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Haïti is only an hour flight from Miami, more gold than most places in Africa , farmland rich in nutrients, but
It’s a dangerous time right now and many poorer people in #Haiti are without access to food and potable water due to the political unrest. All donations to @artistsforpeace go 100% to relief for these people. If you can help it makes a difference. This organization is about direct action, not through agencies. Thanks.
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We’ve been watching news reports for a fast-changing and dangerous humanitarian crisis in Haiti. It hit especially close to home this morning when I learned that one of our graduate students from the Academy was shot and killed in the unrest. We are heartbroken. Our friend on the ground @StarrySprenkle reported on Feb 13th: “Day 8 of widespread unrest, and my day 5 of house arrest. The country is “locked down” meaning no circulation or normal business in most major metropolitan areas. This disrupts the entire supply network, and Haiti is dependent on imports. The population is worried about food and potable water reserves, not to mention fuel, which is simply not available. I am thankful to be outside of the city and we are transitioning to the essential, simple life, as our electric, fuel, and propane stores dwindle… However, I am distraught for my friends, peers, and colleagues in the city who are exposed to the danger and suffering directly, who have little or no essential reserves, who are hearing the gunshots and breathing the smoke. And I am wary for the possibility that the unrest may eventually reach every corner of the country. When will it end?...” The situation is worsening. All schools are closed which means hundreds and thousands of children are not getting an education. Haiti urgently needs our help. @ArtistsForPeace is accepting donations and EVERY DOLLAR donated will go directly to help with basic humanitarian supplies. See our stories to urgently donate what you can and to learn more about the situation
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#Haiti #PortAuPrince #HumanitarianRelief #donatenow #donationsneeded #Haitian #artistsforpeace #Peace #justice #love #philanthropy #haitianpeople #humanitariancris

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Understand that someone down your ancestry line was enslaved and survived being chained to other human bodies for several months in the bottom of a disease-infested ship during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - Middle Passage, was forced to lose their language, culture, picked up the English language as best they could while working free of charge from sunrise to sunset as they watched their children being sold and women raped by ruthless slave owners.

Given names based on slave master’s property or feeling that day, no birth certificates, no heritage of any kind, braved the Underground Railroad, survived the Civil War to enter into sharecropping... Learned to read and write out of sheer will and determination, faced the burning crosses of the KKK, everted their eyes at the strange fruit hung on trees... Fought in World Wars as soldiers to return to America as boys, hosed in Birmingham, beaten in Selma, jailed in Wilmington, assassinated in Memphis, segregated throughout the South, ghettoed throughout the North, ignored in history books, sterotyped in Hollywood... And in spite of it all someone in your family line endured every era to make sure you would get here.
If you have ever received rejection, faced obstacles, loss someone, got overlooked, and decided to quit thereafter you need to remember these things.
People of #African descent you will never hear of but are kin of survived from generation to generation so you could succeed. Don’t you dare let them down.

#AFRIKIN It is NOT in our DNA to quit! RP: @ownyourpower | cover art by: @artbywak

TBT #paris early 2s

look closely at the labels kids 👽 R/p @the_truth_hunters

Brothers and sisters cousins and distant listeners follow the links push the right buttons & download the dopest new single from my brethren’s collaboration @christianscottofficial @saulwilliams its 🔥🔥🔥 @brainchildworld 🙏🏾❤️🖤💚💜

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Whenever someone says there is no good music these days I have to say « YOU are just not looking hard enough »there is sooooo much great music these dayz -thé radio just don’t play it. And though I very much agree with what @champagnepapi said in his speech I still have to give it up to @recordingacademy because they are trying to enlighten and continue to nominate inspirational artists (remember the eye opening @esperanzaspalding win over @justinbieber ?#superdope and @hiatuskaiyote #welldeserved ) some of whom I am super proud to call my friends or acquaintances now (blessed) @lalahhathaway 😍 I want to congratulate all the winners but also the nominees and the Vets @aliciakeys when I regard your performances and listen to your albums I am in awe. I know it took many hours of practicing scales many heart broken nights of writing love songs and countless hours in the studio, well played and recognition is due , Drake got mad bars so #grammy is au natural @bigbirdkuti @chrisdaddydave @christianscottofficial @fatoumata_diawara__ @anderson._paak @hermusicofficial and thank you to the god father @quincydjones for continued light guidance ,congrats to you and your babygirl @rashidajones win for best doc🙏🏾 and a big damn skippy to the homie #davechappelle 👍🏾 well done mate #radiostationsarewack #stopplayingthesamesongs #themarkofanintelligentpersonisthehighcapacitytoadapt 🙈🙉🙊

Tb to Such a very special experience @harmonyhouseindia meeting & spending some quality time with these little big hearted beauties 🌸special thanks to @enrichingexperiences @mariarbravo @evalongoria @sachajafri @lucyhomegrown and the whole @globalgiftfoundation team for making this trip possible, these bright minds are not only the future of India they hold the worlds future in their eyes. #stepbystep #makingadifferenceeveryday #keepitmovingpeople

As we celebrate who we are and the greatness of our African American ancestry we also know that any one of Us No matter how many accomplishments we have made could one day be mistaken for someone else, perhaps a suspect, or a threat🤷🏾‍♂️ Like @realdlhughley said the most dangerous place for a black person in America is inside the mind of a white person. In most cases a person with a badge and a gun, Who is either not trained well or perhaps trained and instructed to kill people of color on site (yeah I said it) As we have clearly seen most of the acts of terror inside the US have been committed by white American Males . Not blacks, not Mexicans not Arabs , It’s time to reform police training procedure in America and yes in Brazil too. #gunreformnow 🙏🏾 @aliciakeys These voices will not stop speaking up and out. We will not be silenced. We say the names of the victims so we will never forget that they are our sisters our brothers are sons and our daughters, or just you or I on a day minding our own buisness #sandrabland #philandocastile #trayvonmartin and so many too many r/p @realdlhughley

I’m inspired by this years BHM seems we have reached this technology age where a lot of information is being shared and a whole lot of records are being honored, like never before, as I’m learning of scholars inventors and pioneers that honestly I’m not to proud to admit I didn’t know of before I’m being called on to remind US what a glorious people we are, how much we have accomplished in the western world even with the crippling long term effects of slavery, poverty and unspeakable racism, it is a feat most other cultures would have been crushed under the weight of, And still we rise..but never forget we have a long glorious history and I hope to join with you all as brothers and sisters as we continue to not only rediscover our deep and Royal past but also reunite with our extended families in our Mothers Land all across Africa.. can we do this together? #mothertongue #blackhistorymonth2019 #theyarewatchingoverus yes Thats Cheick Tidiane seck!!!

So many pioneers a month is not nearly enough.....#Repost @strongblacklead
There are so many to celebrate (don’t worry, the influx is coming) but today I wanted to talk about one of the pioneers of black cinema - Oscar Micheaux - and the influence he’s had on the craft since the very beginning. We salute you, Oscar M. ✊🏾 #blackhistorymonth

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