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Garrett Mang  Baseball/Freshman/Cubs

Wide stance box squats tonight. 265 and 275 with greens. Thanks to @jaketheshawley , Luke, @rjheithaus1317 ,and @milkpancakesyum for the help. Still wondering where @brandon.nist91 is at????

Secretly snuck out of the house to hit some legs with Christmas doubles. 80~ on chain and 160 bar weight for 10x2. Also shoutout to @mosesmicah5 for blessing us with his presence and @milkpancakesyum and @joe___steel for the cues and setup help.

Did some floor presses tonight. Hit 195 with 1 big chain each side. Followed by 200.

Heavy triple today with 360 x 3. Huge Pr while a little under the weather.

Tried some good mornings today 260x3 yoke bar.

Lots of triples last of 8x3 with 280 and speed triples with green bands and 175. @truspeedkills @jaketheshawley @cjodis22 @milkpancakesyum

200x4 Front squat.

Having fun with good mornings tonight. 130 on the bar with a green band for sets of 8.

207 bar weight with 140~ accomadating resistance. 347~ at the top for triples. #hotcrossbuns #reppinroadies @texasroadhouse @truspeedkills #forgotthenonslipshoes

Guys. Hit a new PR went from 370 for 1 to 435 for 12 reps. Ezpz. I also went up a weight class and cut off my knees so I could have better deadlift leverages. @whitem0rganfreeman @jaketheshawley @brandon.nist91 @milkpancakesyum

When he sees your clean and jerk @jaketheshawley

I wish my mom still dressed me because I can't match colors for anything. 280 lb squat 3 second ecc. All time 15lb PR with an ecc. @brandon.nist91 @milkpancakesyum @jaketheshawley

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