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Garden of Life®  We’ll be sharing your health wins, big and small, through the end of the year. Share your story with #thankstomyhealth.


Get your greens on this Thanksgiving! Recipe link in bio.

Because what’s Thanksgiving Dinner without Sweet Potato Casserole? Recipe link in bio. #thanksgiving #eeeeeats #veganeats

Add this Raw Cranberry Sauce to your Thanksgiving menu. Tart, tasty and nutrient-rich, the whole fam will ❤️ it! Recipe link in bio. #vegan #Thanksgiving #eeeeeats

Pick your probiotic like a pro with top tips from @davidperlmutter! Blog link in bio. #probiotics #guthealth

Post-workout shakes never tasted so good. This Chocolate Coconut Bliss smoothie from @donsaladino is a must try! #repost #GOLSPORT

Falling for this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 🤤 Made with our #GOLSPORT protein, this fall blend packs 30g complete plant protein. What’s your go-to smoothie recipe? Comment below!
1/2 c pumpkin purée
1 banana
1 c ice
1 Tbsp honey (or maple syrup!)
2 scoops #GOLSPORT
1/2 c almond milk
Blend & enjoy!

Some Sunday inspiration from @joshperrybmx. Read about his health journey ⬇️ #thankstomyhealth #repost
Gratitude is, in my opinion, the single most crucial aspect of life. With the holidays coming, it seems to be the one time of the year everyone, for the most part, agrees on gratitude being so important.

Gratitude has changed who I am, how I live my life, the relationships I have built, the career I have developed, the health I maintain, how others perceive me, and how I move forward with my life & set goals. See, I used to be ungrateful. Very ungrateful.

Although I was pursuing my dream with massive success, I was still in a state of fear, worry, lack, & judgment. Once I began to shift my perspectives, I saw massive improvements in my life & those around me. This included taking my health into my own hands regarding nutrition, fitness, & mindset, & focusing on doing the things I loved, & what I think is the second most important thing in life, WHY we do anything.

When you’re 21 & told "you are going to die", your perspective on life & what really matters shifts. Then when it happens two more times, you get serious about this change of perspective. All the petty drama & negativity, we seem to let grab our attention and focus easily, goes right out the window. Why? Because it doesn’t matter at the end of the day & has no real affect on our lives when we stop and give it thought.

Today I live, ride, train, & coach with 4 brain tumors in my skull & I wouldn’t have it any other way. No, honestly. People say “that's gotta be the worst thing that ever happened to you.” No way! It took that moment to show me what was important in life & teach me what gratitude truly is. Things could always be worse in our lives, & I don’t think people give that statement the credit it deserves. Don’t agree? Well, the fact that you have an opinion on this backs my statement. YOU ARE ALIVE!

#ThanksToMyHealth, I can continue living my dream, develop new passions, & what I think is the greatest, I can share my experiences, beliefs, love, & support with others around the world in an effort for us all to live as healthy & happy as possible.

Whether it’s playing at the park or competing in your first race—this holiday season we’re celebrating the simple things we’re empowered to do because of our health. Show us what you’re thankful for with #thankstomyhealth. We’ll be sharing your health wins (big and small) through the end of the year. We’re kicking off with a story from GOL employee, Patricia. Learn more about her health story at the link in our bio.

Get your fill of the good stuff when you choose Garden of Life. From protein to supplements, our nutrients come from #organic whole food.

Warning: our delicious mykind Organics Vitamin C Spray may make children smile, dance and ask for more 😉 #vitaminc

It's a @candicelynnfitvegan breakfast bowl kind of morning.

A classic dip with a fall twist, this Pumpkin Hummus is a must-try! Recipe link in bio.

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