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@Regran_ed from @shaunking - Our dear brother Chinedu Okobi was just murdered by police in the Bay Area. All day today I am going to make sure you see him as fully human and fully alive. Look at all of my posts to know his full story. When they kill us, they kill our sons, our fathers, our brothers, our cousins, our uncles, our friends.
This was Chinedu’s Mom (Amaka), Chinedu, and his aunt Aunt Ifeoma at Chinedu’s high school graduation before he went off to @morehouse1867

Weird woman @Regran_ed from @shaunking - BREAKING: This is the surveillance video of Teresa Sue Klein, also known as “Cornerstore Caroline” where she says a 9 year old boy sexually assaulted her. What you will clearly see is his bag of school uniforms lightly brush up against her. Based on this evidence, and a new review of the video, I am calling on the Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzalez, to file charges against her. Upon a deeper review of the other video, she also impersonated a police officer, which is a felony. Not only that, but a brilliant local journalist Zainab Iqbal, found out that she never even called 911. She just did all of this to harass and humiliate this young Black family. This can’t be allowed. We have to bring an end to this behavior. She scarred this family, causing the two little kids to think they were about to be arrested for nothing whatsoever.

What?@Regran_ed from @shaunking - ‪The Sheriff in Union County, Arkansas is putting Nike t-shirts on people they arrest and making them wear them during mugshots.‬ ‪Source says it is to mock Nike and Colin Kaepernick.

@Regran_ed from @rizahmed - Black Panther isn’t just a win for black people. Crazy Rich Asians isn’t just a win for Asians. When we stretch culture we all have more room to be ourselves. When we see wider range of stories, we stop seeing each other and OTHERS.

@Regran_ed from @shaunking - On October 23rd, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is hosting the largest group of American investors & media outlets that have ever been in Saudi Arabia at one time.
All while he is suspected of having a @washingtonpost journalist killed.

@Regran_ed from @shaunking - Utterly disgusting. Modern day slavery.

@Regran_ed from @sarah_kucera - Never underestimate the potency of adding or revising one small thing in your daily routine. Things will accumulate!
I was reminded of this yesterday when a patient was telling me about a friend of hers. My patient had previously asked me for an idea for something small to gift her friend who was having really crippling menstrual cycles. I suggested a tea, since it wasn't too outer worldly, it was inexpensive, and above all, it had great medicinal ingredients. Her friend was into the idea of the tea and had a cup daily until she got her next cycle. Low and behold, it was the most easeful period she'd had in years.
It doesn't always work this easily, but it can! If you're looking to make some modifications to your own day, here are a few ideas to consider:
1. Sit to eat. And when you eat, only eat. It's really a small commitment, but your digestive system will appreciate it immensely.
2. Take a 3 minute break in the afternoon for a breathing practice. This could be a pranayama you already know, or it could be as basic as counting to four on your inhale, then counting to four as you exhale.
3. Cook with herbs and spices. Choose a couple of seasonal herbs or spices and add one to a dish every day.
4. Have a medicinal drink a day (no, I'm not talking wine). Choose either the morning or night to have a tea, almond milk drink, or a tonic with medicinal herbs. The benefit of the drink can match what you need in the moment.
5. When you wake up, sit up and take 3 deep breaths before stepping foot out of bed.
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@Regran_ed from @shaunking - This was my brother’s life verse. He lived it. He had this on the wall of his living room. My family and I just returned to Brooklyn after spending the past two weeks with my brother, then with his family after his funeral. Oh how badly I wish more American Christians actually lived this out.

@Regran_ed from @agirlhasnopresident - #Repost @the.daily.don
Day 624: A shit-faced sycophant is sworn in, making 3 Justices appointed by GOP Presidents that lost the popular vote. Because when you’re a shrinking minority, you’ve got to cheat your way in with any dutiful date rapist you can find. #merrickgarland #fuckthegop #ibelieveher #thedailydon

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