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Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt  CEO of Ard Holdings. Founder of XacBank, TenGer, XacLeasing, Mongolia Economic Forum, Boom2020, Hasyn Hulеguud pro-basketball team. Father of 5.

Backpack kid!

Naadam at Q7.

“Mongol Baatar” by Purevdorj. #Baatar means Hero/Warrior. In Mongolian traditional script it is spelled Bağatur. It has been adopted as Bogatyr or Bagatir in Russian, Bohater in Polish, Bátor in Hungarian, Batyr in Uzbek & Kazakh, Bahador in Perisan, Bahadur in Urdu & Hindi etc. Courtesy of @MongoliaLive on Twitter

On behalf of @ardfinancialgroup we wish these new shareholders of ours the best of Naadam festivities! #StrongerTogether #KidsWithStoxx

These two beautiful ladies just joined our shareholder ranks. #StrongerTogether

New branch open. @ardholdings #StrongerTogether

New branch open. #StrongerTogether


Quiz: Which Porsche is faster? Tip: riding in UB.