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Photo by @johnkrampl of his son and grandson in a favorite place in the Porcupine Hills of Alberta. Nov, 26, 2018 *
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Earlier this year, John and I adopted this beautiful boy from the Humane society. We fell in love with him. Our Susie cat did not however. We thought she would like some company after the passing of our beloved Benson last February, but we were wrong. After trying every trick I had learned during my time volunteering at the last chance cat ranch, and after Susie started using my plants as litter boxes, I knew we could not keep him. I called my daughter @briannefloberg in tears.
B and Josh offered to give Burt a try to see how he would be with George and Doug. It has worked out and I am so relieved. Burt loves his new home. George and Burt are best friends and often sleep together. Dougie tolerates Burt and each day she is more accepting. Burt loves B and is crazy about @tron.0 And we still get to visit him! *
But really, was there any doubt? When you have a George and a Doug of course you need a Burt! Thank you Josh and B for stepping up and giving this beautiful boy a loving home.
Photos by @johnkrampl
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Allan Wheeler
December 7, 1930 – January 10, 2014
Thinking about all my dad's sayings today.
Please add to my list – I know there are more.
Nice Going!
It’s too bad about you!
Don’t Jump! 🔑
A bird is gonna poop on that lip.
Are you going to the movies?
Boy, do we have motors.
Beetles (last pic!) *
I can hear you whistling for me to get out of bed to come and eat the big breakfast you made.
I hope you are enjoying your big pancake with an egg on top, bacon, and lots of syrup!
Happy Birthday Dad.
I miss you.
Susie Q

You meet the nicest people when you go looking for wildlife to photograph. John and I have met many wonderful photographers over the last 2 years. These photos of @johnkrampl were taken by Michelle Bedster at #elizabethhallwetlands on Oct. 6th, 2018.
We spent a couple of hours visiting and sharing our love of nature, wildlife and photography with Michelle. Wildlife photography is not a competition, except perhaps with one's self. The goal is to continually improve and learn. But our purpose is to just get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Seeing wildlife and meeting like minded people are a bonus.
Having the privilege to observe wildlife is an incredible experience where you learn early that all creatures are sentient beings worthy of our respect. Sharing that passion with a new friend is very special. Thank you Michelle for taking and sending these photos to us. *
#wildlifephotography #sentientbeings #photographypassion #naturelover #meetnewpeople #walkinnature #highlevelbridge #lethbridge #beaver #lethbridgebridge #walkwithwildlife #respectwildlife #thankyouwildlife #thankyounature

Josh @tron.0 relaxing after making an incredible supper with @briannefloberg for John and I last evening. Josh's now famous Chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese (and other good stuff) and wrapped with bacon! Yum! Served with Brianne's creamy mashed potatoes and baked broccoli. Finished with a hot eggnog drink. Superb! Thanks Josh and Brianne.
Photo by @johnkrampl
#greatchef #downtoascience #thankful

Happy Birthday Grieg and Great Gram!
My great grandmother, Ethel Rayner Spurr Ingram. I have been working on this post for a few days and discovered, to my great surprise, that she shares a birthday today with my brother Grieg! Very strange that of all the old pics I have, that these were the ones I chose to work on at this time! *
My great grandmother was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England Dec. 2nd, 1869 and died in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1960. She immigrated to Canada with her husband and 5 children Oct. 13, 1910. They homesteaded 7 miles northeast of Lethbridge at Crystal Lake. *
In 1914 her husband died and she and the children were not able to keep up the farm. She had to find places for all the older children to live and work. She kept her youngest daughter Agnes with her and they moved into a place they could afford in China town in Lethbridge, which also was part of the red light district. Often men would pound on the door at night and this terrorized young Aggie. In 1918, 4 years later, her oldest son came home from the war and they were able to move to a nicer place. *
The first pic is circa 1914. 2nd is 1916 with her grandchild Yvonne. 3rd pic is 1956 with my sister Val and brother Grieg. 4th pic is from 1959 with my mother Kay and myself. 5th pic is 1959 with my dad Allan and myself. *
I call this first pic, Roll up your sleeves and get to work! My great gram had no other choice. A strong determined woman who, from all accounts, was a lady through all the hardships. No doubt she influenced my grandmother, my mother, and all the family that came after her in ways that we are not even aware of. A true matriarch! *
#matriarch #greatgram #rollupyoursleeves #lethbridgehistory
#lethbridge #yql #strongwoman #lady

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I thought I had only three choices when I was growing up. Be a secretary, be a teacher or be a nurse. (Piano teacher did not really pay the bills!)
So I tried all 3. I found out I did not like numbers or sitting at a desk. So I went with the nursing and the teaching . *
After many years of doing both, someone asked me. “Are you a nurse that teaches or are you a teacher that happens to be teaching nursing?” That gave me pause to reflect. After much thought and getting in tune with my inner guru I finally discovered the answer. *
The youth of today have so many choices. They can be anything they want to be. How in heck do they begin to even choose? How do you know what you want to be until you have tried a few things and discovered what you don’t want to be? *
Life does not come with instructions. If you try something and find out it is not for you, it is not the end of the world. You have not failed, you have learned valuable information. All knowledge is important. So - Try something else. Keep trying until you find the ‘thing’ that rings your bell. *
I taught many students that struggled because they did not want to disappoint me by telling me that nursing was not for them. I knew. But I could not tell them. Everyone has to take this journey on their own and discover it for themselves. All we can do as mentors is support them along the way. *
It is never too late to try something new. I did my thing and would I do it differently if I had the chance to do it all again? I still sometimes wonder what I want to be when I grow up. Hmm what to try next? *

Thanks @brand_brandi and @steph_amonson at @messagesfromthemattress for your discussion this morning that prompted me to reflect on this one more time. . .
Photo by @johnkrampl taken at Henderson Lake
#reflectiontime #taketimetoreflect #lifedecisions #nobaddecisions #careerchoices

My grandma, Lena Mary Ingram Craddock, (1894-1965). Pics are from circa 1912- 1920 in Lethbridge, Alberta. I am amazed at how good these pics are. I am in awe of the amazing fashions of the day. *
My grandma arrived with her family in Canada on the Empress of Britain on Oct. 13th, 1910 after departing from Liverpool, England. They came from their home in Terrington St. Clements, Norfolk County, England to Crystal Lake, Alberta where her father was a farmer and secretary treasurer of the school board. In 1914, her father died from pneumonia and she moved to Lethbridge with her mother and siblings. Our family has been here ever since. *
I have several precious memories of my grandma considering I was only 7 when she died. I especially remember the tea parties! *
#lethbridge #yql #lethbridgehistory #fashion #1915fashion

Some pics don't make it to @johnkrampl 's instagram page because he does not think they are good enough. This is one of them.
I however like this pic, so I sent it to @globallethbridge and they must have agreed with me because they posted it at the end of their news on their My Lethbridge segment. Not often you see 2 moose on the prairies. *
So I am saving it here before John deletes it from his files! Not everyone likes the same thing. Taken mid Oct. 2018 *
#spousalrivalry #idotheediting #moose #southernalberta #wildlifephotography #prairielife #albertacanada #mylethbridge #prairiemoose #yql #farmlife #farmersfield #thankyouwildlife

'Rescued is my favorite breed' *
Winnie Tindall when she first joined the family in August, 2018. Now, 3 months after rescue and a lot of effort and love later, this little girl is doing great. My newest granddog who I call Minnie Winnie makes me very happy.
I am so proud of my daughter @brand_brandi and my son in law @tindallbrent for taking in this sweetheart. It is not always easy to take in a rescue dog, but it is always worth the effort. Perserverence paid off. *
#rescuedog #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescued #doglove #adoptdontshop #rescuepet #adopteddog #spayandneuter #pet #foreverdog #dogloveforever #homeatlast

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness" (John Steinbeck) *
F you winter
#imisssummer #summermemories #takemeawayfromhere #fwinter #fingcold #iwantsummerback

The many sides to my beautiful daughter @brand_brandi
Last night I find out about a mischievous side. As a mom sometimes you have to wait 20 years to get 'the real story'! *
Halloween circa 1998 or so, Brandi and her gang decide they should throw some eggs at cars (because why not eh?) So she steals a few eggs from my fridge! and they head down by the hospital to wreak havoc. They throw some eggs and one of the vehicles hit happens to be a green van. Later that evening I go to pick her and her friends up in our van. Brandi asks what is all that yuck on the window? I said, someone egged the van while John was at the hospital visiting his dad. Yup, our van was green. *
Guess who got to clean it up? That would be me. *
The co-host of @messagesfromthemattress has more sides to her than you know! *
Do you know another side? POST your famous Brandi pics and stories below. Revenge is sweet! *
#therealstory #mischief #donttellmom #20yearslater #eggirony #halloweenmischief #secretrevealed #whostoletheeggs #notmydaughter

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