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Garance Doré  I'm French, live in LA & NY, I draw, I write, I'm the founder of atelierdore.com & NY Times Best Selling author of #LoveStyleLife | @atelierdore 💋


The breakfast at @atelierdore this morning with a small group of readers was amazing!!! We talked about our careers, gave some advice, took some, shared our amazing jam, made with love for us by @alisoneroman - happy moment!!! To stay in touch with us, share and be kept in the loop of these events, you can join our group on Facebook, link in bio! 💛💛💛

Back at @atelierdore !!! So - I got a haircut and a keratin treatment and I have to wait till tomorrow to wash my hair... So it's super straight like baguettes and I don't know what to do with it... but it's going to look so awesoooome!!! Thank you @thedrawingroomny !!!

I'm still in New York, and even though the weather is perfect here, I'm still dreaming about palm trees - I wonder how it's going to feel to spend my first not real winter in LA - how is going to be the time leading up to the winter holidays!? It's such a magical time in New York!
#hawaii #palmtrees #LA #newyork 💛💛💛

Even though I love a bright home, I care about sleeping so much that I'm thinking of creating a totally dark bedroom. Black out blinds, dark green-ish walls in the most silent corner of the house. .
First I have to work on clearing screens for it...! 😬😬😬

I'm starting to work on my home!!!!!!! More to come about it very soon 😊😊😊 #gdinteriorinspiration (let me know if you have any idea of the photo credits!)

So excited to get back to Pardon My French!!!

Today we're recording a new one* and Monday we're publishing a new and exciting episode... I can't wait!!! I listen to podcasts all the time. To me they're one of the antidote to today's fast life. With them we take the time for real talk. That's also why I love to talk about what makes people truly happy - there is so much emphasis on living a picture perfect life today that I often feel that we're missing the true moments of unplugging, really connecting with people (not through a screen) and also, being just with oneself. Let's talk about all this!!! .

To subscribe follow the link in bio!!! .
* with the wonderful @violette_fr @esteelauder at my friend's @daphnejavitch and @palixc

Yesterday we had our first diner at @atelierdore! .

So much has evolved for us lately, and even if it's not easy everyday, we try to take every up and down with sense of humor and try to not freak out (I think that's @em_note ´s and I number one rule) and everyday we get closer to our dreams... .

Like this one, having a studio that would be like a real home, where we can have our friends and family (and by family, I mean our readers) gather and share. We have enough space, a real kitchen were we can cook, and a ton of ideas!!!

This diner is kicking off a series of events, big and small, just in the spirit of opening our doors and not only sharing online. Yep! We're real people! If you're interested in coming to meet us and talk about all subjects from career to "is fat freezing really a thing"? We created a Facebook group specifically to keep you in the loop of these so events if you're interested, link in bio!

Thank you everyone who made yesterday happen, from our wonderful team to our guests to @alisoneroman , our glorious chef!!!

New York, do I miss you?
Not so much, but I'm sure it's because I'm still in full honeymoon with LA. At some point I will miss you but for the moment, your energy feels too strong, your noise too loud, your coffee too dark. There are these moments of joy when I walk through the quiet morning streets, on a perfect weather day like today, and the magic happens. In these moments, I think of how happy you made me.
I will never forget and though I don't miss you yet, I will always love you 🍎 #NYC .
And thank you for the photo my beautiful friend @alohanif !!! ❤️

Today on @atelierdore I talked about THE BEST SPA MOMENT ever. It starts like that :
Yesterday, while everyone was at the fashion shows, I decided to go to the Korean spa. In other words, it was the opposite of a fashion show.
No phones, no clothes, no ego.
I was naked, it was not fancy, I got scrubbed like Jorah Mormont by Samwell Tarly (if you see what i mean all of you GOT fans)(uuuh gorry!!!) and YET, I LOVED it. .
Link in bio!!! Thank you for taking me @hmerrick !!!

Happy anniversary to US!!! @mrchrisnorton ❤️We totally missed the date (we checked yesterday, our actual first date first kiss was on the 29th of August)(that's how much we care about dates) but who cares! .

It's been three years of totally life changing love, we've had ups and we've had downs but I feel like each of these moments make us know each other better and love each other better. And understand what love truly is. .

I could write forever about how much I love that treasure of a man and how thankful I am for our mini family (yes I'm talking about you best pup in the world Lulu) but then I'm going to cry so bye now 😜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Let's make this week awesome!!! Happy Monday!!! 💛💛💛

So, that french thing… Anytime I talk about being healthy (like these last days, trying to go without sugar) or exercise, at some point someone always tells me to stop becoming so American and stay a little bit French, relax and have a glass of wine.
It’s interesting, because I think it’s a misconception that all that French women do is to “relax and have a glass of wine”. They’re actually as concerned with their health as any other women, and sometimes as obsessive. A few cultural factors help, like regular meals and cooking at home are more of a thing, food quality is slightly different, but overall, we talk about our abs and our tights too. There is actually a real and exciting health movement in France as well!.

So don’t worry, I’m still very French but I also really like my newer American influences. And trying to be a little more healthy doesn’t mean that I’m becoming a health nut. It’s all about finding balance and allowing ourselves to change and evolve, in America or in France, no? .
Also, thank you for all your encouragement to all the international “health nuts”, I’ve been learning so much from your comments! #healthychoices #justtryingtobemyself

This shirt I bought in #Marrakech has been suuuuch a staple, but, warning!!! Giant clothes let you get away with a lot and I found myself at the end of summer... Not fitting into my real clothes anymore. Hi jeans! Sorry I let you down! Too many margaritas I guess 😬😬😬. .
And now I'm on my third day of a sugar detox (first day super easy, second day so tough!!!) and I've never been so motivated. Thank you guys for the support by the way, you're so sweet!!! ... I mean, savory and non-starchy 😜 !!!

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