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h a y l y c h a r e s t  b i k e s || b l o c k p r i n t i n g || b i r t h s t u d e n t m i d w i f e ♈☀️ ♒🌙 ♎🌄

Uranus, Goddess planet of creative change & creative chaos, is a powerful pull in my life right now. ✨ Doing my best to change in major ways that serve me to the fullest. Doing my best to embrace chaos & know the only way out is through. Doing my best to continue to show up emotionally for people I care for inspite of this huge draw to run for the hills or simply hide until the coast is clear. "we musn't mistake change for progress when it isn't."

✨I have a moment to breathe before the next wave of clinical & school work washes over again. for now you can catch me biking & gardening & dancing & drinking & hiking & generally enjoying some freedom of responsabilities.✨

The last lunch of the semester spent by the lake studying for exams with this lady. This summer is gonna be long without her. ✨ Thanks for all your help getting me through this semester - school & life componants! & for always letting me sleep on your couch! 💘✨

it's the international day of the midwife! to celebrate I paid $300 in late tuition! but honestly I can't say enough that reproductive work is hard but also really amazing & important. ✨ thanks to the huge spectrum of midwives out there lookin' out for the full spectrum of birthing folks, in hospitals & out!

this zone is just like home in all the best ways & also a great get away. everything I needed while on break from school & needing an escape from home! thankful for having buds (✨ shoutout to @beardsnbriskets & @chisholmgrant12 ✨) who know this city & have recommendations as I am wandering around.

✨thankful for these strong ladies in my life! I feel lucky to have joined your class & to have y'all by my side through midwifery school. let's dance mooooore!✨


thoughts of the afternoon. 🌖✨

✨my feelings are too big these days. they manifest in me yelling a lot. exclaiming out of frustration. I am feeling stuck in this never ending cycle of prioritising others over myself & not having the words to explain that to those who keep asking for more. trying to find some quiet as my brain & heart battle for who can speak up the loudest.✨


✨26 rotations around the sun. reflections on the past year today have me realizing how much growth I went through. how hard it was to see the outcome when I was busy burying roots. now I have a solid base & am exploring new ways of taking care of myself. new ways that don't involve taking care of others. new ways that mean I am free. that I have the space to change & grow & move. something has shifted in me. although I am quite unsure what, I feel as if I am a better version of myself somehow✨

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