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#Where Dave's Rulez  🌐WELCOME 2 MY WORLD🌐 <Get Drunk Get High <Fuck d ₩orld Try 2 Fl¥ <Screw d Girlz Punch d guyz <Go 2 $leep n Fuck'in die 🎂BorN 23oct. 🏠Ahore

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Get drunk Get High!!
Fcuk The World Try To Fly!!

Treat your life like your Hookah. Use in moderation, Keep it clean, and share it with great friends
#hookah #relaxing #stressout

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do🙏🙏
#maa_sa #Gaurav_sa #royalties

Look At There He Is The_Way😎😉
Blur But Best!!

Shoib praposed deepika💕💍
#shoib_deepika #nach_baliye8 i dont know what to say but I Love them

Hey!! look at dere, Is 'GAURAV DAVE'👔😎

'Being Stylish Is About Enjoying Yur Life And Expressing YuorSelf And Yur Inner Lite' 💡

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