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Garrett Morosky  JUST BE YOU! CMO: @cheersgroup @tessbeautytech Partner: @pacejoint

🐾 101 Dalmatians 🐾

It’s 2019 baby! Turn all those 💭 & 💡 into actions. The vision has never been so clear. Don’t let instant gratification fog up the lens 📸 @mjroman3

Walking into the new year with the blinders on. Turning on Hustle Mode 📱 Special shoutout to @thelifeoflibs for helping me write down my goals for the new year 🤑✈️

It’s Christmas Eve baby and I still have no idea what I want Santa to put under the Christmas Tree 🎅🏼🎄Not gonna lie more focused on setting goals for the new year and reflecting on this past year. Thoughts 💭- “Social Media Is The Greatest Shortcut” | Amazon= New Age Way Of Trade | Facebook & Instagram= New Age Way Of Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising | Google= Education | Apple= Communication & The Key To Unlocking All 👽 + 🔑

Home for the Holidays 🎄✈️ Stoked to see my family & friends! Some amazing things have been happening in my life and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the foundation I was fortunate enough to receive. I want to thank everyone who has crossed my path for the special moments and experiences we have shared. Everyone of you has taught me a valuable lesson. I don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t adopted from Russia in the early 90’s.. Special shoutout to @thelifeoflibs for getting me fitted for the chilly weather in Pittsburgh 🥶😘

Alright Friends & Family Here It Is... About 5 months ago I was in an elevator coming home from a stressful day (not to mention dropped 3 of my current clients because I wasn’t happy with the path of my vision and was failing at my 3 year relationship with someone I love so much due to my own insecurities. It was so bad that I couldn’t communicate a single thought to save my life because my ego couldn’t be touched) when I ran in to this guy who came back from a round of golf and had his clubs on him. I told him my girl wanted me to put my clubs in storage. He said dump her and move into my extra bedroom. We laughed and one thing lead to another we started chatting about business. Over the next couple of weeks we discussed our entrepreneurial ventures and things just started to click. He showed me this new beauty tech device he got from his team in China, we discussed the beauty industry and he asked me “G you think we can take this to market?”. I said let’s do it J4! The last 4 months I have been face down in work, up till 2AM some nights talking to his team in China and now we have officially launched @tessbeautytech today! Billboards are up of the beautiful @tessatkohn and guys it’s the holidays, I would love nothing more than your support. It would mean the world to me if you clicked the link in my bio, bought the most innovative facial cleansing device on the market and shared with me your experience. Plus who wouldn’t want an awesome present that makes your skin look flawless 🎁🎄😏

The TESS launch is right around the corner, so here’s a little teaser video for you 😏 Get ready for the most innovative facial cleansing brush on the market. If you want world class skin, TESS is the best solution for anti-aging and preventive skincare.

Instagram is looking like an AD today, so I thought I might contribute... Cyber Monday Code: TBIRD @tessbeautytech

I’ve been crazy busy these last three months. Have some really cool projects that will be launching this upcoming month. Check my story to hear about them in detail. Your love and support through this new journey means the world to me!


Time is cruising... I’m not a fan. No plans for Halloween, and I need some costume ideas 💡 Please send it 🎃🙏🏼

Autumn Vibes 🍂🏈 Change is on the way, fear it or embrace it.

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