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Wanna thank @alwaysthewriter for this amazing rendition of my mom and Luke, one of the best gifts I’ve ever given her for sure. @alwaysthewriter does commissions for very good prices and I think she’s also on redbubble so definitely check her out

Since we’re always a day late on getting around to doing things, I figured this wouldn’t hurt. Parker, I remember when Momma first asked if I wanted a little brother and we were living in the old house by the park. I’m pretty sure I said “sure.” I remember when you were born and I was watching cartoons in the waiting room and playing with my yugioh toy from Burger King. Ever since then, it’s been interesting to say the least. We used to not be cool with each other but I think that’s just a part of being brothers. Now, I can’t imagine the world without you in it. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I think about when you’d come into my room to watch me play the PS2 or playing LEGO Star Wars or I think about you calling the Flea Market the “Beetle Shop.” We’re pretty close now and I can say you’re one of the most consistent people in my life, probably the most actually. I can tell you grew up around me too based on your taste in music, your humor, how you are with your friends, and your trash talking. So happy late siblings day buddy, look forward to more.

Already up to no good this semester

Im noticing a pattern here

I thought it would never come #jontron #normalboots

Happy greatest day of all time everyone

Good vibes, good times

One more day 🙈🙉🙊

Heard it was siblings day, so here's a rare picture of Parker in his natural habitat @parker.anderson_31

Yoooo its finally here... ive been waiting for this since i was in like 10th grade you guys. We just got another month and the new album comes out. They released 4 songs with videos you can check out on youtube. Seeing 2D, Russel, Noodle, and Murdoc on screen again was almost unreal cause i didnt think i'd see it again. Im so excited guys. #gorillaz #hype #andromeda

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