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January 9, 2017

"Elasticity of Age"

This is a mix of music that got me through a lot. this is the music that i listened to while i went through something that changed me. So this is for anyone going through something similar. i hope it helps you too. Link will be on my twitter @goodgasstation
A big thank you to a good friend @rashi.ken for working with me for months on this mix we worked hard on delivering this to you guys so we hope you like it as much as we loved vibing to it

I came across a lot of shit in the 10 months i worked on SAFE. Emotionally i was scattered, depression was the main barrier but creating is what motivated me to get out of the hole i was in. I found myself chasing for a sense of emotional stability and Reflecting on my depression was what made me feel better so thats what i did. When i noticed my depression getting better I still felt like there was something missing so I isolated myself from my friends for a while. The only thing that felt like it was okay to do was to be alone and mentally sculpt something that was a symbol of overcoming. It was how i came to terms with change. Creating SAFE was like having a conversation with myself about life that lasted for almost a year. And when i came to the end of of that conversation i learned that im probably going to have a lot more of those because good or bad, the subject will still be pushing you foward

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