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  Encouraging you to make something since 2011. You belong here. #youbelonghere #ghvalues2018 #wearewhatwemake #therevolutionishandmade

May 26, 2018 #youmademay : @jivepony . There are Instagram accounts that tag us when they make something that they are particularly proud of and it’s the best. We don’t follow many of our customers because as our numbers grew we noticed a lot of folks had private accounts. And it seemed weird that a store would follow someone who didn’t want the world to see their pictures. It’s nice when we can see the tag and what you’ve been making - please keep doing that. All of that to say, when @jivepony tags us we are always completely blown away. Her quilts are amazing. And this #kellyanorak is too good - like store bought at a really nice store. Which I do think is one of the best compliments. Laura’s style and skill are 💯! Love it all! #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

May 25, 2018 #youmademay : @agreeleyo ! You may know Greeley as the #gatherhere knitting instructor but I know her as a professional feminist and it’s a position I aspire to. Greeley is always making things: sweaters, shirts, tunics, shawls, and most importantly, making the world a better place. There are a handful of people I would be comfortable sharing my choices with or asking for advice from when I fear I am witnessing cases of bias and intolerance. I’m so glad that gather here exists because it brought Greeley into our lives. #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

May 24, 2018 #youmademay : @lauradschain ! Check out Laura’s #toastersweater ! I recently had Laura in a shirt workshop and she was fun, focused, and so complimentary to everyone in the studio. You can tell she’s an awesome teacher and she makes really beautiful clothing for herself, too. Plus she knits so there’s always cool accessories and ongoing projects on her needles. #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

With all that’s been happening (craft show, class launch) you may have missed that @bmandarines is coming to #gatherherecambridge for a day! She’ll be teaching a techniques class on Saturday, June 16! We are so excited to welcome another guest artist to our shop and hope you’ll join us for a fun day of learning and inspiration! To register visit the link in our profile!!!!! #makesomething #ghguestartist #melodyhoffman #knitting #knittersofinstagram #lys

May 22, 2018 #youmademay !!!! Sorry for the little break but we had #inmaneatsandcrafts and then June #gatherhereclass launch! But we are back! And today we bring you our former-manager, @olivianimm who is currently running a small biz @highenergyvintage and attending #massart. This is her in a self-draped dress in amazing Echino sateen, swipe left for her millinery final project which happened to be taught by our friend @jillyt50 . The world is small! And awesome! #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

Yesterday we crafted with the community and coordinated the CRAFTS portion of #inmaneatsandcrafts . What an amazing day for all of us at #gatherherecambridge - we are lucky to be YOUR neighbors and grateful that you want to #makesomething with us. Today we launched June’s workshops - check out all the awesome things we’ll be working on. #makesomethingatgatherhere #juneclasses #wearewhatwemake

It happened!!!! The rain waited until the last 15 minutes before it poured. A huge thank you to all the vendors that came out despite the threat of thunderstorms. And much love to the supportive and awesome community that came out in full force. What an awesome #inmaneatsandcrafts . Many thank to the @eastcambbiz for allowing us to organize the AND CRAFTS part of the day 😊! #celebratemakers #celebratecommunity #gatherherecambridge #youarerockstars

There’s a blue sky behind that blanket of clouds. The Farmers Almanac says it’s gonna be a nice day, so did the bank parking lot security guy...both seem like legit sources. See you at #inmaneatsandcrafts from 12-4 pm. I brought my galoshes just to be safe. ☔️ or 🌞 or 🌤. #makersmarket #inmansquare #celebratemakers #supportlocal #supporthandmade

May 19, 2018 #youmademay : @zooguu . Jen will be at #inmaneatsandcrafts on Sunday come ☔️ or 🌥 (may the weather gods send that 2 PM storm right out into the Atlantic, please and thank you). Jen made her first #washidress like a million years ago and recently @islaysterrace took the washi dress workshop so she could join the washi-uniform-ranks. Which reminded me of this photo from a couple of Halloweens ago. And I needed to smile. Maybe you need a reason to smile, too. I know worrying about the weather is not even worth it but I worry about common sense gun control all the time and it doesn’t seem like that has made a very big difference. And please, don’t tell me to call my representatives - I have. And my family in Iowa has. And how many kids have to be murdered before the needle completely moves? So yeah, I’ll go back to worrying about the weather and washi dresses and I hope to see you at #inmaneatsandcrafts tomorrow. We can have a cry or a hug or whatever one does when they are exhausted and disappointed and most likely a bit wet from the rain. #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

May 18, 2018 #youmademay : @skippyvealcheeks . Dawn now lives in Ireland and gets to wear sweaters all the time 😉. She is a kind and generous soul, a champion of inclusiveness, and a superstar knitter. We miss her and hope there’s an lys appreciating what a gem of a human they have patronizing their shop. Also, this is the #moirasweater by Anna Wilkinson from the Winter 2012 issue of @pompommag . #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

May 17, 2018 #youmademay : @dizzy_lion ! I know we featured Lizzy last year but she has such an amazing #memademay feed going on right now. And we really love how much she has integrated sewing clothes she wants to wear and that are perfectly custom fit to her. Plus she pairs it all with excellent shoes. Swipe left for some of our favorites and not just because she used fabric from her local fabric store 😊. #celebratemakers #mmmay2018 #wearewhatwemake #madewithgh #youmademay2018 #makesomethingyouwanttowear

May 16, 2018 #youmademay : @sewmanypuns . Today we announced the kids camp scholarship program because not every kid has a parent who has the time and funds to teach them how to sew and to explore that form of creativity. Read Patti’s post and the power of learning how to sew with her mom and how those memories are part of her sewing - it’s a tear jerker. May we provide children with similar positive experiences and long lasting skills. And may we empower them to embrace the history of this craft. #wearewhatwemake #memademay2018 #madewithgh #youmademay2018 ・・・
warning: long sappy post! Pictured is a #zinniaskirt in olive wool twill from my mom's stash.
For many of us, sewing is generational. As a kid, my mom taught me so much: basic sewing skills, how to read patterns, and a deep, DEEP love and appreciation for good fabric. I have many memories of going with her to and petting all of the velvets, silks, and embroidered fabrics. She sent me a sewing machine when I moved into my first apartment. When I started making garments, she sent me boxes of old patterns and fabrics from her stash, and most cherished, her mother's button box, which I keep right next to my machine. .
I sew for a lot of reasons. One of the most important is that it connects me to the women who came before me and taught me everything. Thanks mom!

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