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A wonderful show. Watch it it's well done with great characters and wrestling!
Regrann from @alisonbrie - New moves. New confidence. New episodes FRIDAY!! #stepintoyourpower #glownetflix #zoyathedestroya

Regrann from @newyorkercartoons - A cartoon by @lianafinck. #TNYcartoons

Regrann from @georgehtakei - @senwarren I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is treason, pure and simple.

Regrann from @planetcomiconofficial - We’ve lost control since the vacuum. Have a great start to the week and manage those machines!

Thank you #london #uk Regrann from @agirlhasnopresident - Hugs to London! #Repost @abcnews
Aerial view shows mass of protesters gathered in London demonstrating against Pres. Trump's UK visit, which has included a joint presser with Prime Minister May and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth. #donaldtrump #england #theresamay

Regrann from @shaunking - I had never heard of this.

Regrann from @mgyllenhaal - Here’s a clip from a video I made #MyNameIsMirian An affidavit from a woman who’s 18 month old son was taken from her at the border. Read by @vancityreynolds @chadwickboseman @thejeffbridges #emmathompson @methodmanofficial and many many many more brilliant artists pass it on...LINK TO FULL VIDEO IN BIO!

Regrann from @shaunking - LINK IN BIO for my latest article.
I need you to know this name: Encarnación Bail Romero.

The government took her 11 month old son, Carlos, after an immigration raid, gave him to a white family, who renamed him Jamison, and never gave him back.
That was 11 years ago.
Encarnación Bail Romero NEVER stopped fighting to get her son back.
And the courts not only gave the white family custody of HER SON, they said the white family didn't even have to grant her visitation rights.
This is HER baby.

It is my belief that what happened to Bail Romero and her infant son Carlos is what the United States government aims to now to do with many of the immigrant children they've unlawfully taken from their parents.

It's an abomination and a modern form of state sponsored human trafficking.

Regrann from @shaunking - Thankful for my friend @realjohngray for telling the whole truth here. Jesus was a refugee. His whole family fled persecution and were welcomed in Egypt. My family and I actually visited locations there where his family was believed to have visited. You cannot be a Christian and persecute immigrants and refugees. That makes you more like Herod that Christ.

Regrann from @shaunking - Hey My Friend,

Today I need you to take a few important action steps OK?

As you already know, prosecutors and district attorneys are the gatekeepers of America’s criminal justice system. No single person plays a larger role in the machine of mass incarceration.

That’s why when we see a bad actor in this system, we have to call them out.

Today — that man is Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem of San Bernardino, California. He basically runs the huge DA’s office there and prosecutes more people than anyone else in the county.

Let me tell you what he recently posted about Congresswoman Maxine Waters on social media. I apologize in advance for the vulgarity.

He said: “Being a loud-mouthed cunt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now.”
Yeah. He said that. To be clear, he doesn’t even deny it. He has a long history of being deeply bigoted and offensive online. Those are his actual words.

And this man is expected to give equal and fair justice to all? To women? To communities of color? That’s impossible. Any man who not only thinks like that, but is bold enough to share it publicly, is a danger to us all.

He should’ve been fired immediately! PERIOD.

No man who thinks and speaks like this needs to be a prosecutor of justice in this country.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to let the DA’s office know how we feel.

Call them now @: (909) 382–3800 & (909) 382–7755.
Ask to speak to a supervisor or HR or a manager. And let them know, in your own words, how you feel about this. Leave a voice mail message if you have to, but try to speak to an actual person. Be courteous, but be clear about how you feel.

2. Email current District Attorney Mike Ramos @ and let him know how you feel.

3. Email the new incoming District Attorney Jason Anderson by filling out this form. His motto when he ran for office was “public safety, not politics.” Let’s hold him to that.

4. Email Chief Deputy District Attorney Julie Peterson @ and let her know how you feel.

Let’s start there and give this a few days.

If any employee of a mainstream corporation said this, they’d alr

Regrann from @shaunking - So proud of you @tommygrizzcetti! Here’s his original post. ・・・
I’m from Richmond California where most don’t make it to see 21...To be able to hit the news and not be a victim or a fugitive is a blessing to me giving up everything that I had packed for myself and giving it to another human to help out is how I view my life i literally almost passed out but I had to keep myself together to take care of her❤️no matter your color or ethnicity love has no color and to be black in America it’s tough but no matter what I’ll never let that define me or make me out to be what they want me to be I’ll forever remain this way doing good deeds should be seen and posted all you see is negative things nowadays and people wonder why the world is fucked up people post guns and wave em around and I see “😍” eyes in the comments... #YeahOk @naj_ceo My brother was there every step of the way #HealmostDidnTMakeIt on holy..To be able to say I saved somebody life today changed my life forever I never been in a situation like that before I just thank god that I’m able ❤️❤️

Regrann from @nytimes - In May, immigration agents raided a dusty concrete plant on the west side of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, seizing 32 men from Mexico and Central America. Oscar Barrios was one of them. @misterwidmer took this photo of Oscar’s daughter Juana, left, praying for her father with her family in May. Oscar was released on bond in early June to await a #deportation hearing in immigration court, which has a 5-year backlog of such cases. Juana, 19, said her parents brought her to Iowa illegally from Mexico when she was 3. She is enrolled in the #DACA program, which the Trump administration has rescinded, and is studying to be a nurse. She recalled how she had once made a speech at the Catholic Church, naming her father as her inspiration: “I told him, Dad, I’m going to be the best nurse. I’m going to graduate with the best grades. That’s the only way I can think of to repay everything they’ve done for me.” In communities like Mount Pleasant, a town of 8,500 that voted heavily for @realdonaldtrump, the crackdown on #immigration is often debated through the lens of Christian morality. After the raid, parishioners at the First Presbyterian Church raised $80,000 to help detainees’ families. Other mainline Protestant churches contributed to the fund, as did the Catholics at St. Alphonsus. Notably absent from the donor roll, though, were Mount Pleasant’s evangelical churches. Visit the link in our profile to read how an ICE raid brought an abstract national issue painfully close to home in this small Iowa community.

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