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It looks so tiny. That big ball is so far away haha.

The eclipse! What an awesome experience. Got my telescope projector to work with a lot of electrical tape haha.

Lucky to have this one. Been having a lot of fun this visit. 💕💘👌

It's girlfriend day! - and guess what? She's my girlfriend! I love her so much and I can't wait to see her. Just a few more days. 💕

Dear Lil, It’s our one year anniversary! That means one year ago we got to see each other again. That means one year ago it just happened to be senior skip day, on the day I knew I was going to skip for sure. That means one year ago I was able to keep my promise I had to make with Mr.Boyer that being - “I will see my best friend this school year.” Now we are more than friends, however you are still my Lil. We talk non stop with each other - we always have - but now with more videocalls™ It’s been a year; the year seems short. Our time together has never been dull, even if we live so far apart. It has  never become boring and none of our fundamentals have faded. Still, at the same time - in regards to the same stretch - time has also felt like it has been forever, the complete opposite end of the spectrum; am I crazy? ...Yes, for you. How about in general? ...Probably - Let me explain the previous statement. It feels like we have been together forever because in a way, we have. See, I grew up with you, you have always been with me, you have always supported me and we both won’t shut up when we talk with each other. What I’m trying to say is you will always be my Lil, I will always be with you and I love you. Happy anniversary Lil. **You can’t see what I’m imaging so I’ll try to write it. Imagine me holding up a Nick & Nora glass filled with Sprite™ and awkwardly smiling thanks**

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