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Garrix Experience✨  Have you met Martin Garrix or someone from #TeamGarrix? Send us an email or dm us your photo AND your story and we will post it➕✖|| he follows🙏🏼

Garrix Experience by: @simissssson +x+x+x+x
me (right) and a good friend (middle, @hani.18) met Martijn on the 4th of June before his set at World Club Dome in Frankfurt. We actually got backstage passes from @nickyromero which is my favourite DJ. So we were hanging there in the lounges and suddenly my friend saw that Martijn was sitting and watching the set of @zedd d. We both really admire his music and appreciate how humble he is. So we took the opportunity and went over to him to ask for a picture. He was so friendly and took the phone himself to take a selfie and smiled really much. Such a honour for us to meet the World's #1 DJ! ❤️

Garrix experience by: +x+x+x+x
So we were waiting outside his hotel for like an hour, then we saw his photographer coming out of a taxi and we were screaming to him to come, so he came and started talking with us, he asked us if we were going to his concert and we were like "we cant go because we aren't old enough" he also asked how long we were waiting there and we said that some of us were waiting for 1 hour and the others for 3 hours, afterwards he told us that he would talk to martin and whatever happens he would let us know. So we were still waiting there and 30/45 minutes later we saw the photographer coming to us with martin, and he was like "do u wanna take a pic?" so we start taking photos and that stuff and when we finished he was like "ok guys I gotta go" and then he went inside the hotel... and thats all hahahah❤️

Garrix Experience by @worldofmartingarrix / @claudiogiannoccaro +x+x+x
Milan, it was April 30 2015, the first time I was at a Martin Garrix show and it was awesome! After the show Martin was in his dressing room, thank to a friend of me who was working in the security, i was able to join backstage and when I saw Martijn I screamed: Martin! Pls come here! And he came close to me, he took a selfie with my phone That was the first time I met him and I said him "you are a God!" And he said: No, I'm not.. I'm just a normal guy who loves seeing people happy and dancing on my music.. And I told him "OK, you are not a God, but from now I will call you "King"..then he smiled and he said "but I'm not a king!" Yes you are! I said.. Then his team called him and he went away.. The day after I tweeted him the Pic we took together typing "hello my king" and he liked haha.. From that moment I decided to give my free time and my love to the Garrix Project and I started working to these 2 years a lot of things happened..and we are almost 100k now.. It's funny that everything started with that "hello my king" ➕✖️#garrixexperience #martingarrix

Garrix Experience by: @oliviasandak +x+x+x+x

We met him the day before but the next day I saw him and i had an extra pizza and gave it to him, I wasn't expecting him to ask me to eat it with him so we had lunch together which was pretty cool. He's so nice! definitely the sweetest person out there. #garrixexperience #martingarrix

Garrix Experience by: @petrohlidal +x+x+x+x
I met Martijn for the second time on the 18th of June in Milan. I travelled there from Czech Republic just to see his performance in Monza, Italy. At first i wanted to go to the airport but I overslept it so when I woke up I saw that its noon so in 1 minute i dressed up and running for metro. When i arrived to his hotel there were 10 garrixers i think. I waited for him about 2 hours but someone wrote me to twitter that he is sooo tired and he’ll sleep whole day. So i went for a lunch and come back around 4 PM. Me and 10 others Garrixers waited for him but we didnt know if he is in the hotel we thought. But after 10 minutes someone said us that Martijn is there and in a minute he’ll leave his hotel. So we stood in front of the hotel and in a minute we saw him. He was sooo kind.
We hugged and for 5 minutes we talked. He said that i have really cool phone case ( with +x) and that he loves my small tattoo ( again +x) and that he thought he saw it. I said to him that its true, that we met in November too. This day was unforgettable but I hope that many moments like this will follow. 💕supporting Martijn was one of my decisions i’ve ever made. Looking forward to see him again soon ➕✖️

This account is all about meeting Martin Garrix. It would be amazing for us as owners of this account to experience this! We are 3 girls running this account so if we win we would pick a random Dutch garrixer to come with us! Spread the love! @x.sdw @mikaylawitholt and @originaljenner ❤️#teoradoMG

Garrix Experience by @kirjonen_ +x+x+x+x

Saturday 8th of july I finally met Martijn. I asked Martijn couple days earlier on instagram private chat about his flight details and he answered very soon "i'll be in at 11.45" so on saturday I went to Turku airport with one of my friend. We didn't have to wait long when we saw his private jet landing, couple minutes later we saw that the door of his airplane opened and first we saw Louis and then MARTIJN CAME OUT!! I yelled Martijn and showed my Garrix flag, he smiled and started to walking toward us and yelled "How are you" we hugged and took some pictures. Then he said "give me 3 minutes, I'll come back" cause taxis waited to ride him to the hotel to sleep, and he really did come back with Louis and Aubrey and we talked and hugged more😍🆘 He was so kind and friendly even he hadn't slept at all whole night, I can't put it into words how kind he is😍.. best day of my life

Garrix experience by:
@marleenpill +x+x+x+x
We met on the 18th of June for 3rd time. So.. I travelled to Monza, Italy just to see Marty performing there. Did not even expect things to turn out this way. My mom and my cousin went to the festival by foot. We decided to pass by as supermarket and later on decided to take a bus to the festival. We had to take 2 buses to go there and after a few stops we needed to change for an other one. We were standing literally in a random bus stop, no one besides me and my friend at the stop. I was standing and looking to other side of a road. My friend suddenly joked that haha there are two Mercedes buses passing by, imagine if Martin is inside. I couldn't think of anything, suddenly the buses stop, Marty opens the door, greets me and wants to take a picture with me. Cameras were filming and people on the road were starting to get nervous, because they blocked the road. I still cannot believe that this happened. A girl from Estonia in a random Italy street and Marty stops and opens the door and we met again! So unreal! Unreal. When or how often do things like that happen?That shows how humble he is ❤️ love this guy!

Garrix Experience by: @gingerdegroot +x+x+x+x

I didn't got tickets for "Garrix for Warchild" but I managed to win tickets to a boattrip with Martijn, tickets to his gig in the Paradiso "Garrix for Warchild" and it turned out to be vip aswell? I never expected that to happen and cried so much of happiness. Waiting on the boat we got something to drink and Martijn came on the boat. It was for winners only so it was very intimate.
We got a chance to ask questions during a Q&A moment, I've worked several hours on a drawing of Martijn and asked my question, and gave my drawing. He looked so happy and suprised and gave me a hug and It felt amazing to share something I made for him, with him! He gave me a boost in my confidence and made me feel so happy. Enough about that, after the Q&A we got a photo moment on the boat. And we got a few drinks and the boat returned. 1 hour left till the doors opened at the Paradiso where he held his gig that night to donate all the money he raised to Warchild. In the meantime we walked to the venue and the people of the boat stood there in a row and they got bracelets. Vip? I didnt know that. We got in and went to the vipdeck, and there you got a meet and greet AGAIN? I said hey again and he recognized me again and I said I want the cutest photo ever,
then he said I will give you the tightest and biggest hug EVER, And yes so he gave me the tightest hug ever and I was so so happy! We could see anything and Justin Mylo was opening. My friend said I'm gonna get something to drink for us so I was alone. But ofcourse there were more people on the deck. I looked next to me and who was standig next to me looking at the opening.. Martijn?!
Martijn is standing next to me looking at the openings act, no way. He laughed becauze he saw I didn't expect this. I laughed he laughed and he started to dance while looking I laughed and started to make dancy moves with him and then my friend came back we enjoyed martijns company ofcourse but it was his time on stage! then we started to watch Martijn preform like his true self Martin Garrix. Even had time to compliment Justin Mylo.
The best night ever, couldn't wish for more I'm thankfull.

Garrix Experience by @camygrx +x+x+x+x
I had already seen Martijn one time in Paris . But this time it was so magical because we were only 4 . It was in Rouen , I was coming for the Greenhorse festival . Martijn had to pass at midnight forty five so we had planned to come to the airport before his set . We arrived there but the airport was close , so we were totally disappointed . All at once a man came to see us and said " You are waiting for your idol ? His jet will arrive at 11pm " . We were so excited because we were going to see Martijn again ! After 2h , Martijn went out of his jet and took the car for Greenhorse . But the car stopped in front of me , and Martijn went out ! I was like oh my god wow ! He came at me and said " Hey how are you ? " and after gave me a hug ! We took photos and he signed my phone . He was so nice with us and we were only 4 so it was better 😅 . After that Martijn had to go and said " See you at the show " with a big smile . I can't describe how much I love him , he is very nice with his fans. and I would like to thank him . I'm so proud of him ➕✖️❤️

Garrix Experience by: @barnusbodon +x+x+x+x+x+x
It was a very nice Thursday when the Volt Festival started for me... I was super excited!! I was waiting for this day since last year July. I did many many things to try to meet Martijn, but I didn't get any answer from Martijn or his staff... I was at the Festival already and I was thinking about that what can I do... I went to the staff of Volt, and I asked any opportunity for a meet. They said, many people wants this and they can't promise for me... I was really sad, but fortunately I haven't given up, and I have written a letter for Martijn and given to the Staff of Volt. 2 hours before the Festival they called me and said that: ,,We have sent a picture of your letter to Martijn and... he wants you to meet" you can't explain what I felt there!! Before the Festival I have met the girl (staff of Volt) and we went to the Backstage.
It was very cool. We just went and I have heard a car behind us. I have look back. The car stops. Someone gots out. And he is!! MARTIN GARRIX!! I couldn't believe it!!! And we took some pictures and he signed my t-shirt!! And after that his show!! It was one of my best day of my life!!

Garrix Experience By: @agatkalka +x+x+x+x

It was the second time I met Martin and my first experience is probably still somewhere down here but this one was even more crazy. I spent an amazing day with my friends Garrixers who came to Warsaw from different parts of Poland. After 3 hours of waiting in front of his hotel another car parked opposite to the entrance. Then WE SAW MARTIJN RUNNING AWAY FROM US STRAIGHT TO THE HOTEL IN A HOOD ON HIS HEAD. We all were so confused and didn't know what was going on. When we went closer we saw Damian filming our reactions to that situation and having so much fun😂 They pranked us! We asked him in polish if Martin will come to us but he only laughed and said to give them a second. We thought that Martin was finally about to come to us but then he did another round in a rotary door😂 I hugged him and asked if he remembers the necklace I gave him last time in Krakow and he recognized it! Then we took some photos, I gave him my gift and also a letter and drawings from my friend who couldn't be there. No words can describe this happiness and I'm so glad that I spent that time with friends I met because of him🙏 That day was unforgettable but hope that many moments like this are yet to come❤ Supporting Martijn was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I can't wait for more!

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