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lori  ➵ #1 bale fan ♡ ➵ gareth is my bb ღ ➵ est. 29.7.16 ➵ vs editor ➵ love him to the moon & back❥*till.kingdom.come

the run
it's finally summer so expect more edits yay
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love the colouring ayyy

hi everyone.
as you may know, im leaving in september because it's my final year and it's exam time [whoopee.. smh]
i have decided to hold a competition. it ends on the anniversary day of this account, july 29th 2017. you have 9 days to convince me why you want to manage this account for 9 months. this competition is being held because i didn't want to delete this account completely. i feel that someone i trust will be able to take over with the supervision of myself.
videos or photos are accepted. captions must explain why you would like to help this account. trust must be gained, and anyone who I feel will not look after this account as i have will be excluded.
good luck everyone.
please comment a "👼🏼" if you are taking part, and use the hashtag #garethgalaxycomp on your posts.
disclaimer; the safe keeper of this account is forbidden from changing the password of this account. all details must be kept between the keeper and myself. any violations will be reported and action will be taken.

you've got bright in your brains & lightning in your veins, you'll go higher than they've ever gone 💜
[ac;] coldplay
so this is the edit! it's v nostalgic.. he used to be so adorable when he was younger [still is].
happy birthday to the love of my life, my one and only. the man who made me love football, and be proud to be welsh. it's been over a year since i fell in love with your smile and nothing has changed. 28 years old already... feels like just yesterday you turned 27! i love you baby ❤️

sleep tight brad. x

boys can cry too.
this edit is so sad im sorry!! he's such an angel
[dt;] @jamesitoo @jamesusrodriguez @james.slays ❤️ [ac;] me. lowered pitch

the men who made me love football more than words can say. i love them so much, and im eternally grateful.
[dt;] @hype_futbol_ @firmino.galaxy @madridfuerza @sr4fuerza 💖
[ac;] to héctor's wife, @babybellerin ;)
my fav clip from this video is probably the one with hennessey, bale and cotterhill all hugging, it's adorable and bale kept laughing.

don't mess with us
[dt;] @cristianoslayss @slayserg @footyedxtz @3dits.m4v (ik u don't really like football jerky but you said you liked the edit so 🌚)
[🏆] probably my fav edit ive done


hell yesssss

video edits from now on :)

one year ago today we started the incredible journey of 2016, the beautiful months that followed this amazing game couldn't have been predicted. this match was the start of what fans around the world call a true fantasy, the first wales match of euro 2016. this time last year i found my true dragon within and fought for my team. thank you wales ❤️

11/06/16 vs slovakia

oh my god firmino followed alyssa whebejwk CONGRATS ILY
so happy rn lol for lots of reasons

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