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March socks done! Opal Winterbild (color 2104) sock yarn, using a 60 stitch cast on with drop heel. I had been knitting my socks 56 stitches around which fit perfectly if I never dry them in a dryer. In a busy house with little kids, that never seems to be preventable, so 60sts seem to work better. These socks were such a fun thing to work on while I was in Atlanta recovering from surgery. I'm going to have a hard time not casting on my April socks!

From yesterday - pre-block. Farm House Cardigan by @savoryknitting knit with @plymouthyarn Heritage. I went up a needle size for gauge, but don't think I needed to now that I've blocked this sweater. This yarn kinda grows and relaxes, but that just makes it extra comfy!

I just finished this Farm House Cardigan by @savoryknitting which only took me about a week to knit. The Aran weight Homestead @plymouthyarn sure helped me to complete it so quickly, but this pattern was also fun and just interesting enough for me to want to pick up in the evenings. I sized down a little more than usual since I knew this yarn has a tendency to relax after blocking, and the fit is perfect! Another neutral cardigan for the rotation! πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I gathered up a bunch of projects and set them in a basket for my recovery once I got home, but it's turned out I haven't had as much knitting time as I thought I would. This beautiful White Pine Pullover by @dreareneeknits patiently waits for sleeves, so close to being finished. I'm knitting it with Shepherd's Wool yarn and it's a dream.

I have a bunch of knitting projects to post from the last month, so I need to get a move on! All of these fun things arrived just before we left home for those couple weeks for the surgery. I was able to start my march socks (the opal sock yarn) during my recovery and this beautiful @a_homespun_house yarn kit is designated for April!

Hi @woolvanknits πŸ‘‹πŸ»! Two weeks ago, Natasha asked me #widn not knowing that at that exact moment, I was being wheeled into excision surgery for endometriosis! It seems fitting since she's been such a kind cheerleader about living with a chronic illness. The last six months have been an incredibly hard and intensely blessed period in my life that I hope to be able to explain at some point. Getting to surgery and the surgery itself were complete miracles, and things have gone so much better than we were all expecting and preparing for. I'm doing amazingly well and have had a huge burst of energy that I haven't felt in years. I'm loving being medication-free after years of painful treatments and daily pill routines, and would be thrilled if it stays this way! Life is a little disorienting now since scarcity, exhaustion and depletion have been the normal for us, and I fear I'll lose touch with what it means to need. For now, I have to just remind myself to breathe instead of preparing for the next hurdle. #abkalwaysbeknitting #mykidsmademethegetwellgifts

Two more handmade Valentine gifts, made with beautiful @barrettwoolco Wisconsin Worsted Woolen Spun in colors Bayleaf and Rain Shower using my own Bunting Hat pattern. I absolutely love this yarn. It reminds me of one of my favorite fibers that I can't get as easily anymore. I highly recommend getting your hands on any of Susan's yarns if you get the chance, and check out her and her son's interviews with @fruityknitting and @craftsanity in the meantime!

My only Valentine. He invited me on a walk 15 valentines ago, then asked me to marry him exactly one year later. We've been through more than we could have expected - heartbreaking loss of babies, jobs, friendships, homes, and then what we were worried was our last goodbye three years ago as I was being wheeled into a life-saving surgery. This photo was taken by my brother-in-law @thecraighensel back in October at my sister's wedding and I'll cherish forever, but still not as much as I'll cherish this man in the photo.

From my Valentine. Take-my-breath-away-beautiful @woolenboon Boon Classic yarn in "So Ranunculus." Nothing says love more to me than ranunculus - they were in my wedding bouquet. I cannot wait to cake this baby up! I was thinking of using it for the Bendy Arrow shawl by @beecharly after seeing the gorgeous one @heyrachelmakes knit up!

For my Valentine. Snowcuff Mittens (my own pattern that I had hoped to release this Christmas) made with beautiful @barrettwoolco yarn (and a tiny bit of @brooklyntweed Quarry on the thumbs 😬) complete with a secret heart patch on the inside of one hand. He does truly hold my heart in his hands. 😍

For the kids. β€οΈπŸ’— This @barrettwoolco pattern is so cute, so fun and only takes a little bit of time to make, I highly suggest casting on if you need a last minute, special valentine. Of course the yarn I had on hand to use was machine knitting wool in fingering weight, so these are tinier than worsted versions in the pattern. Perfect pocket size! 😍 The free pattern is on the @barrettwoolco journal!

Finished my February socks! I'm trying to use up yarn I have on hand, but the Honey Badger Sock pattern sure helped to make boring old yarn more interesting. I will definitely be using this free pattern again!

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