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  Encouraging you to make something since 2011. You belong here. #youbelonghere #ghvalues2018 #wearewhatwemake #therevolutionishandmade

OCTOBER CLASSES ARE HAPPENING! Check out the class calendar for some new stuff like this #feminist #crossstitch , a Ghost quilt (!!! 👻!!!), crocheted brioche (!!!), and another @theacolman hat pattern (#thebostonflip ). Plus new 6 week School of Sewing session kicks off on 10/2 and a week of #halloweenstudiotime so you can handcraft the ultimate Halloween costume! Get it! #makesomethingawesome #wearewhatwemake #gatherherecambridge

Today @flaxandtwine came and taught weaving as part of her #weavingwithinreach book tour. We are so honored that craftspeople we admire like Anne and Jessica (@miniaturerhino ) want to spend time in our space working with our community to share their passion and their craft. Hooray for great craft titles this fall! And be sure to get your copy of #weavingwithinreach and #makeandmendbook !!!! #makesomething #gatherherecambridge #wearewhatwemake

We convinced @miniaturerhino to sign some books for us and we made totally rad sashiko mending kits for her workshop at #gatherherecambridge . Not everyone can attend a workshop with Jessica or visit the totally rad #gatherhere so we are doing a #craftgiveaway. Which we have never done and it feels gross af. Even thought it isn’t. But we want this book in as many hands as possible so see below!
How to win:
1. Comment on why you love mending things! Seriously. Why do you want to mend things! Tell us!
2. Totally follow @miniaturerhino because she is rad. Next time she is in town we will all go to @veggiegalaxy for matcha cheesecake and root beer floats.
3. Tag a friend that you think should lead the #handmaderevolution . @vee.bee.jay is looking for a hero.
4. You have to like this post. Even typing this feels so fucking lame. But yeah.
5. Contest runs through Tuesday, 9/18 at 9 PM EST (classes launch on the 17th so we have to take a day to make that shit happen.). Must be 18+ to enter (but if you are into mending and are under 18 years old send us a DM!) and sorry, shipping is stupid so you also have to be in the USA (which is a bummer because...)
That’s it. #gatherherecambridge #theresistanceishandmade #makesomething #mendingisaformofresistance #wemadethisforyou

Introducing @malabrigoyarn #rasta to the #gatherherecambridge shelves. Big yarn for big ideas. And of course we got the Tribeca colors because #fashionbeforefunction (we’re joking...not really). Come squish some exquisite yarn and #getyourkniton (or your crochet or your do you). #makesomething #wearewhatwemake #lys #knittersofinstagram #imaginethatcherishisplayingoverthisvideo

Someone requested magnets of our #theresistanceishandmade graphic. We just got in a dozen of them - 2.75” x 3”. We also accidentally sent them with our machine technician @graceulrich for her adventures at @squamlove . $3 each. #wearewhatwemake #gatherherecambridge #fundraisingforagoodcause

Day 1 with @miniaturerhino !!!! It’s so great getting to host guest artists like Jessica who love their craft and want to share that love with others. And her new book #makeandmendbook is gorgeous! What a wonderful resource for anyone’s craft library. Can’t wait for Day 2 - Sashiko Denim (all about embellishing your denim 😍) 💙! #miniaturerhino #makeandmendbooktour

We received these incredible #meritbadgesforthetrumpera in the mail from @kristinlaflamme (THANK YOU!). V has been waiting to post them but this week’s newscycle felt perfect. While we hope you find comfort and joy in your craft journey, we also hope that you use your craft to fight for equality, justice, and human rights for all. #theresistanceishandmade #earnabadge #takeastand or #takeaknee but whatever you do #fightforwhatsright

We are surrounded by so much talent in our community and are honored to share this beautiful quilt by Lestra Litchfield on the wall of the studio 1. “A Crazy Quilt for Crazy Times” began as a series of blocks creating unity through disparate parts that fracture into falling pieces. In the artist’s own words, “In the following days, weeks and months the very fabric of my country was being attacked by one outrage after another. These actions were often met by organized resistance. After the Woman’s March, followed by the Anti-Muslim Travel Ban, I realized the symbolism of my quilt needed to be more overt. For me, this was no longer just a quilt, it was to be a record; a record not only of the hateful actions and violence conducted or inspired by the new administration, but also a record of the resistance, love and ideals that our country should stand for, but rarely achieves.” #wearewhatwemake #theresistanceishandmade #quiltingisart #badassembroidery #gatherherecambridge #takeyourbrokenheartmakeitintoart

TODAY IS THE MASSACHUSETTS PRIMARY! #VOTE ! (Stopped by the shop on Labor Day to hang up this reminder and hopefully it moves you to take the time to practice your civic duty.) Democracy only works if we vote. So get to the polls! Quilt by @sotosewn for the historic #obamaelection and we’ve managed to use it to encourage voters ever since. #gatherherecambridge #mapolitics #getoutthevote #beavoter #imvoting

Goodnight #gatherherecambridge ! We survived our 7th #ghendofsummersale ! Which is awesome! And y’all are awesome for making this one of the busiest yet. Over 500 #makers purchased #fabric #yarn #notions #patterns and more over the last two days. We cannot wait to see what you make! Samples showcasing rayon fabrics and three awesome #indiepatterns !!! #websterdress #cloverdress #datenightdress #madewithgatherhere #makesomething #wearewhatwemake #nowtotakeadayoff

Thank you #makers! Day 1 of the #ghendofsummersale was so awesome! Enjoying cocktails at @trinastarlite and telling everyone how we have the coolest, most chill community ever. Y’all!!! Thank you for your patience and kindness and love of craft. Here’s the mirror at #trinas and yep - you *can* catch more honeys by being fly. #gatherhere #makesomething #wearewhatwemake

Happy End of Summer Sale Eve! Yep, that’s @noahprops pointing at the specific dates of this weekend’s sale. September 1st and 2nd. It’s gonna be great. And it’s gonna be over quick. If you can’t make it - mark your calendars for April 6th and 7th, 2019 for the #ghspringsale . And may the odds be ever in your favor. #gatherheresale #endofsummersale #makesomething #closedlaborday

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