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For those of you worried about "them," just remember that "they" also won't be there to catch you. So, why are you architecting a life dictated by them? Be seen for you, and if that means we never see you - okay.

Change a perspective, change a life. Be afraid not of what you don't know, but rather what you think you do. Evolve out.

Protect your inner peace the way in which you'd protect your outward reputation. The former usually gets sacrificed in the pursuit of the latter. You never really need certain people as much as you truly need your sanity. Don't be afraid to let go.

Start fucking with me before the price goes up. Never devalue yourself because of the false value you have ever so generously appraised others with. Some people aren't good for you, but they are good at filling a void of loneliness present within you. Revel in self-validation, and those worthy will happily absorb the tax.

Wow, this is creativity from the youth I didn't know I needed to appreciate until today. Lmao his has more plot development than some of these label funded music videos. Kudos.

You know, you're only an overnight success to people who aren't there for you in the dark. Revel in it.

You do you, and I'll do me. However, you doing well never took anything away from me - so maybe I actually have something to learn from you. Humble yourself enough to know there's always someone doing more than you, but more often than not they're actually receptive towards helping you if you give them their due respect. Too many people cannot grow because they cannot shrink their own insecurities.

When people ask me what do I attribute most of my success to I will always attribute due credit to my partner. It's about being solid enough on your own, but flexible enough to know that it takes several components build a lasting structure. As much as you can do by yourself (trust me it's quite a lot) never doubt the valuable contribution a strong woman can be to your life. Celebrate her, thank her, and most importantly never stagnate her. Never let your ego interfere with group progress.

It's funny how much of life we take for granted until we can no longer take advantage of it. Some of us become our own biggest oppressors and fail to see it. Live like you want to, rather not the way you think you have to.

I was talking to my homie today, and he said it must be nice to live the way you do. Yeah, I can't lie material possessions are really nice to have. I've been fortunate enough to amass plenty of material wealth at a relatively young age. Grateful for it everyday. However, that's not necessarily where my happiness lies. I have two beautiful kids, and seeing the smiles on their faces everyday is simply the most contagious form of happiness. My wife as well. Even if I came home to a 10x10 box it'd be filled with love, and I know that's cliche. I know I'm speaking from a place of privilege, but it's true. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by unconditional love, and that's something a lot of us take for granted. Doesn't matter what you have, but it does matter whom you intend to build and share it with. That's what makes a world of difference in your personal success.

You know, you would think this is common sense. However, this is also not a common occurrence in most people (sadly). Be weary of those who sing your praises as they may also be the same minds plotting your demise. It is always better to have a blatant enemy than a duplicitous friend. Your circle is an obvious reflection of you, and you'd be amazed how opinions and objectives get swayed when new opportunities get presented.

Very few people in life will eventually understand that their presence can be inherently attractive. Though personal aptitudes ultimately decide what we choose to pursue in life we must also recognize that once we are in the motions of positively pursuing something we also become the pursuant of prosperity. Why? Because becoming goal oriented, usually also entails eventually becoming happy. Achievement is the easiest way to cultivate a sense of fulfillment and self-esteem. Whether your goal is to cut your mile time down, or have $20,000 saved by the end of the year once you see the incremental progressions of your efforts your mood raises to adjust to your new altitude.
Happy people are people who choose to find and maintain a purpose. Once you find your "why" how things such a love, money, and success find you aren't that complex. In order to experience emotions thought to be reserved for higher frequencies can only be experienced by you if you choose to aspire to achieve greater things. Happiness does not come to the dormant, yet happiness knows no dormancy once experienced.

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