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Michael Thomas Garger  Creep'n it really real 🤙🏾

Some more of this please. Started the weekend off discovering our AIR BNB was a 5th wheel in the driveway of some crazy super religious people (no alcohol,no noise,mandatory 8pm curfew) thanks @cucumber_handstand !!! Tyler made me poop on the side of the highway because we didn't have a room. Shook it off, scored a hotel and rode from Joshua tree to big bear and back. Raged pappys, then J Tree salon... where @cucumber_handstand Almost got us shanked. It was still really fun though....The next morning we Found out we were wayyyyy not hipster enough for Joshua tree. They wouldn't even serve us at the diner because we didn't look like some new age Indiana jones...we forgot our satchels and bandanas at home. Then hit Hesperia super hard all day with perfect riding conditions. Epic weekend. Can't wait to do it again @cucumber_handstand @tylerreid20

Im a uncle... again! My stepsister just popped out a freshy! Huge congrats, and props to her and her husband on their third child. You fools crazyyyyyy! I got dubbed the "coolest looking uncle" by my nephews. As you can see little Abel in the background trying to decipher out what's on my head.

What remains of the Santa Maria mission somewhere between bay of LA and Cataviña. Constructed of coconut husk, rocks, mud and just a few pieces of hard wood it's amazing how long these walls have stood. Mission Santa Maria was the last of the missions established (1767) by the jesuits in Baja. The site was chosen strategically Within striking distance to Gonzaga bay and is surrounded by pristine crystal clear watering holes in the valley behind. Perfect for skinny dipping.

Eight miles of bowling ball size rocks to the peninsular divide and this epic view of Punta Final on the sea of Cortez. Not even half the battle trying to find the Oasis Mission of Santa Maria de Los Angeles.

Sleeping beauty. Last nights sunset made her look not so sleepy. As if she was ready to scream. Volcan las tres virgenes.

It's been a long week. Three days and I don't know how many hours. Started and Knocked out a good chunk of my leg sleeve, and just about finished my back piece. @katanatattoo you're a legend and always a big thanks to everyone at @lefthandblackstudio for the hospitality (not calling the police on a naked little drunk man running around crazy).

...just wait for it.
My weekend deff does not suck.

I have been searching for this trail head for 23 botttles of wine, 3 bottles of tequila and a outrageous amount of cervezas. Cheers to google earth it's gonna be one epic winter.

But why does my chimichanga always look like a baby alien?

Yeah I can drive like an asshole. @tylerreid20 and 📸: @dick_valentine playing catch up.


Solo sunset Sesh calls for drying the bum cheeks off by the fire.

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