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Gaston Francisco  Photographer/Director living in Barcelona

@youknowbru.arg with a picturesque bs smith in #Dubai a few years ago

Women working on the ruins of #tiwanaku #bolivia last year.

Skaters favorite skater #weskremer floating a tight fs nollie in #montevideo #uruguay

@jaakkoojanen with a nollie flip into the bank in #rome #italy a couple of years ago.

#paraguay tour is done! Thanks to everybody who helped make this a realit and specially to this amazing crew of rippers who muscled through the harsh grounds and high temperatures!
@maximhabanec @tylersurrey @giovanni_vianna @angelo.caroficial @marcos_rdsj @multifede @redbullskate @stonefaceproductions

Go vote for the best cover of @transworldskate on 2018. Maybe you like the cover we shot with @tiagolemoskt and vote for it.. 😉🙏

@zackwallin with a colorful lipslide in #chetumal #mexico as seen in #Duets @transworldskate @dickiesskate @enjoi

Las chicas!

@angelo.caroficial with a tall fs feeble in #merida #mexico as seen in #searchingforthemayas episode 3 playing now @redbullskate @dc_skateboarding @stonefaceproductions link in bio

@jaakkoojanen with a switch boardslide on a colorful hubba in #chetumal #mexico as seen in #searchingforthemayas episode 3. Link for video in bio!
@redbullskate @dc_skateboarding @elementbrand @stonefaceproductions

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