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This seems to be the popular thing to do these days so figured I'd take a stab at it

This little interaction between @chrisroberts and @the_breadcrumb_trail had me fuckin dying hahahahaha

Saw Flume for the first time tonight. Crazy experience. Def one of the sickest shows I've been to by far.

Experimenting with Principle for the first time (App Prototyping program). Pretty unreal how easy it is to use. Thinking about selling this in the App Store for $2,038,304,948,948 per download.

Funniest shit I've seen in a long time. This was based on a true story about a redneck from North Carolina who stole $17 Million from a bank, the second biggest bank robbery in US history. He only did 7 years in jail or something like that lmao. Watch the movie and then search up "The Biggest bank robbery in US history: The Imperfect Crime" on YouTube. Been laughing my ass off. Holy shit. I grew up in North Carolina, and the dude who actually robbed the bank, I met so many people that looked and talked like him when I was a kid.

What the fuck am I doing with my life

NBD and will never be done in the history of skateboarding in real life. And if somebody does, you will be crowned Guinness Book of World Records

This is as close as I get to actually going into the water.

I've almost drowned in the ocean like 6 times

I hate the ocean

Clip from a couple months back on a trip to SD with @dean_antoniou when he was in town filming for his video Time Piece. Tried to film a better one but got too tired and lazy lol.

Lil Christmas line