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Over a decade ago, I watched the Caves episode of Planet Earth documenting the World’s Largest Cave and I vowed to myself that I would one day go there. Three weeks ago, I hiked for 2 nights and 30km through dense Vietnamese jungle mountains to make that dream come true #tbt

Jurassic Park: Return of the Pink Tank #tbt

Where next 🇻🇳

Throwin’ it back to a few days ago when I could play in the mud with this guy instead of curling up in an nyc snow storm 🐘

Living my 90’s kid dreams with this Legends of the Hidden Temple moment 🇰🇭

Walking into 2018 like...

Walking the jungles of Thailand with these beasts was an incredibly magical experience. Looking into their massive, wise eyes I couldn’t help but feel connected to them in the shared miracle of life. We have so much in common. The joy of splashing in a river after a hot day. The mischievousness of two young, rambunctious brothers tearing through the forest. The panic of a mother protective over her crying child. Life is such a strange and wondrous evolutionary quirk. We are so breathtakingly lucky to experience this earth and—even more miraculously—to be conscious of that experience. Our planet is a rare and beautiful place, and I am so grateful to share it with these creatures.

I was reluctant to post this photo because the perspective is deceiving. The cave entrance is actually over 100 meters high 🇻🇳

For the last 3 days and 2 nights I have been trekking through dense Vietnamese jungle mountains led only by a local guide with a machete. The trail—only legally traversed by 500 people a year—was barely visible through the thick, wet foliage. Our group of 8 scaled 30 km of mountainous jungle slippery with ankle-deep mud as our guide chopped away at the overgrowth. On the third day—after 2 nights of sleeping among the trees and bathing in the river—we arrived at what lies behind me: Son Doong Cave. The largest cave in the world, it’s enormity is impossible to capture in a photo. The cave is so massive you could fly a 787 through it and it possesses its own climatic system. We descended 2 km into the earth and scaled the rocky, pitch-black underground with only our headlamps for light. Stalactites and stalagmites 100 feet high towered around us. Massive hand-sized spiders and bats scuttled the walls. We squeezed between small rocky passages to emerge into massive chambers with ceilings that glittered with silica. The air was humid and cold, rich with the smell of minerals. Only the drip drip drip of water chipping away at the limestone for millennia could be heard. This is nature’s cathedral. And I worship.

This is one of the small rural villages nestled into the mountains of Pù Luông, where I spent the last three days motorbiking. Subsisting on the land, these families plow rice patties with Water Buffalo, raise farm animals and build their homes with the bamboo and palm leaves found in the surrounding mountains. At first, I thought: “this is what poverty looks like.” And true, they do not have much money or many things. But as I slept in these homes and ate meals with these families, I saw that they were some of the happiest and most fulfilled people I know—living a purposeful and gratifying life. At dinner cooked by the family I was staying with, they asked “what is the western life like?” And I thought: is my life really “better” than this? It’s certainly easier, but in many ways I believe cities and technology have poisoned us beyond recognition. Myself included. The lives of these people were an important reminder of a bygone era which cherishes and relies upon its connection to nature, family and community. Merry Christmas everyone. 🇻🇳🎄

This hat is actually to cover my helmet hair from motorbiking all day so y’all better get used to it in every pic 🤷🏼‍♂️

This place is magic 🇻🇳

Vroom vroom Vietnam 🇻🇳

After Day 1 of riding a motorbike through rural Vietnam, I can already say it is the most stunning place I’ve ever experienced. Dramatic limestone mountains draped in jungle foliage fill the horizon. Flooded rice paddies bask the valleys in different shades of green. Women wearing conical bamboo hats hand-plow the fields. Water buffalo graze serenely in the flooded plains. Dwellings built on stilts from bamboo and reeds house families working the land to survive. The vague smokiness of a distant fire fills the air. All of it speeding by with the hum of our motorbike and the wind-in-your-face joy of freedom and adventure 🇻🇳


Have wanted to come here since seeing the Wild Thornberrys episode tbh 🇻🇳

Draggin’ on Dragon 🐉🇭🇰

Piqued 🇭🇰

Tetris City 🇭🇰

There must be some Toros in the atmosphere ❄️ 📸: @jayzan

Parkour or trying to stand up? 📸: my awesome niece @gnarlyabss

Learn from the trees 🍂

Bumps on a log 🍂🍁

To everyone wondering if I have any shame left at all about using self timer in public spaces... 🇮🇹

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