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Garance Doré  I'm French, live in LA & NY, I draw, I write, I'm the founder of & NY Times Best Selling author of #LoveStyleLife | @atelierdore 💋

Like, on my bed with their dirty paws... Happy weekend everybody!

Beauty moment in Japan! This new ritual is pretty cool, simple and beautiful. Here are the lotions I'm using right now, as well as the face wash, all @shiseido - I love the day cream because it has a very potent anti-aging action but also a sunscreen to save my skin now that I am living under the sun in LA and that I keep on forgetting my hat.
Also the ceramic tools I was telling you about earlier, all hand made, pretty holistic and amazing. Discover the line at link in bio. #FutureSolutionLX #GaranceinJapan #sponsored

Most breathtaking moment: Okunoin. Very early in the morning, you can hear the monks chanting. One of the oldest and most revered cemeterys in Japan and an unforgettable moment for me... #garanceinjapan #futuresolutionlx @shiseido

Beauty. Danjogaran in Koyasan. #garanceinjapan #FutureSolutionLX @shiseido

The reason the team at @shiseido took me on this journey was to make me discover the feeling of Japanese beauty and care, and it really culminated with the crazy 90mn facial I had. If you're like me and love skin care and massages and facials (I'm an addict), read on: the Yutaka facial, which accompanies the #FutureSolutionLX line, is a multi-sensory experience and revolves around one plant. A special room scent comes with it, as well as a special soundtrack that was recorded specifically for this and mixed with sounds of nature captured in Japan, and special hand made ceramic tools (a ceramic hot stone for your stomach, and two hot massage "mushrooms" for you face) - it's so trippy and Japanese and amazing. I got a hot spring bath after that and I thought I was in heaven.
My skin too.
Ok and now a little end of the super long story secret to thank you for reading on. Did you know that you can go to most Shiseido parlors and get a free facial? You just have to ask. I know it sounds crazy, but I verified and it's true. It's been going on for years and is just like a hidden secret. So I'm just sayin. (This specific massage I was talking to you about won't hit the spas until the fall, but other ones, yes!!!) #garanceinjapan #sponsored

Monastery slipper style ❤️ hey we're going to be back in Tokyo soon and we're looking for cool textiles and ceramics... do you guys have any recommendations? #garanceinjapan #futuresolutionlx @shiseido

Sleeping in a shukubo tonight in a monastery, Henjoson-in - the futons are unrolled on the floor before going to sleep. Diner at 6pm, curfew at 10pm, meditation at 6am, breakfast at 7am. Loving every second of it (which is easy to say when you're jet lagged and go to bed at 9 and wake up at 4 anyway) - what an experience!!! Thank you so much @shiseido - living one of my dreams! #futuresolutionlx #garanceinjapan

In Mount Koya, happy after a guided meditation by Nobu, a Buddhist monk - check the stories for more 🙏🏼 photo @yingchunyc @shiseido #futuresolutionlx #garanceinjapan

I discovered the magic of onsen (hot springs) for the first time here, in the Ago Bay, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is. The second we step foot in the bath, @em_note and I were like "what is that?" It's like all our stress, jet lag, tensions left our bodies in a second. Oh, also. Even though I love me @calarenasummerwear swimsuit (Corsican brand!!!) - It's 100% better naked. Ok, off to yoga #mostbeautifyingtripever #garanceinjapan #futuresolutionlx @shiseido

Beauty at my feet, on our way to the natural hot springs - these are the geta style flip flops and the robes that you find in your room in this absolutely-stunning-I-can't-believe-my-eyes-it-exists @aman hotel. #garanceinjapan #futuresolutionlx @shiseido

Before sake yesterday 😋#garanceinjapan #futuresolutionlx @shiseido

Jumping for joy at the amazingly beautiful places we've seen today. Shrines you can't take photos of (ah!) noodles I can't define the taste of, and the very special Amanemu. Follow my stories for real time things. Love! @shiseido #futuresolutionlx #garanceinjapan

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