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Garance Doré  I'm French, live in LA & NY, I draw, I write, I'm the founder of & NY Times Best Selling author of #LoveStyleLife | @atelierdore 💋

While I am traveling in Europe, we’re finishing choices for the house’s fabric from @fabricut (Question : Who would have thought this process would take so long? Answer : Anybody who ever has had work done on their house) - a stripe for the kitchen banquette, a soft rose for the built-in sofa, a blue for the chairs we are re-upholstering... The tile is going in the kitchen. Soon we’re starting the actual works and we are going to debut a few months worth of couch surfing

Last week I wrote a post about my recent struggles with - let’s just go ahead and say the word - depression. Since then I received so many messages from all around the world from women saying thank you. Women saying they never felt free to share that. Women feeling like they don’t have a right to say that deep down, they feel like they’re falling apart - while keeping their life and their loved ones all tended to.
We shouldn’t have to say thank you for this. It’s time to open up the conversation. Our lives can look fabulous from the outside - it sometimes is totally disconnected to how we feel inside.

Mental health is, above everything : HEALTH. It’s not about the sum of our achievements. It’s not about “having it all”. It’s not about saying “I am so blessed I don’t feel the right to complain”.
Do you sleep well? Do you deal with panic attacks? Do you have anxiety? Do you sometimes feel like you’re drifting? Do you feel like you’re never good enough? Do you feel constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, “emotional”? Do you feel like you didn’t chose whatever is happening to you? Does social media make you feel like crap?
The lists of symptoms is long, and it’s better to not ignore and bury them - because they might not go away with just a shrug or a sunny vacation in an instagrammable place. There are solutions. And not treated, they might keep adding up until they knock you down for good if you don’t take care of yourself.
So, let’s open up that conversation. I feel extremely responsible, being somewhat visible on social media with all my traveling and my pretty clothes and pretty photos. I want to be a conscious, well rounded, responsible woman who understands the messages she puts out there do carry weight.
You can go read the post following the link in bio, but most of all, go read the comments on it. They are so telling, so real, so honest. So thank YOU for sharing your real emotions.
We’re all in this together.
A huge hug to you my brothers and sisters.

To whomever invented the jumpsuit: thank you 💛😎💛

What are your values?
In a post I wrote for @atelierdore , I take a look at what it is that moves us and that is meaningful for us. Follow the link in bio and let me know what you think!

Just sipping the last days of summer... Well - actually I am about to embark on a pretty interesting Europe trip (France, Spain, Italy and England) where I hope to be able to jump in the Mediterranean so I’m gonna stop complaining right now.
Also, how awesome is that dress? It’s from @marysia , my neighbor in Venice. Love her stuff.

Almost every morning of the summer in LA, we wake up early and go to the beach. I have my breakfast there and do my emails while @mrchrisnorton surfs. The ocean is warm and clear and the sun is still soft - we leave around 10, as the people start arriving to be beach... No better way to start the day 😍😍😍

This summer we decided to stay in Los Angeles for our vacation and it really has been the best ever. Stay home, take it slow, cook, go to the beach, go to yoga, take naps, no planes, no stress, no pressure.

It’s been the most anti-climatic vacation ever, and yet probably the best.
So - even if we are in the land of endless summer, we are feeling a bit of that end of summer soft melancholia... Gah!

Ok! Here is to enjoying the last precious days of summer and the fabulous sunsets!!!!!

Remembering the happy days in Provence @bastideofficial

Twinning and we didn’t even plan on it!!! Okay it helps that we raided @hmerrick collection when getting ready for the @lotuslandgarden gala the other day. But I’ve always thought #itsjennymurray looks a little bit like a sister, same as @ipeki !

Last weekend we were at @hmerrick mom’s - the very very chic @terrymerrick. I loved her house and took 500 photos. So, here you go!

She also dogsitted Lulu while we where partying around Carpinteria with the locals and that, you guys, made me very very happy.

Slowly BUT SURELY, more and more things are coming my way. My garage is full of tiles waiting to be installed, and my living room is starting to look like a furniture store with new things coming everyday.

I can’t wait for the renovation to actually start!!!
This is my favorite chair and stool, vintage and ordered from @viyetny ! I’ll tell you more about the hanging chair in the back very very soon 😍

Happy Sunday! Just hangin’ in my neighborhood ☺️

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