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LGBTQ+ 🌈 DMs always open πŸ”΄  Daizy~She/Her Damien {taking a break} Grey~He/They Sophie~She/Her Faith~She/Her Olivia~{On Break} Oliver~He/him Molly~She/Her Adrian~They/them


!! This is so important ~ Daizy

There was a non-binary person on University Challenge and I'm super happy about it ~Sophie

So I woke up ate some cereal and came back to my room to see my doggo I wasn't surprised because he always comes in and sleeps on my bed and also yesterday I came out to some people as trans and ace and they were quite supportive I guess-yA bOi gReY

*Not Lgbt Related*
When you highkey like someone from your school and they used to like you but you had an argument and you still like them and akdnakdnksd -Ol

If you want to label yourself, label yourself
If you don't want to label yourself, don't label yourself
If you want to label someone else, tough sh*t mate - it's not up to you ~Sophie

Sunday I crashed a party only to see my friend who I haven't seen in two months probably more or less idk and this guy texted her with a very disgusting message and I was very upset because this has happened before and today I have a project due but I'm completely unprepared like I need a costume but I don't have one and I'm hoping for a snow day because then it will get cancelled-yA bOi gReY

It's kinda ridiculous how SOME 'pro-life' people are only pro-life if they approve of your life ~Sophie

I watched a really cute film on Netflix the other day, would highly recommend it ~Sophie

Iain asking the real questions πŸ˜‚ ~Sophie

I have a crush on a girl and like hOW like we both are in the library during lunch because I don't go to lunch and not eat but aHHHH -yA bOi gReY

Two girls: start making out in the street
Straight person: omg, friendship goals!
Two boys: hug
Straight person: lmao, are u gay or something
^ from my personal experience anyway πŸ˜‚ ~ Daizy

Australia, you're doing great sweetie ~Sophie

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