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🍄Faerie Light Freak🍄  Still figuring it all out, ya know?

Boo ❤

Grown man loses scrabble. Throws a tantrum big enough to shame a toddler.

~the beginning~
Photos by John E Photography
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Same. #spike4lyf

I love the passive aggressive direction metlink is taking. 👌


Wish I could be a sleepy baby in bed with this cutie all day.

Sanity is taking an umbrella and keeping it in your bag sheathed in its rain proof skin, because I've found proof that when the rain touches your skin it can change you.
Peace is the acceptance of your path of least resistance no matter how wet you get, because for a moment everything is still, satisfied, soaking up your self-given truth.
Happiness is playful jumps in storm puddles with no thought of your big adult clothes or fancy shoes, because how you can lose when you accept the gift of eternal youth?

Welcome to the world of being incessantly fussed over, kid.

Soul mates.