into the brilliant woman she is today as well. Maya holds so much beautiful knowledge and every time I'm with her she gives me a new perspective of life. She's one of the most hardworking people, & a blue moon is out if you ever hear her complain about it. I couldn't mean this more when i say that I am so blessed to have a woman like you in my life. I love you mama.❤️

been feeling so stripped and bare since I've removed all the negative energy in my own mind and from the people that surround me. There is so much beauty in being able to make your own choices. As well as choosing to stop putting up with things that don't make you a better person or raise your vibration anymore. If you have negativity in your life that's holding you back from reaching your full potential wash yourself clean and ascend into a better version of yourself that you want to be. Life is not long enough.

The last few discussions I've had with @adrienne_hayden have addressed the topic of the roles society places on men. As well as how the men in our lives are affected by it. As a feminist, I often get so caught up in defending women's rights. That in result I very rarely take a step back to acknowledge how hard the men of this world have it too. Men are raised to present their beings with an extreme amount of masculinity. This entails not being able to be emotional, or express their feelings, without being seen in a negative light as a man. Society has never given men the proper tools they need to learn how to express themselves. The only ways they were taught to release are through anger, aggression, and egotistical & lustful behaviors. We all know It's so easy for us to just blame the people in our lives who are hurting us because they aren't acting out of the genuineness of their hearts. However we rarely stop to question why they are the way they are, and how can we help each other become better human beings? I believe If we all chose to embrace everyone in our lives to be emotional, speak about how they feel, and what issues they are going through we would create a much mentally and emotionally healthy environment to exists in. & big thank you to Adrienne for letting me be your muse in expressing how the broken men in our lives affect us. But most importantly that it's not their fault.

actually wearing clothes

an outtake of something I've been working on that's really beautiful and raw from my soul. Can't wait to share it, also the biggest thank you to @marvellousmaccmello & @_bleu.m for making all this happen.

me & allison on 35mm captured by @ghtto.ptry

been going through my photos from my trip this past spring to find so many beautiful moments.

july 4th with so many beautiful souls

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