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Did some work and had a bit of fun.
Traveled alone, with family, and new and old friends.
Met some amazing people along the way.
Explored new places I never thought I would.
Thanks for a great summer!

After all this time in the Mediterranean, London sure rained on my parade. Beautiful nonetheless. Thanks for the hospitality lads.

The boys are back together!

Same photo but four year apart. Amazing people, great food, and an awesome Grecian sunset 🌅 🇬🇷🙌🏽! Can't get enough of it.

Truly one of the best places in the world! 🇬🇷

Back at home; linens, tans, overpriced drinks, and a great vibe...welcome to Greece 🇬🇷 !

She had me at- Do you come here often?!🇬🇷 🇨🇦

Driving through the Albanian countryside with so much natural beauty. ⛰🇦🇱
Ps: Just got the bus driver to stop so I could run out and relieve myself in the nearby cafe. He rolled his eyes and asked if I could wait an hour and a half? My answer: 🙅🏽‍♂️🚌🏃🏽. At least I got to enjoy the view.

From Tirana, to Vlorë, and now finally to Sarandë- we've come here explore the Albania's Southern coastline! Rumour has it, its some of the best in all of the Mediterranean!! Let's find out. 🇦🇱

Who wants to join me for a coffee here?!🙌🏽😍⛵️️🇲🇰

I met up with my good buddy in a place we didn't know too much about and a path less traveled, beautiful Macedonia. The food here is good and the locals extremely friendly.
Make sure to do this 6km hike up to Millennium Cross to find out how much fitness you've lost throughout your holidays!

One of my top three favourite places in the world. This city is incredible! A must for everyone!

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