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I missed the show last night but snagged this fresh gem! ✨ burly babes, the sweeties of @thedowntownboys will be in your city tonight!

✨Drawing inspiration from anywhere we can at the pig this weekend✨

✨The perks of being a rural midwife✨ a very sweet couple I am serving have so many berry bushes they are sagging to the ground. Some of the blueberries were bigger than these! Luckily the midwife I work with didn't have much to do this afternoon either.

Bruised, bleeding & broken. This has been quite a week.

Water is an amazing & powerful thing. Life comes by way of water. To run & jump off of a dock into a body of water, you eventually have to let go. Trust that gravity will bring you down & the water will protect you, just as some are brought into the world by those who birthed them. Birth workers view water as a sacred space. A place where you are held & helped simply because you surrender to trust the purity of it all. ✨Feeling grateful for the path I walk on days like this. I got to welcome a little into the world in such a magical way today✨

Come to @thirstyportland & see how on point my sign game is!

✨Feeling strong, proud & excited because I made these 5 gallons of strawberry wine that taste exactly like the hi-c flashin' fruit punch juice boxes with a dry aftertaste. 🍓🍷✨


✨my collection is complete & I am fangrrrling hard✨


✨A portrait of 25✨

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