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Ralfs Gaubšteins  Mind for a business,heart for the world! Breathing marketing,hiting life goals! Latvia - Riga! Digital Media! Real Estate & Investments! 26.

Usually I don't drive with Vespa, but when I do, i drive when the season is over. #italiano

Foto: @aigaredmane

Зуб даю - in that age I would never picture my life the way it is now! #lilRafa #rozarinkis

3rd year in a row. BREL forum 2016. Real estate conference! #HannerRealEstate

True emotion is something unusual for me. Formula is very easy - live your moment and find values what you live for every day! #lessonsonlessons

Reiz Gaubšteins un Einšteins devās kopīgā velo braucienā. Tapa jaunas idejas - rezultāti vēl sekos! Throwback with friend!#worlholdon

That jewish guy with a jewish nose in a jewish memorial place with non-jewish girls! Throwback in berlin some time ago.

Life is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. What matters is whether you are keeping your eyes open or closed during the ride and who is next to you./Ana Ortega/ #HeidePark #Germany #Soltou

Kad galvenie čiekuri sabrauc par godu @evecums 25tajā naudas mazgāšanas gada dienā! #elPablito #elPatron #richbaltickids #keytosuccess🔑 #djkhaled #citronsArpiparmetram


Paldies visiem par vārda dienas sveicieniem! YOU MADE MY DAY! #NextStopHeidePark

Vakarbuļļi un Lielupe - DONE! #Kayaki

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