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Gaya Ceramic Arts Center  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia ...where clay and culture come together... #eatclaylove

The dinner settings created by all 8 participants in a our annual Culinary Clay workshop. Great finale for our "Manifested Meal"! #culinaryclay #workshop #eatclaylove #exhibition #ubudfoodfestival #bali

All the small dishes that reoresented at least as many explorations of form, texture, surface, and glaze in the past two weeks. These served nicely to house a sampler tasting of Gaya Gelato, yum! #gayagelato #eatclaylove #workshop #culinaryclay #bali #dessertfirst

Ingredients for Balinese "bumbu" or spice paste set out on the traditional plate for today's day of cooking village style. #eatclaylove #bali #family

Indigo dyed threads ready for warping the loom, inspires thoughts of glaze color choices awaiting us in the studio! #indigo #color #glaze #eatclaylove

Chef Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert sharing with us his amazing perspective on "where food meets plate". The explosion of flavors in each of the 9 outrageous desserts we sampled paired so creatively with each unique ceramic design. #full #eatclaylove #inspired #chef

Culinary Clay on excursion out of the studio--pondering the roots of inspiration @bambuindah #gorgeous #powerofnature #jungle #eatclaylove #bali

A collection of samples generated over the past few days to keep the endless ideas and possibilities flowing in the quest to contemplate "where food meets plate". Now on to glaze choices... #eatclaylove #foodie #endlessideas

Plated: "canang" (woven basket offering), salt, pepper and "sambal" (HOT salsa)-- a signature Gaya naked raku number enlivened in action. #wherefoodmeetsplate #eatclaylove #workshops

Bamboo as long containers for Balinese "bumbu" (spice paste) essentials-- simple, elegant, utterly inspiring. #eatclaylove #natural #containers #foodie #workshops

June 11 - 24, 2017

BREAKING THE MOULD: Slip-casting Disassembled with Monika Patuszynska

Break the mold that holds back the flow of your creative thought... In these two weeks, Monika Patuszynska will focus on the process of creating—helping participants to try to unlearn some of the imprinted superstitions about a form, a function and a process of making: specifically regarding slip- casting. The workshop will show new ways of approaching the plaster mould, not as an end in itself, but as a creative medium in its own right—a beginning rather than the end of the process of creation. Broken, smashed, sawed into slices, filled up with paper pulp or chocolate cereals, the plaster mould provides endless possibilities. Experimenting with a wide range of techniques for creating pattern and texture, using methods developed by the artist, slip-casting will be entirely disassembled and rebuilt anew before your eyes.

Monika Patuszyńska (PL), ceramic artist and explorer of abandoned spaces and untried paths. She exhibits frequently all over the world and has won many awards for her work that may be found in public and private collections worldwide. Member of the International Academy of
Ceramics. #workshops #slipcast #ceramics

Culinary Clay: Where Food Meets Plate commences with a long table discussion of putting together a dinner set with Gaya Ceramic and Design @gayaceramic Creative Director, Michela Foppiani. Minds are now too saturated to think clearly and inspiration is on overload... #eatclaylove #culinaryclay #foodie #potter

A tiny new friend joins the studio. #eatclaylove (this is the love part!)

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