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Garrett Mang  Baseball/Freshman/Cubs

Wide stance box squats tonight. 265 and 275 with greens. Thanks to @jaketheshawley , Luke, @rjheithaus1317 ,and @milkpancakesyum for the help. Still wondering where @brandon.nist91 is at????

Secretly snuck out of the house to hit some legs with Christmas doubles. 80~ on chain and 160 bar weight for 10x2. Also shoutout to @mosesmicah5 for blessing us with his presence and @milkpancakesyum and @joe___steel for the cues and setup help.

Did some floor presses tonight. Hit 195 with 1 big chain each side. Followed by 200.

Went to York barbell for IPA nationals with the crew. 325 squat. 225 bench. Redlighted on 235. Then pulled 380. Felt pretty good. Shoutout to my competition buddy @dan_eee_lynn for being awesome. And thanks to Moses for supporting me in spreading the loose underwear movement. And @rjheithaus1317 I see you.

Heavy triple today with 360 x 3. Huge Pr while a little under the weather.

Tried some good mornings today 260x3 yoke bar.

Lots of triples last of 8x3 with 280 and speed triples with green bands and 175. @truspeedkills @jaketheshawley @cjodis22 @milkpancakesyum

200x4 Front squat.

Having fun with good mornings tonight. 130 on the bar with a green band for sets of 8.

207 bar weight with 140~ accomadating resistance. 347~ at the top for triples. #hotcrossbuns #reppinroadies @texasroadhouse @truspeedkills #forgotthenonslipshoes

Guys. Hit a new PR went from 370 for 1 to 435 for 12 reps. Ezpz. I also went up a weight class and cut off my knees so I could have better deadlift leverages. @whitem0rganfreeman @jaketheshawley @brandon.nist91 @milkpancakesyum

When he sees your clean and jerk @jaketheshawley

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