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Nicole Warne  Dreamers, they never learn, to the point of no return 💫

She loves the sun on her skin. The sound of crashing waves. She dreams of the countryside. She knows she’ll go far. A light scent lingers. Finally she is free. Our new short film inspired by what inspired Gabrielle Chanel. Watch it in full, link in bio 💞
Director: @iammucci
Make-Up: @victoriabaron
Hair: @michmquillan
Styling: @nichhiawippell
Photographer: @ellajanee
Flowers: @mivioleta
Talent: @sssseamus
Written by: @iammucci & @garypeppergirl
For @chanelofficial #LESEAUXDECHANEL

A four day shoot in the middle of winter, including floating in a freezing lake at 7:30am just to get the shot or filming for an hour only to use two seconds of the footage for this labor of love. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a project in a while and reminded me of my origins, when I would experiment and create for the love of creating. Thank you to my dream team for all of your hard work on this, and to Muc, who made me feel like we were creating this for ourselves rather than for anyone else. I’m sorry I kidnapped you for 5 days but what fun we had. Can’t wait to share this short film with you all tonight, 9PM AEST 🌻 @chanelofficial #LESEAUXDECHANEL

Something’s in the water ✨ New work with my dear friend and incredible collaborator @iammucci x @chanelofficial coming soon...

You are exactly where you’re meant to be 🦋

Losing my mind in this little store in Insa-dong, a neighborhood full of traditional Korean fabrics, brushes, arts and crafts, and souvenirs. For someone who’s been obsessed with stationary their whole life, this store (and its enthusiastic owner) were such a gem to find. I came home with Korean paper and envelopes handmade by the owner himself. This photo looks somewhat staged but it’s 100% real, I didn’t even know @lukeshadbolt was taking it as I was too deeply immersed in sifting through this colorful fabric 🙈

If you’ve met me in real life you may have noticed I’m very open about being adopted. I don’t recall when my parents told me, I’ve just always known and there’s never been any negative connotations attached to it. The first question I get asked, without a doubt, is “So, do you want to find your real parents?”. I know what they meant to ask, so I always reply “Well I know my real parents, but I’ve never felt the need to find my biological parents.” I’d be surprised if the question hadn’t crossed your mind too, so if it has, this is for you.
My adoption story isn’t a sad one. My biological mother was a single Mum (which is culturally frowned upon in South Korea) who couldn’t afford to support herself and a child, so she wanted me to have a better life.
Everyone’s adoption story is different, but for me I’ve never felt like anything was missing. I had the most fulfilling and rewarding childhood from the most incredible parents and family anyone could hope for.

Truthfully, I’d never had any inclination to find my birth mother for these reasons up until a few years ago, when I witnessed my girlfriends have children and the powerful connection between a mother and her child. It wasn’t until then that I’d felt these new emotions stir within me, which took me by complete surprise. Even though I’ve never felt like anything was missing, I’d never stopped to wonder if she did? If she had ever wondered if I was ok, could I perhaps give her closure and peace? These are questions I don’t know the answers to, but if I was to meet her one day it would be for her sake rather than mine; to show her I’m happy and healthy, and to thank her from the bottom of my heart for letting me go.
This isn’t going to be part of this trip, but perhaps it will be in the near future for when I return 🦋

I’ve been saving this Japanese kimono-inspired two piece for months for my trip to South Korea, as a little ode to my Japanese/Korean heritage. Walking around Seoul covered in this cherry blossom silk made me feel like I was blending some of my most sacred memories (Luke and I got engaged in Tokyo underneath Sakura trees) with new and incredibly profound ones, and perhaps some of the most meaningful of my life. My time here has truly brought me so much clarity and peace. Thank you darling @chufy & for this special and sentimental look. I’m going to have this forever 🌸

IG vs real life and pretty much how I’ve been feeling this entire trip. I hope to bring my little sister back to experience this soon 🦋

Even though I’m still processing my time in South Korea, it’s even more surreal to be officially joining the @armanibeauty family! To say this milestone in my career is special, on all accounts, is an understatement. Thank you, @giorgioarmani, and for bringing me to Seoul with these beauties @realbarbarapalvin and @_sungheekim 🦋 #ArmaniBeautyStars

Seoul at night; that’s when the magic really happens ✨🦋 For someone who tries to avoid blue lights after sunset and is usually in bed by 10pm I’m always surprised by how inspiring I find technicolor places like this when I’m wandering the buzzing streets at midnight. Did I mention there’s 24 hour Korean spas? Who needs sleep when you’re in Seoul and getting scrubbed down...

Luke always wanted to bring me back to South Korea. He suggested a few times we go there for our honeymoon (we haven’t had one yet due to the seasons so we’re going later in the year), but I would immediately say “No, I’ll probably be crying most of the time and I don’t want to do that on our honeymoon”. I had no idea what to expect from my birth country or how I would react to it. For someone who’s always been able to compartmentalize emotions I always thought I would find this trip confronting, which is in large parts why I think I avoided it for so long. Little did I know that instead of feeling confronted with myself, I would experience a sense of calmness and joy. I would really love to say it was Luke or myself that finally convinced me to come back, but instead it was work or how I see it, the universe drawing me here. We’ve kept this one a secret for a while and I can’t wait to share with you the reason I’m here 🦋

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