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Recent mail and current listening: Predatory Light "S/T" LP and Ash Borer "The Irrepassable Gate" 2xLP. The PNW knows how to put out a mean set of black metal records. The AB will probably end up on mine (and a lot of other people's) Top Ten of 2017 lists.

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Current playlist: Perverse Homage discography. Great new label from the ashes of Defiled Light.

#perversehomage #blackmetal #cassettes #cassettelabel

I got this last week but I've been pretty lax on my personal social media as I'm concentrating more on the label's social media presence. First off, this record is awesome. I got to hear it a while before everyone else got to hear it but it's one of my favorites last year. Second, Michael from Escapist is a decade plus long friend that's been around to complain/bitch/bounce off ideas/etc. When this showed up I was pretty stoked. Withdrawal "Never" LP test press (Depeche Mode ripoff cover, 9/9)
#withdrawal #testpress #escapistrecords #holyterror #touquehardcore #greatwhitenortheh #imallowedtomakecanadianjokescauseimcanadiantoo

Hitting almost the eleven month mark this finally shows up. As most of you know, or I would think so at this point of my my spamming, I run a small record label. Very small. I guess also being a label owner I should give the benefit of the doubt and I know there's things that come up and records get delayed. However, this is/was stupid how long it took to get this out. Also, it's nice when there is an issue with a record due to delay (art, record, etc.) that we are told and kept updated on when we should expect the record. I guess that's how I run my label and I, foolishly maybe, expect others to as well. There were zero updates about this record. When the label finally received them (on Halloween last year, the picture is time stamped on IG) why did it take four months to get the records to DW to send them out? Why did the record take so long? Bad plates, bad tests, artwork, what? Were you a bad planner and didn't do shit right, take preorder money without tests approved and then try to figure out shit after the fact? I guess the fact that the label is now on "hiatus" is a big part of it. I'm super glad none of my friends decided to do business with this poorly run label and that this is finally over... Except, isn't there an insert with these?

TL;DR version: don't support Melotov Records.

#gatecreeper #outerheaven #scorched #homewrecker #vinyl #wheresmyinsert #melotovsucks

P.S. I could've had this thing out in 2-3 months.

Yup. City gets crushed and I've been up since 5:30. #fuckcity #chelseafc #mciche

Oathbreaker. Perfection. #oathbreaker #deathwishinc #churchofra

Gatecreeper. Glad they finally played Denver. New record is rifftastic. #gatecreeper #sonorandepravation #relapserecords

Nabbed this from the record convention on Sunday. Riffs. #morbidangel #altarsofmadness #vinyl #record #deathmetal

New Gatecreeper is so good. Proud to see what's come of those dudes. Definitely recommended if you like that HM-2 metal. Can't believe that this thing beat that 4-way split I ordered in March.

#gatecreeper #deathmetal #relapserecords #sonorandepravation

Scores from @lord_bonte sale yesterday. His sale runs today too with a ton of awesome stuff left. He might even have donuts too!

#krallice #darkthrone #loss #tribesofneurot #nihill #hordersthewaytolight #mournfulcongregation #blackearth #alterage #urzeit

Cobalt last night with their original singer Phil McSorely. #cobalt #profoundlorerecords #denver #metal #hidive

@lord_bonte catching my good side. He is selling records and tapes from his place tomorrow and if you are a fan of quality music I would suggest you hit him up and make the trip. He's trying to fund the rest of the year's worth of releases (which I can get behind) so try and help him out. #vinyl #cassette #outofprintshit #youarethestargate

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