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  ::Sharing only the GOOD stuff from the Gastronomic adventures of an InstaFoodie::

You know what happens when you give positive feedbacks? Positive changes happen. 8 months ago, while food was good, i mentioned that service was a tad slow and not recommended for the hangry at @isuramuya.

Well last night it was a different story and indeed the good people of the eatery held their words to fine tune their operations & manpower. Time for food serving did not only improve but the team even catered to prepare for us customised sushi & sashimi sets. I came with 12 others and everythin went smoothly.
I appreciate that Angela and team listened to the needs of our big group and everyone were enjoyin their food.
A lil tip, do call in to make your reservation!

Well done team & keep dishin out those fresh oishi food with excellent hospitality just like the Japanese.
Domo arigatou gozaimasu! 🙇

Not only tasty but just look at that generous portion of the Duck Rice! No need chilli sauce, very nice!! The duck was juicy & skin pretty crispy.

#sgigfoodies #sgig #halalhongkong #explorehongkong #discoverhongkong

Tis one's so good too! Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus...so flavoursome!

#sgigfoodies #sgigfoodies #halalhongkong #explorehongkong #discoverhongkong

The best thing to have while crossing the bay on a hot Wednesday!

#explorehongkong #discoverhongkong #hongkongcafe

Turkish meal at Our Restaurant!
Chicken Steak Set including Rosehip Tea & a side order of Sutlac (Rice Pudding) for desserts; near the Ladies Market

#sgigfoodies #halalhongkong #discoverhongkong #explorehongkong

New found favourite: Pan Fried Fish Cake

#sgigfoodies #halalhongkong #explorehongkong #discoverhongkong

Dim Sum So Good in the Islamic Centre Canteen

#sgigfoodies #halalhongkong #explorehongkong #discoverhongkong

First taste of Halal Food in HK!
Chilli Prawn & Chicken Wanton, Veal Goulash, Pan Fried Lamb Dumpling, Shanghai Style Beef Fried Noodles & more~

#sgigfoodies #hkig #explorehongkong #discoverhongkong #halalhongkong

Too surprised to take a proper photo! Yay!! Thank u for the pretty & yummy rainbow birthday cake @fixsg!

Mighty Meat Platter consisting of Braised Short Ribs, Peri-Peri Lamb Meatballs & Yakitori.

Small in quantity but mighty tasty especially the short ribs!

Cos the heat outside is a lil too matcha!

Was here yesterday too but i only had chicken chap chye & hot jasmine tea after vomitin along the street due to nausea. Thankfully i felt better after takin tis local remedy with the hot tea to carry on with my journey.

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