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Gays With Stories  ⁣⁣Collecting & Re-posting stories from Gay Couples around the world • 👬Next Takeover @tylerandtodd ⤵️ • 🗓 Oct. 21st -23rd

Should one confess their feelings for a co-worker crush?

We all know the scientific explanation of a rainbow; the air and angles of sunlight and all of that. But to me, they always have a message. ⁣
They say: ⁣
“The universe is a mystery and you’re a part of it.” And sometimes that’s all we need to hear! -@baxthieu

The most terrible loneliness is loving someone completely, deeply & without reserve but knowing you’re not loved that way in return. Thankfully, I found someone that loves me just as much equally 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 - @chadshehee @jleolyn

Love is infinite and can be cultivated in any given circumstance. It can be unexpected, and can it be fast and furious. Finding ways to harvest it into something truly unique to you is what connects your soul with someone else. Love, @chlinka @gsnuffz 👬

Hey guys I’m Ray and my fiancé Mike and I have been together for three years. We’re from Tampa, Florida and father’s to a cute lil pup named Hank. We love to travel and see and explorer new places. This week we’re on vacation in the Great Smokey Mountains exploring Asheville and Gatlinburg. Join us as we go on our mountain adventure! You can follow us at @rayp12683 @platek87 and our doggie adventure @sirhanknorman 🐶

Hey y’all! We’re Zach and Alastair, two husbands from Texas; and we’re taking over today and tomorrow! We hope you enjoy our endeavors this weekend! You can find us over @adventuresofzachandb & @alastairjpatton 👬

Todd’s brother got married earlier this month and they sent us this candid shot that we had no idea the photographer took. From scrolling through our feed you might think that we typically show public displays of affection, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though we’ve been “out” for 10+ years the journey of being truly comfortable in our own skin is ongoing for us. There’s a misconception that when you “come out” you’re instantly self assured and confident. As wonderful as standing in your truth is, the reality of spending years being bullied for your sexuality can be difficult to overcome. We STILL have our days when we’re nervous of showing our love publicly in fear of what others will say, do, or even think which is why this photo is so special. A small and relatively insignificant moment to many is such a beautiful one to us when all those feelings fell away...We don’t know if any of that makes sense to you guys or if you can relate but what we’re trying to say is wherever you are on your journey, it’s okay to have those moments of insecurity. Love, T&T 💕 @tylerandtodd

Daniel and Andrew got married this month in Lake Placid, NY in front of 180 of their friends and Family. Although weddings are focused on unity and lifelong commitments, Dandrew reminds us that being a gay couple is an uphill battle. The LGBT community has come a long way to be where we are in this world, but we still have a long way to go. Not all of our family is supportive but we will not let that halt our happiness and we’ll continue to live our lives to the fullest. For those in gay relationships who are experiencing a lack of support from family or friends, let us remind you that those who truly love you will support you no matter what, and it is ok to live your life without those who don’t. Some will eventually come around, some won’t. Do not let those who don’t agree with your sexuality hold you back from being happy. You being gay does not make you any different from those who are straight. For we are all human and deserve the same love. And for those in the closet, don’t let bigotry and hate stunt your happiness because you are loved by soo many and we stand here ready to support you! #gayswithstories

Hey y’all! We’re PJ and Thomas, two husbands who live in a small town in Tennessee, and we’re taking over today and tomorrow! We have a passion for all things home: restoring, decorating, and spending as much time there as we can. We’ve been together for 8 years and married for 3. You can find us over on @pjandthomas and on our YouTube as The Property Lovers. Happy Saturday! #husbands

We met 8 months ago on vacation in Mykonos, Santiago is from Brazil and lives in Rio and I live in Tel Aviv. We bumped into each other on the last night of the two of us on the island and spent the whole night and the last day flying together.
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The truth is, none of us are easy to date, deal with, or please all the time. We have our vices, attitudes and way of doing things that make us who we are. You won’t like everything about somebody, it’s impossible. This is life, and it isn’t about finding the perfect person, it isn’t about living some fairy tale; it’s about finding something you’re willing to work for, with somebody who’s willing to work with you. That simple. Find someone who has a heart for you and never stop fighting for them.
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Trust is a fragile thing. You’ve probably heard that before. You’ve also probably heard trust is earned, not given. Or trust is everything. Or maybe even trust is like an eraser; it gets smaller with every mistake. Regardless, the idea of trust is the most basic, yet essential part of every single relationship. It is the spine, the backbone of what it means to love another person.

When you trust someone, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You let that person in. You give that person your heart, your entire soul, and believe, despite all of the crap in the world, that they will take care of it.

You watch that person walk away and you have confidence that they are respectable and won’t go throwing themselves around or flirting behind your back or opening themselves to any other human besides you. But the thing about trust, is that it relies so much on the unknown. It is a testament of faith, that despite the odds and no matter what the world says, you believe the person you love will do you no harm.

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