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Driving back home and this is the view that I have the pleasure of following.
No wonder they call this place "Beautiful British Columbia".
🇨🇦 🌊 🗻🚙

Enjoying May long weekend in my backyard, up in the Canadian Rockies. 🇨🇦

Lost in Transition 🇸🇪 🚋

Into the Blue 🌊 🏊

Watching the sun go down in Goa, while drinking beers, eating treats, hanging with cousins, and watching the cows stampede by. This is pure relaxation…except the cows bit. ☀️ 🍻 🍛🐮🇮🇳

Mother Nature playing mind games with us: ☀️, ☔️, and 💨 all in one day. Make up your mind Mama Nat.; preferably only ☀️!

One of my favourite countries I've ever traveled to- Laos. Great food, awesome landscape, and honest people! Highly recommended. Perfect! 🇱🇦 @abbielarzo @spackmac

On the right side of the bars. A European summer looms once again.
On a unrelated note and a not so obvious travel trip: don't get arrested on your holidays. Be a smart traveler. You're welcome 😉😉 #captainobvious

Waking up to the beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. 🇮🇳 🌴 ☕️ ⛵️ Not sure if this was a candid picture or not....most likely not. 🙃

Keeping it classy throughout life. Meeting randoms and having a few sneaky drinks always makes the day more memorable and the next morning unmemorable.
Note: swapping sunglasses seemed good at that period in time....not for life...which is exactly what happened. 🙄

A Salvadorian summer. So much room for water activities!!!

Strike a pose! 💃

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