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Anthony Petrocco  Shut the gates

Looking forward to creating my very own mini me #yeahhhmateee

On Saturday mornings I like to play football with my friends #footballfriends

Chris Brown and Lil Dicky #thevicetomycaptain

In our spare time we like to drink socially and beat prices by 10% #lowestpricesarejustthebeginning

Standard Paul and Anthony muck about in a new location #hotdubwinemachine

Giuliana’s dad told me that only men who really love women eat anchovies on pizza #foodforthought

Back to basics with my old Greek friend #xristosanesti

When your camera only focuses on people who hold their alcohol #playdohstomach

After an 8 month masterclass in resilience, strength and optimism, words can not describe how much I admire you mate. Chemo done now it’s time to make you nauseous again for all the right reasons like in the second photo. Love you mate, it’s time for a proper drink 🥃. #fuckcancer

What can I say, Julia loves a dad bod #sodootherladies #kebabsnotabs

Wetting my whistle with a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot blend #classyalcoholism

Couple of identical cousins sharing Debbie #spitroast

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