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Gap  Optimistic American style. #IAmGap

I am a BMX rider. Kind and humble. A proud grandson. I am Adrian. #IAmGap

I am a Southern belle, afraid of the dark, and a food snob. A lover and a storyteller, all smiles and optimistic spirit. I am Mia. #IAmGap

I am a skater and a country boy, spiritual and self-aware. A lover of life and Bossa Nova. I am Alejandro. #IAmGap

I am David: an artist who dances like no one’s watching. High-energy and happy to entertain. #IAmGap

I am a Gemini. A middle child born in Rome. A music fanatic, and always chasing the next adrenaline rush. I am Rafaele. #IAmGap

I am a father, a husband, an activist. A builder and outdoorsman, proud to protect wildlife and ancestral lands. I am Anthony. #IAmGap

I am … a bull rider, ball player, and the tallest guy in the room. A prankster and a family guy. I am Chance. #IAmGap

I am loyal. A lover of music, laughing, and traveling the world. I’m looking ahead to all the adventures waiting for me. I am Mili. #IAmGap

I am Mia — a Southerner, a storyteller. I’m loyal and intelligent, a free spirit and a foodie. Happy, humble, and wholly free. #IAmGap

I am a BMX rider, a technophobe. Kind, humble, and proud of my grandma. I am always along for the ride. I am Adrian. #IAmGap

I am Keaton: a writer and an artist. Productive and dedicated. I’m always looking up. #IAmGap

Here’s to you, moms, and all you do to lift up your little ones. #MamaSaidGap Featuring: @angelcandices, @jurneebell, @cassblackbird, @ali_r_bird

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