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Since it seems like errrrybody is in Brazil at the moment for Carnival and my FOMO is always on high alert, here's me taking it back to summer time sunsets in Rio.

The time I went to Brazil and felt like I was in a painting....along with all the other pedestrian folk 🚶 🙄. [UNESCO World Heritage Centre- Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia]

We had the beach all to ourselves. Well not really, those beach bars were bustling.
If you haven't been to Sri Lanka, then get on it! ✈️ 🇱🇰 🌴

Highway to Heaven....Summer in Italy? Maybe babe.

Current Vancouverites' frame of mind: "I've come to the realization that it should only snow on Christmas and in the mountains". @harpreetdh 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
- it must also be noted that umbrellas are highly versatile: sun ☀️ , rain ☔️, or snow ❄️, bring em out!!

Floating along the backwaters of Kerala. Stunningly peaceful and visually beautiful.

Shades of a timeless beach from the 1970s (what I can only assume, I'm not a 70s child 😉👶🏽) with not a worry in sight. Carefree and cool. 🌊 🌴 👙 🏊

Chasing the sun, even if it looks like its blowing up on me. Goa, you did not disappoint.

On a serious note, I'm glad I got to finally explore much more of India this time round than all my previous trips to this beautiful land. I got to experience first hand the many different Indian traditions, food, people, and customs that we were taught growing up, it was truly breathtaking.

Each region in this country is unique in itself, from North to South, to East to West, unlike any other country. The diversity in the many different cultures living side-by-side is a testament to this great land.
Thank you incredible India! 🙏🏽

I thought this was pretty special. Cute kid. Respect. 👍🏽

Smog levels were at a hazardous high. Let me tell you, this picture was not taken at sunset, it was at 2pm.
The smog's intensity turns the skies all shades but clear; yet a monk enjoys being in the center of history in Tiananmen Square.

Bringing in Chinese New Year in Beijing. Packed crowd here at the W and still so much room for activity.

Beaching in Goa. Brown getting browner.