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Michael Thomas Garger  Creep'n it really real 🤙🏾

A distant view of la Purisima with isla San Jose in the foreground while over sea of Cortez. Soothes the soul.

Same same but different. I couldn’t help myself.

The rumble of these trucks.....
Music to my fucking ears! Felicitates con el triunfo @apdalylopez ! In the #1 truck. And also a huge congrats to @pab16 in the 16 truck coming in 2nd...throwing the shocka as he drove by! When we gonna get in the action @thesdtruckshop ?!



Baja from above. Will never get old.

Cruzzzzz it!!!!

¡Uno de los mejores caminos para ver el amanecer!

I surf again. Kinda. 📷: @shot_taco
P.s. Can someone chop off my left arm?

This past February myself and two good buddies embarked on a dirt bike trip down the sea of Cortez to Cabo and up the pacific coast back. We got to see parts of Baja I have never seen before, where only a dirt bike can go. You break a bike, you fix it. You get lost, you find your way out. You get hurt, you are done. This trip would have not been possible if it wasn't for a hand full of off road legends who created these trails single-handedly with pick axes and shovels, often times sleeping next to a fire overnight trying to find their way out. While in Catavina back up to SD, we met one of these legends who invited us to ride with him and his couple buddies (all won countless Baja 1000's) on a trail we had never hit before which was made by him 20 years prior. This is a photo of them heckling my attempt to hit a gnarly single track staircase... which all of them hit flawlessly (they are in their late 60's). I flailed, dumping my bike. It was truly an honor and I look forward to more of this asap! Mucho gracias Jimmy Sones you are the fucking man!

Some more of this please. Started the weekend off discovering our AIR BNB was a 5th wheel in the driveway of some crazy super religious people (no alcohol,no noise,mandatory 8pm curfew) thanks @cucumber_handstand !!! Tyler made me poop on the side of the highway because we didn't have a room. Shook it off, scored a hotel and rode from Joshua tree to big bear and back. Raged pappys, then J Tree salon... where @cucumber_handstand Almost got us shanked. It was still really fun though....The next morning we Found out we were wayyyyy not hipster enough for Joshua tree. They wouldn't even serve us at the diner because we didn't look like some new age Indiana jones...we forgot our satchels and bandanas at home. Then hit Hesperia super hard all day with perfect riding conditions. Epic weekend. Can't wait to do it again @cucumber_handstand @tylerreid20

Im a uncle... again! My stepsister just popped out a freshy! Huge congrats, and props to her and her husband on their third child. You fools crazyyyyyy! I got dubbed the "coolest looking uncle" by my nephews. As you can see little Abel in the background trying to decipher out what's on my head.

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