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  Encouraging you to make something since 2011. You belong here. #youbelonghere #ghvalues2018 #wearewhatwemake #therevolutionishandmade

#2019youbelonghere - cultivating spaces and opportunities to make something is our way of creating hope. Hope for a more inclusive and peaceful world for everyone. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you believe, what your ability or status, who you love, or who you worship - we will continue fighting for your rights and ours. YOU BELONG HERE. #wearewhatwemake #buildingcommunities #gatherherecambridge #dontjustmarchdosomething #runforsomething #doallthegoodyoucan

A couple of days of focused paperpiecing and voila! a #youbelonghere quilt! It’s going to be part of our #2019youbelonghereinstallation going up this weekend. And then we’ll send this off to the @welcomeblanket to become a part of someone else’s story. (Did you know the #welcomeblanket is coming to @fullercraft ? We’ll be hosting blanket making workshops all February so stay tuned!) Also, that’s @lyynnetter holding the quilt! And @noahprops photobombed her in photo 2. And in photo 3 Lynnette hid behind the quilt - not sure if she should be in the photo. And the last is a video of the #berninaqmatic quilting the top @sotosewn and @vee.bee.jay made. #wearewhatwemake #buildingcommunities #gatherherecambridge #2019isalreadybetter

In 2017 we hand wrote this message on a chalkboard and put it in the window of our storefront. Our friend @mmvk took that message and created this letterpress poster which she made available for sale as well as free to local businesses interested in pledging to create and cultivate an environment of inclusion for all. We have loved seeing this print all over our neighborhood - to this day. If you are preparing to march this Saturday, wherever you are, please take a moment to reflect on how YOU (yes, you, brave ⭐️ empathetic ⭐️ engaged ⭐️ resilient ⭐️ thoughtful ⭐️ persistent ⭐️ amazing human) are being the change you want to see in the world? How have you been staying engaged and continuing conversations since we stood millions strong around the world? Much love to the small biz community for spreading this message. And to @serviceforallkind for encouraging businesses everywhere to choose to take a stand and to shine a light and to be the very best versions of ourselves.
#youbelonghereproject #wearewhatwemake #buildingcommunities #keepmovingforward

This Monday, January 14, 9 families, 22 people, lost their homes in a devastating 4-alarm fire in East Cambridge. Looking for a way to help? Donate to the City of Cambridge Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund. Checks totaling $11,400 from the Disaster Relief Fund will be available to 19 residents tomorrow morning. The remaining three residents are currently out of state. On Tuesday, we’ll donate 15% of our profits (in store and online) to the Mayor’s fund as well. If you were thinking about visiting the shop this week, well we think Tuesday would be a great day to drop by. We just restocked @brooklyntweed and @quinceandco and @stone_wool yarns. The absolutely gorgeous @robertkaufman Sophia Washed Cotton Lawn (in ALL the colors) just hit the shelves along with new @birchfabrics pirouette! And @craftedmoon cards and notebooks landed Monday afternoon. We are also sharing the fund’s link in our profile. Please give directly. Should a handcraft drive be of value to those displaced we’ll definitely organize one. But first and foremost, these families need shelter, food, and the necessities to rebuild.
#wearewhatwemake #gatherherecambridge #cambridgema #strongertogether #buildingcommunities

🙋🏻‍♀️who spends their Sunday mornings reading and crafting?
As many of you know, gather here is woman-owned and operated and we have dedicated time and resources to creating an inclusive space, this effort includes open events like book club. gather here’s emphasis this year is to focus on female authors who feature strong protagonists particularly around topics that include identity, ableism, activism, privilege, and ageism. In reading these texts, we hope to foster a deeper sense of empathy not only between the pages of a book, but in each other and the greater community at large.
Here are some of the books we’ll be exploring. We hope you’ll consider reading with us this year.

Our 2019 Book Club is being lead and organized by our friend, Jenna @kraftworkin . Jenna Wolf is a library director at a boarding school just outside Boston by day, helping students discover their passions, do deep, meaningful, and well-rounded research, use cutting edge technology to tell their stories, and to inspire them to develop a reading life. As a member of Mvskoke Creek Nation, textile arts, beading, and other handiwork have always been intrinsic desires, and making, a way of life.  She cares deeply about the art of indigenous peoples, and how that traditional work informs every aspect of her process and product. Prior to a career in librarianship, she was a political, crime, and music reporter, in both Boston and Washington, D.C. She lives in Boston with her partner, Sean, and their canine, Jack, and attends at least one rock gig a week. You can find her work at
Book Club link in profile.

#wearewhatwemake #becoming #allyoucaneverknow #dreadnation #hunger #mysistertheserialkiller #trailoflightning #fruitofthedrunkentree #2019ghbookclub #gatherherecambridge #everydaywefighttobeseen #everydaywefighttobeheard

Virginia did a thing. At the @decordovaspandm under the amazing @pepestudionyc installation. There was crafting and I spoke about gather here and our mission to build and support community. I only cried like 3 times. And I started my talk with a warning that I *always* choke up talking about the things I care deeply about. And #gatherherecambridge and the crafting community are two things I care so very much about. Stitching, creating, sharing hope. Crafting inclusion. Being seen and seeing others. I am so grateful that this museum provided me space to share my story and my vision, a Filipina-American small business owner who is committed to building communities for and through craft. Also, people made some incredible You Belong Here pieces tonight. I’m impressed and adore everyone of you! #wearewhatwemake #youbelonghereproject #dontstopbelieving #craftsandconversation

Packing up some #youbelonghereproject pieces to take to the @decordovaspandm for Thursday, January 10 - #conversationsandcrafts . Virginia is speaking about building community for and through crafts and one of her favorite projects to date is You Belong Here. If you’ve been thinking about creating a piece, do it! We install the collection on Saturday, January 19th, the eve of the #2019womensmarch . @ayannapressley on Tuesday, 1/8/2019, “To the immigrant community in the Massachusetts 7th and across this country, you are seen, you are valued, you belong here.” #wearewhatwemake #youbelonghere #craftivism #gatherherecambridge

Our newest addition to things you didn’t know you needed. Sale of these new rectangular pins benefit each month’s #wecarewednesday recipient regardless of the day of the week you purchase it. Keep doing all the good you can in all the ways you can and #kniton. #wearewhatwemake #gatherherecares #wecarealot #dontstopbelieving #elizabethzimmermaninspires

We’re calling this a #goldstar 🌟 from the #cityofcambridge! Proud to have organized the #ghholidaymarket and hope that more small businesses and spaces in #inmansquare will want to host/help/support this event. When people come to a bustling square we all benefit. Special thanks to @councilloralannamallon for recognizing the efforts of the small business community to build and sustain a vibrant retail experience for all. #wearewhatwemake #supportlocal #supportindependent #shopsmall

Happy New Year! It feels like the perfect opportunity for an #introductionfriday ! This 📸 by @itsmetonyluong is probably one of the most real pics of @vee.bee.jay and @noahprops. After attempting to smile “naturally” they burst into laughter over something Virginia said about looking like a murderer. Virginia is the daughter of a career Navy engineer & a Filipina immigrant. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in design & clothing construction. Prior to #gatherherecambridge she was a college professor, a costume shop ager/dyer, a barista, & she continues to work as a costume designer for major motion pictures (you can find a link to her website & her agent info over on her personal Instagram). Noah is the son of a French-speaking Canadian & a New York Jew, he grew up a couple blocks away from St-Viateur Bagel (he believes these are the best bagels) in Montreal. He holds an MFA in theatrical design specializing in lighting. Prior to GH he designed lights for dance & trade shows, built sets for children’s theatre (hey there Magic Circle!!!), taught lighting design at area colleges, & continues to work as a props assistant for the film industry. If you loved Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, check out the behind the scenes footage & you’ll find Noah tinkering on the proton packs. These two humans will celebrate 18 years of marriage in February. They opened GH the day after their 10th wedding anniversary on the corner of Broadway & Lee. In February 2016 they opened their current location in Inman Square after completing a 6 month renovation. After someone carved a swastika in their new storefront window Virginia posted, "We love making things. And we want you to love making things. And we think we can inspire you and help you make things so you feel empowered and excited about all the possibilities." Even after feeling attacked the two of us wanted people to know that it was really our love of making & sharing that fueled our desire to build & grow gather here. It is at the heart of every decision about our business & our personal careers. Thanks for being a part of what makes us love making things. #welcometogatherhere #dontstopbelieving #wearewhatwemake #youcangetcombo

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that knit, crocheted, and stitched a hat/scarf/cowl/shawl/baby blanket (yep, someone made a blanket!)/mittens/wrist-warmers. You created 125 lovely, handcrafted pieces that we delivered to @ontherisecambridge . You are so freaking amazing and generous and we are proud to know you. Stay tuned for our next maker-drive! And keep doing all the good you can for as many people as you can!
Thanks for giving the gift of warmth! #madewithcare #givewarmth #handmadeforothers #gatherheregivesadamn #gatherherecambridge

#best9of2018 didn’t sell you anything but we did ask you to vote, to participate in your communities, and to spread messages of hope and belonging. In 2019 we hope you’ll remain engaged and vigilant in improving your community. I truly believe that we are the change we’ve been looking for. We can build a better future for every single person, in all corners of the world, and we can do this by starting locally.
PtotheS: it doesn’t feel like I made very much in 2018. But I kept making #gatherherecambridge an inclusive and progressive space that celebrates craft every day. #wearewhatwemake #smallbusinessisvital #thisiswhoweare #domoregood #top9of2018 #shesrunning #theresistanceishandmade #caston #knithope #youbelonghere

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