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Haven’t posted in ages but this was too good to resist!
Dash was allowed to pick out anything he wanted at the Beach store #poopemoji💩

Dash went with me to Publix and of course had to drive the big green car.

Before I started looking at birds closely I thought every small bird flitting around was a sparrow. Slow down, take some time and you will be surprised what you might see. #yellowthroatedwarbler

You never know what characters you are going to see in Key West

Prime rib with horseradish , twice baked potato, crescent rolls , lime jello-pineapple -walnut salad and green bean casserole ( this never gets old !!)

Prime rib roast smothered in butter, salt and pepper waiting at room temperature for a couple hours 👝👝

Santa finishing up milk and cookies at Kelle's house

Mr. Anhinga must be on the list #gonefishin #airdry

National Siblings Day. From top right, me, my sister Laura, my brother John and my sister Amy in front. Love 'em all! John's with us now.

Just a few of the beautiful birds we saw on our visit to Costa Rica.
Over 100 new species for me plus many I have met in Michigan and Florida. Very interesting seeing them in their winter home before the long migration . See you back in Michigan in May. Safe travels!!

Common Gallinule also known as Moorhen or Swamphen Day 2

That's why it's called duckweed. These two mottled ducks were enjoying a pre-sunset snack.
Day 1 #7daynaturechallenge

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