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🍄Faerie Light Freak🍄  Still figuring it all out, ya know?

Hey friend

Every year I fall in love with Autumn as if it's the first time I've seen the many shades of gold in the embers of Summer's ending.

I want to believe that she loves me. But "tolerates" might be more accurate...

Lionheart. In another world you would tower over hills of snow and stand unfazed by gusting whole-body-chattering-like-a-jackhammer winds. Crystals would cling to the fur around your mane and reflect the light of the landscape like precious diamonds adorning a feline deity. In another world, you would be the wise kind of wild, wasting time worth forgetting in the favour of bathing in the currents of deep inner knowing.
I've seen you in another world, my friend. I've seen your lion heart.

Woah 😍🍄

The Courtship:
She longs for the pats
Shy to ask she turns away
He longs to pat her

No lap cat here. Only knee cat.

I love getting into the gift making zone. This is the babushka doll of presents! Handmade box, a personal poem, the favourite food, and a special big surprise in the middle ❤

Rasputin sending tentative sympathy, keeping a safe distance. Thank you for your kind eye blinks 😺

It's the equivalent of a home job bowl cut and I love it. Her purring betrays a secret admiration for her new do.

Whiskoosh had a terrible time getting her back clipped, but all the dreadlocks are gone! None of that hippy mumbo jumbo in my house.

How to build sanity:
1. Make a creative friendly space.
2. Bring healthy heart warming food.
3. Light incense.
2. Lose your mind.

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